There are two words anyone dreads being on the receiving end of on Celebrity Apprentice: "You"re fired."

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In each episode, the celebrity candidates take on a business challenge in teams and at the end, one member that the losing team it s okay fired by billionaire boss Lord Alan Sugar.

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Fitness queen Michelle Bridges, radio powerhouse Michael "Wippa" Wipfli, Married At very first Sight"s Martha Kalifatidis and The Veronicas" Jess and also Lisa Origliasso are just some of the names contending to success a cool prize for their favored charity yet can they protect against a firing?

Keep scrolling to view the unlucky famous faces betterworld2016.orgse business an abilities weren"t fairly up to mr Sugar"s satisfaction.


"You"re fired."


Alex Hayes

At 23, Alex to be the show"s youngest candidate but came to be the first casualty the the plank room.

After the very first challenge, lord Sugar criticised his photographic art piece that betterworld2016.orgment on the destruction of the environment and when Alex promised buyers giving bids that $50,000 and also they fell through, that was the last straw.

The artist, activity sports athlete and social media influencer, betterworld2016.orgse liked charity was mental health foundation Batyr, also took a dig at mr Sugar on Instagram.

"The difficulty nowadays is every these "billionaires" just care around profit because that themselves and also not the influence on earth. I guess that hits a nerve because that some..." that penned ~ above his Instagram Stories.

"Lord Alan sugar fired me the end of nowhere with no reason," he stated in his leave interview with 9Entertainment.

"Bit of an easy cop out due to the fact that I"m young, however I believed that he would certainly have understood that. He"s remained in my position before looking up in ~ a lengthy future ahead in business and also entrepreneurship and he just didn"t see that. I think it"s a large mistake top top his behalf."


Artist, action sports athlete and also social media influencer Alex Hayes was very first to go.


Rob Shehadie

Under job manager Camilla Franks, Team Fun-Raisers" historic tour that Sydney fail to lug in the cash, yet despite Camilla"s feud with Ross Noble, it was betterworld2016.orgedian Rob, that took ~ above the function of tour guide, that was sent packing.

"I quiet don"t believe I go anything dorn in this task," the revealed after his elimination, explaining that he was an ext annoyed at torture Janine Allis and also Lord Sugar 보다 the PM.

"One point that got to me was ns was analysis off mine phone . I didn"t realise it to be a Year 12 exam that I had to study every little thing — interesting, because other world had clipboards and also were analysis off clipboards, so the doesn"t make sense, for this reason I simply don"t get it."

Rob included that what hurt many was no being may be to administer a donation to his chosen charity save Our Sons.

"That"s hurt the most yet I have actually raised part awareness for what they do and also their hit to deal with the problem Duchenne muscular dystrophy."

Olivia Vivian

After gift appointed by mr Alan sugar himself as the Project Manager because that Team Momentum, Australian Ninja Warrior contender Olivia Vivien took fee in a task to run a effective Yum Cha service.

The an obstacle included food preparation dumplings and setup the price, through the team made the highest profit from the night, wins, and unfortunately for Olivia, her team didn"t do the cut.

"I make a truck fill of mistakes however did the best I knew how to in that minute - If I have the right to spread awareness because that
melanomainstituteau and motivate also one human being to go get their skin checked then this gruelling job was worth it," Olivia stated after her elimination.

She took a minute to say thanks to her teammates for giving every job "100%", and also that she loves and also respects them all so much.

"You make this suffer enjoyable in the toughest the times," she claimed of her teammates.

"As lot as ns tried betterworld2016.orge fight for my charity in that boardroom, I believe mistakes are methods to learn and also grow. Ns messed up on this one and also I’ll take it this experience and move forward through a briefcase of brand-new found knowledge."

"I think mistakes are methods to learn and also grow."


Anthony Callea

After a it s too dirty showdown with job Manager Martha Kalifatidis adhering to the Budgy Smuggler challenge, it to be singer Anthony Callea was sent packing.

"That was my first experience that a Boardroom and also I don"t think that I have to be in the shooting line," the 38-year-old ARIA betterworld2016.orgpensation winning singer told 9 Entertainment as that left the betterworld2016.orgpetition.

"Overall us ticked so numerous boxes in terms of design and also delivery. I actually don"t understand what go wrong in that task.

"From a style perspective and from a runway perspective us were betterworld2016.orgpletely on point. Except a absence of direction, essentially."

Despite obtaining fired, Anthony revealed the "wouldn"t have actually done anything differently" and was happy betterworld2016.orge raise $20,000 because that his liked charity, the Children"s Cancer Foundation.


"That was my very first experience of a Boardroom and I don"t believe that I have to be in the firing line."


Michelle Bridges

After Project managers The Veronicas controversially chose to carry Michelle Bridges and intruder Scherri-Lee Biggs back into the boardroom fairly than sneaky Survivor champ David Genat, fitness guru Michelle ended up being the very first to walk in the twin firing.

"I shouldn"t have remained in that room at all. David have to have been in there. There"s no question around that in mine mind. I knew native the get-go he was playing a game. I simply didn"t realise exactly how much he was snuggling up to the job Managers," Michelle revealed after her elimination.

"If Dave spent much more time working on the task rather than working on his relationships, we might have won that task. Ns did every little thing that i was asked betterworld2016.orge do and we had all of our piece betterworld2016.orgpleted ~ above time."

The mum-of-one also revealed the her five-year-old son Axel referred to as out David but they"ve due to the fact that betterworld2016.orge betterworld2016.orgplete circle.

"He’s certainly playing that guy. I love him but he"s playing and he’s an extremely strategic," Michelle told

"Everyone"s like ‘Didn’t friend watch Survivor? He’s really strategic!’ however it"s constantly in great fun - we"re all very serious about it because we all desire to win for our charity."

The Veronicas

In the surprise twin firing, it to be Project supervisors The Veronicas (a.k.a Jess and Lisa Origliasso) became the 2nd "entity" to obtain fired.

The musicians and twin sisters passionately fought to advanced money for their chosen charity, The mind Foundation in honour of your mum, that suffers from a rare neurological condition.

However, they were moved when Shaynna Blaze — the job Manager because that the to win team — said The Veronicas that all the money they elevated with their team would go betterworld2016.orge The brain Foundation.

"Shaynna betterworld2016.orges in like an angel and giving us earlier the money we elevated for ours charity, there"s no words. She"s just a class act, truly, through and also through," Lisa told Nine Entertainment.

"It currently felt precious it for the fact that we gained to have The brain Foundation, the name out there. But the fact that she"s excellent that, we have the right to go home and tell Mummy the we"ve elevated all that money in honour the her. It"s together a beautiful gift."


The Veronicas fought hard betterworld2016.orge raise money in honour of your mum.


David Genat

His sneaky tactics might have operated on Survivor but castle didn"t sit well through Lord Sugar!

The global model admitted he was "very salty" around being eliminated and said it should"ve been betterworld2016.orgedian and also Project Manager Ross Noble went ~ the Viral video clip challenge.

"I think mr Sugar favor doesn"t choose me an extremely much. Ns think that did no appreciate me call his whatever this is a game. But service is a game, life"s a game, are we no playing a game? supposedly not, it"s an extremely serious," that admitted to Nine Entertainment.

David later on Photoshopped his head on height of mr Sugar"s body and joked on Instagram: "Good news because that the first time in 
celebrityapprentice history they have actually fired the boss!! hostile take over!! GG is the new CEO!! Roast me below…." 


The gold God was dethroned!


Scherri-Lee Biggs

She came in late but Scherri-Lee couldn"t do it fairly to the end.

The Channel nine weather presenter and also former miss Universe Australia to be fired because that her absence of authorized in the Koala furniture an obstacle but slammed job Manager Ross Noble"s absence of direction together she pleaded her case.

"Ross and also I are still friends, as long as us don"t finish up in a boardroom with each other we"ll it is in fine! I supported Ross all through the show and we did work-related really well as a team but the wheels came off this time around," Scherri-Lee later on said ~ above Instagram.

"I did walk pretty difficult on Ross in the boardroom yet you understand I to be there fighting because that my charity as well and you need to really struggle for her spot there so ns wasn"t just going betterworld2016.orge let the one slide."

Camilla Franks

Overspending and providing incorrect numbers sent out kaftan queen Camilla Franks pack after the kids" sleepover difficulty but she has no regrets around her time on the show.

"It was so amazing to it is in a betterworld2016.orgponent of this team of goofballs and also gosh we had actually fun follow me the way!" she created on Instagram.

"Show after ~ show, i was pushed way out the my betterworld2016.orgfort zone. Thrown at united state were some substantial challenges, some unpreventable personality clashes and the realisation that not everyone is going to choose you. Yet it"s simply TV and real life is sweet.

"To my other contestants, you room all together strong, talented, motivating, inspiring and also special humans. Girlfriend all average so lot to me and also I had a sphere making memories v you all - memories okay cherish forever."

Camilla was also grateful to knife money for The National breast Cancer Foundation, a charity nearby to her heart as she herself to be diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018.

"It to be privileged betterworld2016.orge fight because that a cause so near to mine heart and also the hit continues. This is mine life"s purpose and also I say thanks to this crazy show 
celebrityapprentice for the chance to live it."


Camilla Franks earned thousands for her liked charity, The National chest Cancer Foundation.

crbfoundation on Celebrity Apprentice," he wrote on Instagram.

"The moment we won $182,000 was without question among the greatest moments of my life. Behind the scenes, ns left filming the night and also while driving home I rang Mum and dad. Ns was very emotional and also told lock I’d had actually a really one-of-a-kind day. The is tough to put into words how much that minute meant.

When I gained home Lisa and also I satellite on the couch and also raised a glass to celebrate Cooper. It to be at that moment we establish Cooper was the puppet master, and all i really had actually to carry out was turn up. The remainder was a power move that Cooper had already hit beat on. Quite team work-related Buddy."

He also took to thank everyone that "worked their bum turn off on this wild ride", tagging all his fellow co-stars, and also took a moment to salary tribute to his wife.

"And to mine beautiful mam
lisawipfli kept the household together while ns went absent for 8 weeks, i love you."

Wippa increased the most amount the money for his liked charity.

Channel Nine

Josh Gibson

He made it betterworld2016.orge the last four yet Josh Gibson literally dropped at the an initial hurdle in the "selling the impossible" an obstacle when the injured self sprinting to market tennis balls.

But the intruder and also AFL star had no hard feelings about getting fired.

"Sitting in the Boardroom and also hearing the betterworld2016.orgments go ago and forth, like oh my God they"re praising what ns did, and now they"re paying the end on it. What"s going betterworld2016.orge happen?" Josh told Nine.

"Ultimately mr Sugar fired me since he thinks the I favor to sit top top the fence. There"s two methods you have the right to look at that. I feel even in mine own organization with the gyms i don"t single one person out all the time. We work-related together."

Martha Kalifatidis

The Married At first Sight star was one of this year"s many polarising contestants yet she look at dug her own grave in the Boardroom once she made her case much more about herself than the charity she was increasing money for.

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“Can ns say something? This will change my life. It will certainly literally open up so numerous doors,” Martha said during Monday"s episode.

“I"m not just an influencer, I"m not simply a beauty, beauty blogger, I"m not just a make-up artist, and also it will offer me so countless opportunities.”

She included afterwards however: "I"m not mad around being fired, ns think i do have actually so lot to learn."

The truth star and beauty influencer also said that finalists Shaynna Blaze and Ross Noble room "so deserving" through "amazing stories."

"Not the our story aren"t as vital or aren"t as an individual to us yet I really think that both Ross and Shaynna have such an incredible story betterworld2016.orge tell people and also I can"t wait because that it betterworld2016.orge unfold."