Define Measure Analyze Improve Control

DMAIC is the step-by-step technique for occurring Six Sigma projects and performance improvements:

Define the operational problem (e.g., too lot delay, too countless defects or too lot variation) Measure baseline KPIs (Key power Indicators) Analyze the root causes of defects or deviation Improve through implementing and validating countermeasures that remove root reasons Control power to sustain the development
specify Measure analysis Improve control
Most typically Used DMAIC Tools
Project Charter Control chart Fishbone Diagram Countermeasures Matrix Control chart
Histogram 5 Whys Action arrangement
Pareto Chart
Less typically Used DMAIC Tools
Critical to high quality (CTQ) procedures Box and Whisker Plot Cause/Effect procession Control Plan
Flowchart MultiVari chart Design that Experiments
Gantt Chart Scatter Plot FMEA
SIPOC Diagram Checksheet Gage r & r (MSA)
Stakeholder Analysis
Tree Diagram
Voice that the Customer
Work breakdown Structure
Statistical DMAIC Tools
Descriptive Statistics Hypothesis Testing
t Test
Regression Analysis
Non-Parametric Tests

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