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Predicate nominative definition: A property nominative is a noun the completes a linking verb and renames the subject.

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What is a property Nominative in a Sentence?

What does predicate nominative mean? A property nominative is a noun that completes a linking verb and also renames the subject.

The root of the term, nominative, means name. Therefore, the predicate nominate renames the subject. A property nominative only exists ~ a linking verb.

Predicate please select candidate Examples:

Landon is my brother.

Here, “Landon” is the subject. The linking verb “is” connect the predicate nominative, “my brother,” to the subject. “My brother” is the predicate nominative.

Ronald Reagan was the 40th United states President.

Similarly, in this sentence, “was” connects the property nominate “the 40th United says President” to “Ronald Reagan.”

Predicate Nominatives vs. Property Adjectives

Not whatever that complies with a linking verb is a predicate nominative.

When the hatchet or phrase complying with a linking verb renames the subject, it is a property nominative.

When the hatchet or phrase following a linking verb explains the subject, the is a property adjective.

Predicate nominative Example:

Landon is mine brother.

Predicate Adjective Example:

Landon is happy.

In the very first sentence, the predicate nominative renames the subject—it is a noun renaming an additional noun.

In the 2nd sentence, the predicate adjective explains the subject.

Compound property Nominative

A predicate nominative deserve to be more than one noun, which is then known as a link predicate nominative.

Compound predicate Nominative Example:

Sally’s parents are Stephen and Stephanie.

Here, “Stephen and Stephanie” are an ext than one noun. They room the predicate nominative the “Sally’s parents.”

The reward can be cookies, ice cream, and cake.

Here, “cookies, ice cream cream, and cake” are more than one noun. They space the predicate nominative the “reward.”

Noun phrases / Clauses together Predicate Nominatives

A property nominative can additionally be noþeles renaming the subject. A predicate nominative might be phrases or clauses.


Jacob’s favourite toy is the one that renders noise.

In this example, the property nominative is “the one that provides noise” i beg your pardon is a i renaming “toy.”

The best chair is the red one.

In this example, the property nominative is “the red one” i beg your pardon is a phrase renaming “chair.”

Exercises through Predicate Nominatives

Do the complying with sentences contain predicate nominatives or property adjectives?

Lately, Zeke appears frustrated and annoyed.The movie we saw was the one v Tom Hanks.That house can have been a mansion.

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Summary: What room Predicate Nominatives?

Define property nominative: the definition of predicate nominative is a predicate noun in the please select candidate case.

To sum up, a property nominative:

renames the subjectfollows a linking verbmight it is in a single noun, more than one noun, noun clause, or noun phrase