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OBJECTIVES: to compare the planets of our Solar System. Arising a technique to psychic the order of planets. VOCABULARY: setting orbit revolution rotation satellite MATERIALS: worksheet

Creating silly sentence come remember theplanets.

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BACKGROUND: The planets are a wonderful instance of exactly how scientists progressively accumulate new information and also make brand-new conclusions. Through each new space probe, lot is learned about the planets. The discovery of much more satellites around a earth to an altering atmosphere deserve to be modification with new information.. We really do not understand all there is around the planets. As your students grow, they must be accustomed come the an altering of planetary information.

There is an ext to learn around the planets than simply their position and name. The adhering to paragraphs give thorough information around each planet. You may wish come share few of these key characteristics with students. Continuous repeating and also questioning students, will help them retain planetary information.

Mercury is the closest world to the Sun. It orbits the sunlight quickly, when every 88 days. The rotates slowly, however, only once every 59 days. Mercury is small, about 4850 kilometers (~3000 miles) in diameter. Because Mercury is therefore close come the Sun, the side of its surface ar that faces the sun is an extremely hot, ~800oK. The surface of Mercury is gray to orange in color, and is spanned with craters. Mercury is named for a mythical god that ran an extremely fast.

Venus, the second planet away from the Sun, is Earth’s closestly neighbor. It is about the same size together the Earth, a small over 12,000 kilometers (7300 miles) in diameter. Venus has a really thick atmosphere, composed mainly of sulphuric acid and CO2. We could not breathe on Venus, due to the fact that the atmosphere would be an extremely toxic to humans. This environment gives Venus a brownish-yellow color. It also traps heat (the greenhouse effect) making the surface of Venus the sexty in the Solar System, around 900oK. Venus rotates really slowly, taking 243 job to complete one turn. The is called for the roman inn goddess the love.

Earth is a little an ext than 12,000 kilometers in diameter. It differs from the various other planets due to the fact that it has actually liquid water top top its surface, maintains life, and has active plate movement. It rotates top top its axis every 24 hrs (a day) and revolves roughly the sunlight every 365 days (a year). The earth has one moon.

Mars is a little an ext than half the size of the Earth, having actually a diameter that 6,790 kilometers. It takes Mars 687 days to swing once roughly the Sun. That rotates at around the very same speed as the Earth, acquisition 24.6 hours. Mars has a really thin environment which is composed mainly of CO2. Its surface is really cold, and also is extended with craters, volcanoes, and big canyons. Mars is reddish in color. Mars has two tiny moons. That is called for the roman inn god of war.

Jupiter is the biggest planet in the Solar System, with a diameter the 142,980 kilometers, an ext than 11 times more comprehensive than the Earth. Jupiter orbits the Sun when every 12 years. The rotates an extremely fast, in 9 hours and 19 minutes.. Its surface ar is comprised of gas (mostly hydrogen), so that if you came down on the surface you would certainly sink into it. Jupiter probably has a core of metallic hydrogen and also rock, although proof for this is theoretical. The outer gaseous component of Jupiter is damaged into bands of white, yellow, red, and brown clouds. Jupiter has actually 4 rings mainly composed of dust. Vast oval-shaped storms also occur top top the surface. Jupiter has actually 67 recognized satellites (as that 2016) including the four large Galilean moons (Io, Europa, Callisto, and also Ganymede) add to many an ext small ones some of which have not yet been named. Jupiter is named for the roman inn supreme god the heaven.

Saturn is well known for its device of three rings. It is a large planet: at 120,536 kilometers it is only a tiny smaller 보다 Jupiter. It revolves approximately the sunlight in 29.46 earth years, and also rotates a little more than 10 planet hours. Prefer Jupiter, Saturn is created of largely gas, and also has a core created of rock and metallic hydrogen. The surface ar of Saturn looks banded, and has a brown-yellow, butterscotch color. Saturn’s rings are most likely composed of tiny particles the ice and rock. Saturn has 62 moons (as that 2016). The is called for the roman god the agriculture.

Uranus is 51,118 kilometers in diameter, around 4.4 times the size of the Earth. That revolves around the sunlight slowly, acquisition 84 years to finish one orbit. It rotates in around 17 hours. It is extended by a thick layer that gas, and has a reasonably uniform blue-green color. Uranus has actually 27 moons (as that 2016) and also is surrounding by a device of ripe rings. It is called for an additional Roman god, the grandfather of Jupiter

Neptune is slightly smaller than Uranus, with a diameter the 49,500 kilometers. It circles the Sun as soon as every 165 years, and also rotates in 16 hours. That atmosphere appears blue , and is marked by big dark blue storm systems. The is surrounding by a mechanism of 5 rings and also at the very least 14 moons. Neptune is called for the roman god of the ocean.

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Pluto in 2006 to be renamed together a dwarf planet. It has an eccentric, oval-shaped orbit, which is tilted v respect to the rest of the Solar System. Pluto revolves about the sunlight in 248 years, and rotates in a duration of 6.4 days. Pluto is probably composed the rock. That surface and color are unknown. It has one large moon the is almost like a twin v 2 smaller moons. Pluto is called for the roman god of external darkness.

Instruct the students to memorize the names and positions that the planets. To make this easier, teach them a mnemonic device. Developing a stunner sentence using the an initial letter of the planets that you space trying to remember is very helpful to children. For example "MY really EARTHLY MOTHER simply SERVED US brand-new PICKLES" help students remember that the bespeak of the planets including Pluto (dwarf planet). The lab sheet has students make their own silly sentences. discuss the various planets, and have her students develop a way of separating the planets from each other. Usage the key characteristics listed in the background information. If you have actually pictures that the planets, cave them approximately the room. Remember, friend are just exposing the students to the various planets and emphasizing the should compare and also contrast their crucial characteristics.