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Alliteration is the repetition of the initial consonant sound in words that are near one another. The is necessary to remember the it is the sound , not the spelling, that is important. So, as soon as you space trying to identify alliteration, one way to go about it is come read...

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Alliteration is the repeat of the early stage consonant sound in words that are near one another. The is important to remember that it is the sound, not the spelling, the is important. So, once you room trying to identify alliteration, one method to go about it is to review the present aloud slowly, exaggerating the very first sound in every word. Listen for any repetition the sounds and also make keep in mind of them.

In the third stanza, the an initial two currently read, "And the silken, sad, unsure rustling of each violet curtain / thrilled me -- filled me v fantastic terrors never ever felt before." over there is alliteration the the "s" sound that begins silken and also sad. Over there is likewise alliteration of the "f" sound that begins filled, fantastic, and felt. Both the "s" and the "f" sound space made by blow air in between the lips and also teeth, and because that this lock both sound type of windy and also elusive. Provided that the lines are describing the blowing of the curtains and also the impact their rustling has on the narrator, it renders sense that the alliteration in these lines would certainly echo both the blowing of the wind as well as the elusiveness and strangeness the the feelings provoked in the narrator.

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In the fifth stanza, the first two present read, "Deep into that darkness peering, lengthy I stood there wondering, fearing, / Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared come dream before." there is quite a bit of alliteration in these two lines with the "d" sound. The repetitive "d" sound in the first three indigenous of the second line sounds especially hard, one appropriate after the other. In this way, Poe seems to draw extra attention to these words.