American Idol doesn't just lead to stardom for the show's winners. Finalists indigenous the collection have likewise gone top top to impressive careers.

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From one Oscar winner, to Queen's frontman and a absent star, right here are the American Idol contestants who discovered fame after contending on the show.

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Jennifer Hudson is just one of the many successful contestants betterworld2016.orge betterworld2016.orge the end of Idol. After being eliminated seventh in the 2004 season, she was actors as Effie White in the film variation of the music Dreamgirls. She received an Academy betterworld2016.orgpensation for that role, and could it is in looking at one more Oscar nomination after play Aretha Franklin in the soon-to-be exit biopic Respect.

Hudson additionally has a Grammy award for her self-titled debut album, and the cast recording of the Broadway soundtrack for The shade Purple.


He to be the runner-up the the 2009 season that Idol but that hasn't stopped Adam Lambert indigenous selling more than three million albums.

While that has had actually plenty that success as a solo artist, Lambert is finest known because that his teamwork with iconic band Queen. Lambert has performed lead vocals through the band on tours due to the fact that 2014.


After placing 2nd in the 2005 season that Idol, Katharine McPhee walk on betterworld2016.orge release 2 albums. However she has actually had an ext success in acting, i beg your pardon kicked off with a duty in the 2008 movie The residence Bunny.

McPhee is best known for playing the lead duty of Karen Cartwright in drama Smash. She has likewise starred in the TV series Scorpion and recently filmed Netflix betterworld2016.orgedy Country betterworld2016.orgfort.

The 36-year-old made her Broadway debut in Waitress in 2018. She is married to record executive and also music producer/betterworld2016.orgposer David Foster. The pair actually met years prior to their romantic while McPhee was a contestant top top Idol.


He was a contestant ~ above Idol the exact same year together Katharine McPhee, and also has unable to do on to bebetterworld2016.orge one the the highest-selling artists to betterworld2016.orge the end of the show. Kris Daughtry created the tape Daughtry after betterworld2016.orging fourth on Idol.

Apart indigenous his band, Daughtry has played Judas Iscariot in the live variation of The Passion in 2016. That was additionally runner-up top top the us version of The masked Singer in 2019.


These work Katie Stevens is far better known together an actress after 4 seasons as Jane top top drama The bold Type. However, Katie did salary tribute betterworld2016.orge her singing roots by belting the end Natalie Imburglia's 'Torn' in one episode.

Stevens betterworld2016.orge eighth in the 2009 season that Idol.

Kellie Pickler ended up being a triple-threat after ~ placing 6th in the 2006 season the Idol. She released a nation music career, releasing several albums.

In 2013 Pickler and professional dancer Derek Hough won the united state version the Dancing with the Stars.

Pickler co-hosted a daytime talk display with Ben Aaron indigenous 2017 betterworld2016.orge 2019. She has also launched an exhilaration career with functions in 3 Hallmark Christmas movies.

After Clay Aiken came second in the 2003 season that Idol that went the betterworld2016.orgmon route of a music career, releasing numerous albums. Aiken followed that up through his memoir Learning betterworld2016.orge Sing in 2004, the function of sir Robin in the Broadway musical Spamalot and appeared top top Celebrity Apprentice in 2012.

But in 2014 Aiken, a Democrat, took an unexpected turn by launching a politics career. He made a bid to stand for a phibìc Carolina district in the US residence of representatives. He shed in the election.

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Lauren Alaina released a country music job after placing 2nd on the 2011 season the Idol. She has actually released three albums, starred in the movie The Road less Travelled in 2016 and also came fourth in the united state version the Dancing v The Stars in 2019.