Not prepared to gain engaged however still searching for a means to present your companion that you’re fully committed? If the answer is yes, a promise ring might be the perfect option for you.

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Not too known together the ever-famous engagement ring, don’t feeling silly if you have actually a couple of questions when considering a promise ring for your beloved. In this blog, we’ll tell you whatever that you need to know, indigenous the purpose and background behind the layout to how to wear your commitment ring. We’ll additionally cover important determinants such as cost, promise ring vs engagement ring, and ring-giving etiquette to assist you cover all of the bases. So before you head to the jewel store, review on to learn more, and also be certain to examine out our various other jewelry blog articles.

What Is a Promise Ring?


Jewelers calculation that the contemporary pre-engagement ring dates ago hundreds that years. However, there’s proof to suggest that roman brides wore something comparable back in the 2nd century BC. Indigenous posy rings inscribed with romantic poems come Acrostic rings spelling the end a indigenous in gemstones, trinkets the love and devotion have been roughly for centuries.

As far as this day goes, promise rings enjoyed a renewal in popular a couple of years earlier when celebrities prefer the Jonas Brothers and celebrity couple Miley Cyrus and also Liam Hemsworth were spotted rocking the style.


Simply put, a promise ring is a ring provided from one partner to an additional in a romantic relationship as a sign of commitment. The ring is most often, however not always, given prior to an engagement, and accepting the ring symbolizes the wearer’s shared devotion and also fidelity.


The meaning of an forever ring can differ from pair to couple; however, at its core, the is a depiction of a promise made between two people. Many couples stay or provide promise rings together a type of placeholder to represent a pending engagement, while others gift it together a basic reminder of their love.

“You’re promising yourself to each other, I often think the promise rings as comparable to the mid-century heritage of offering your high college sweetheart your class ring or pin,” claimed GG, AJP, marketing coordinator in ~ Simon G. Jewelry, Elizabeth Woolf-Willis in an interview through the Knot. “Now you’re more than just dating, yes a physics symbol of the partnership to show the external world.”

Are Promise Rings and also Engagement ring the same Thing?

Someone could give their significant other a promise ring as a promise the a future engagement, however, the ring is no the very same as an engagement or a wedding ring. If some civilization do choose to shift their promise ring and wear it together an engagement ring as soon as their connection progresses, the two are indeed two different things.

Is a Promise Ring a Purity Ring?

No, a promise ring is not the same thing as a purity ring. Purity ring are offered from a parent to a child, or come oneself, to encourage abstinence prior to marriage.

What Finger perform You stay a Promise Ring On?

When it concerns styling, promise rings room versatile and can it is in worn on any type of hand on any type of finger. That being said, some placements are more popular than others. The most common placement is on the left hand ring finger(the 4th finger). Then, as soon as an engagement ring is given, the wearer swaps the promise ring to one more finger.

an additional popular choice is to wear her promise ring on the right hand, leaving her ring finger open up for a diamond engagement ring. This location is an especially nice because it help to deter any awkward questions around when you’re obtaining married.

Alternatively, some people pick to wear their promise ring on a chain about their neck.

How lot Do Promise ring Cost?

You deserve to expect to spend anywhere in between $500 come $2,000 because that the typical promise ring. These commitment rings are regularly purchased by younger couples that don’t necessarily have actually a many money to spare and the price is set to reflect that.

Where can I to buy a Promise Ring?

From your regional jewelry keep to virtual retailers, promise rings are widely accessible at a range of locations and price points.

How do You offer a Promise Ring?

There’s no hard and fast dominance for providing your partner a promise ring. That way that you can feel complimentary to add your twist to the chance because, unlike an engagement, there room no timeless expectations.

If you need a little inspiration take into consideration giving the ring during a vacation or a special event such as a birthday, vacation, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas. If it is not quite your style, shot something a little much more lowkey prefer a romantic dinner for 2 or a date at the park.

What space the Most well-known Promise Ring Styles?

From a plain band come intimate details, promise ring come in every shapes and styles. Typically, simplicity is key as promise rings deserve to be conveniently mistaken for an engagement ring or wedding band if they consist the too numerous flashy details.

Popular architecture elements because that promise rings encompass heart motifs, love knots, infinity symbols, engravings that fingerprints, names, and roman numerals. Eternity bands, fede rings, and also Claddagh rings, and simplistic diamond jewelry are also fan favorites.

When it pertains to precious metal, the choice is yours. Sterling silver, climbed gold, white gold and also yellow gold are all fabulous options.

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