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Militarism – This term describes a fascination through war and the military. As nations competed for colonies, they strengthened your armies and also navies. Numerous countries supplied conscription (requires that citizens serve in the military for a certain period of time; described as “the draft” in the united States). Britain and also Germany completed for the the strongest militaries.Alliances – Nations started to type alliances, or defense agreements to aid each other if battle breaks out. By 1914, two significant alliances had been formed.Imperialism – stress in Europe prospered out of the desire of nations to enlarge their empires. Lot of the world had currently been colonized, so over there was lot competition amongst nations to gain territories to add to their countries greatness.Nationalism, a feeling of intense loyalty to one’s country, brought about much that the tension in Europe. Nationalism is going to difficulty the place of enlarge countries and also break personal others. Some teams of world demanded independent nations of their own.The assassination the Archduke Franz Ferdinand sparked world War I.In June 1914, a guy named Gavrilo Princip shot and killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir come the throne that Austria-Hungary. Princip want the Bosnian Serbs, who at the moment were rule by Austria-Hungary, come be ruled by Serbia. Austria-Hungary blamed Serbia for the death of the Archduke and declared battle on them.Russia, allied of Serbia, began mobilization.Germany, allied of Austria-Hungary, asserted war ~ above Russia.WAR breaks OUT – 2 GROUPSTriple Entente an excellent Britain, France, and Russia becomes the ALLIES – good Britain, France, Russia, and also Italy, southern Africa, Australia, India, Serbia, and Canada.Triple Entente = AlliesTriple Alliance = central PowersTriple Alliance Austria - Hungary, Germany, footrest Empire,and Italy. Becomes the main Powers, Italy changes sides!THE central POWERS – Austria-Hungary, Germany, and also the ottoman Empire.
World battle I was likewise called the great War.Most fighting took place on the west Front (area in between France and also Germany).Trench warfare was offered throughout the entire war. In trench warfare, soldiers stayed in trenches dug in the ground the were protected by barbed wire. To get to the enemy, soldiers had actually to climb out of the trench and also run throughout open floor while the foe shot in ~ them.More an effective weapons to be developed.Machine guns fired bullets rapidly.Artillery weapons shot end 75 miles in distance.Poison gases, tanks, and flamethrowers.Submarine warfare and airplanes.Total war – civilians became involved, not simply soldiers.Rationing, or system of limiting the quantities of foods and also materials in use, influenced civilians. Propaganda, or biased government-controlled information, shaped what people thought around the war. The government regulated what was printed in newspapers.
Americans sustained the Allies due to the fact that of pro-British feelings and business links.When WWI began, U.S. President Woodrow Wilson claimed the United says neutral. However, Americans to be partial to the Allies. We loaned the Allies money, food, equipment, and other supplies.The British implemented a blockade top top Germany. (cut off your supplies)Germany fought ago by using Submarine Warfare. The world’s first submarines to be those supplied by the Germans, i m sorry they called U-boats. In 1915, the Germans said that they would certainly sink any ship cruising around good Britain.

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Lusitania was sunk, death 128 Americans. Americans to be outraged. Germany promises to provide warning prior to sinking a ship.The Zimmerman Telegram – telegram in between Germany and Mexico. Stated that Mexico should ally itself v Germany in instance the United says enters the war. Mexico would receive “lost territory in Texas, new Mexico, and also Arizona” for your help. Britain intercepted the telegram and also gave it to the U.S.Germany sunk 6 more American ships without warning. The united States claimed war ~ above Germany.
The battle Ends – The united States entered the war and also gave the allied powers hope in winning the war. ~ above November 11, 1918, Germany signed one armistice, or cease-fire, that finished the war.The treaty of Versailles (ended the war)Included U.S. Chairman Woodrow Wilson, British element minister David Lloyd George, French premier Georges Clemenceau, and also Italian prime minister Vittorio Orlando.Wilson presented a setup called the Fourteen Points.Stripped Germany of most of its equipped forces and also required the Germans to salary reparations, or battle damages, come the Allies.Created the “League the Nations” to avoid future wars.A number of new nations in Europe and also the Middle eastern were created following the war.U.S. Does no ratify (approve) the treaty.U.S. Go not come to be a member of the League.Most nations do not respond to the bad conditions castle left Germany in, which enables the climb of dictators.Using the textbook, Journey across Time, prize #3 in the section 4 testimonial on p. 796. (creating a diagram to name brand-new countries produced after WWI)