The west Hemisphere is the surname for the Earth’s half which is top top the eastern components of antemeridian and also western parts of the prime meridian. It contains the western components of Africa and also Eurasia, the Americas, eastern components of Siberia, miscellaneous Oceania territories, and a part of Antarctica. The Aconcagua (22,837ft) the the Andes in Argentina is the greatest mountain in the western Hemisphere.

The center of this half of planet is in the Pacific s right in ~ the intersection of the Equator and the ninetieth meridian west of the Greenwich close to the Galapagos Islands. Over there are just two continents which are completely in the west Hemisphere: phibìc American and also South America.

Continents Located entirely In The western Hemisphere

North America

The phibìc American continent is in the Western and Northern Hemispheres. Phibìc America is surrounding by the Caribbean Sea, the Pacific Ocean, the Arctic Ocean, southern America, and also the Atlantic Ocean. That is the 3rd biggest continent ~ above earth and also occupies an area of around 9,540,000 sq miles which is approximately 16.5% of the world’s land area. That is the fourth biggest by population right behind Europe, Asia, and also Africa. It is the northernmost subcontinent the the Americas.

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The continent has a population of end 579 million citizens in 23 independent nations which is around 7.5% of the earth’s population. The northern component of the continent i m sorry is mostly inhabited by Canada is sparsely populated other than for Alaska and also Greenland. Mexico and the United says occupy the southerly and main parts of north America among other smaller countries.

The an initial human populace of aboriginal Americans come in the continent in the critical glacial era about 40,000 come 17,000 years ago. Because of the background of emigration most civilization who reside ~ above the continent converse in French, Spanish or English.

South America

The southern American continent is top top the Southern and Western Hemispheres v a small part of it in the north Hemisphere. The Portuguese and Spanish-speaking areas of the Americas consider South America to it is in a subcontinent the the Americas. The continent is surrounded by the north America, the Caribbean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, and also the Pacific Ocean. The continent has actually 12 independent countries (Venezuela, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Ecuador, Paraguay, Guyana, Brazil, Colombia, Chile Argentina, and Bolivia), a non-sovereign an ar (the Falkland Islands) and also French Guyana. The abc Islands, Panama, and Trinidad and also Tobago are likewise considered to be part of the continent.

The continent occupies an area of about 6,890,000 square miles and also is ranked as the 4th biggest best behind phibìc America, Asia, and Africa. That is the fifth most populous continent on planet with a populace of around 420 million people. The many densely populated state in the continent which has actually over half of the southern American population is Brazil adhered to by Peru, Venezuela, Argentina, and Colombia.

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The much south and the interior component of the continent are sparsely lived in while most of the world live near the eastern and also western coasts.