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Jewel of TheNilefilming areas (1985)


Riviera Locations: Palaisdes Festivals et des Congrès1 Boulevard de la Croisette, 06400Cannes

Director : Lewis Teague cast : Michael Douglas, catalen TurnerGenre : action comedy • Runtime : 107 minProduction year : 1985• Rating : PG dispersed by 20th Century Fox



In Jewel that The Nile, catalent Turner’s publication signing engagement takes location on the terrace atop the Palais de Festivals et des Congres (see right), a magnificant ar that juts outs into Bay the Cannes. House to the esteemed Cannes film Festival, the Palais opened up in 1982 and was extended in 1999. The rooftop affords views towards Le Vieux Port,le Suquetand the Boulevard de Croisette, v the renowned domes of the Carlton Hotel clearly shows in lot of the scene. As of 2013 the Palais to be undergoing extensive reonvation which includes the enhancement of 2 auditoriums top top the roof. Though the panorama will stay the same, the is likely the rooftop together we see it in the movie will come to be unrecognisable in year to come.Following the engagement, a stabbing takes place on theJetee Albert Edouard, in ~ the Palais, and Joan is whisked far by automobile to Villefranche.

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As a fishing village that thrives top top its authenticity and past, it’s probably not surprising to discover that Villefranche is little-changed native the mid-80s. The Welcome Hotel was home to the celebrated artist Jean Cocteau who fine arts is on display screen throughout the building. In dramatic juxtaposition, it’s pleasing to see, within the agree area, a signed picture of Michael Douglas and also Kathleen Turner adorning the wall, a nod come the more recent social history of Villefranche.

The 1985 sequel come Romancing the rock saw Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner reprising their functions in the activity romance,Jewel the the Nile(20th Century Fox). The first 20 minutes of activity are shoot on the Cote D’Azur and seeKathleen TurnerandMichael Douglasseemingly life the high life, docked on the yacht “Angelina” in the just of Villefranche. Though i get it Ebert, the commemorated film reviewer, defined them together “unwinding in Cannes” and also others have asserted this is claimed to it is in Nice, the ar is clearly, in reality, Villefranche. The movie supplies sweeping glimpes that the village before Jack and Joan mountain a motorbike exterior the Welcome Hotel on Quai de L’Amiral Courbet. Following a brief visit come Cannes, the film returns come Villefranche at nightfall, whereby Jack meets a bedraggled Danny Devito. Finally, prior to the film’s action moves come Africa, an explosion destroys Jack’s yacht, simply off thePortde laSanté.