Pretty small Liars: 20 points That Don't make Sense about Alison Dilaurentis Pretty little Liars" Alison Dilaurentis didn"t constantly make sense, especially when it concerned her personality and also relationships.

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transparent its seven seasons, Pretty tiny Liars delighted fans of all ages. However, that does not typical the show was without its problems. Regularly the decisions the characters made would certainly make no sense, from their relationships v other personalities to your personalities. One together character who often didn"t make sense was Alison Dilaurentis. Everyone"s favourite queen bee of Rosewood frequently made decisions the were confusing, to say the least. And aspects of her personality go not constantly make feeling if you really thought around them. Because that example, just how was she constantly one step ahead of everyone? Sometimes even including the secret "A"? Her expertise is inexplicable for a teenager. She"s far too intelligent and also perceptive for plenty of fans to believe. Her relationships regularly don"t make feeling either, from her connection with Emily to her relationships through Ezra, Lorenzo, and Elliot Rollins.

Did the writers of Pretty little Liars compose Alison make no sense on purpose? Is over there a bigger an enig hidden where she"s concerned? Or is it just nonsensical writing? We may never know, yet it"s necessary to ask the questions and also to uncover just how many things didn"t make feeling with her character. From her rivalries with Paige and also Toby, to she visits to she friends after her disappearance, there"s a lot the doesn"t do sense.

We space going to research it and offer feasible explanations for the writing choices. Though that might be daunting in part cases. Still, it"s precious it to shot to explain the inconsistencies and also to delve into why the writers could have do the decision they made.

Here are 20 things That Don"t do Sense about Alison Dilaurentis.

Now host on, Emily and also Alison fans. Don"t obtain your torches and also pitchforks yet. Alison"s actions towards Emily was really hot and also cold, to say the least. Why? Why go she kiss her earlier and then say that was just "for practice?" Why was she constantly teasing Emily v her understanding of Emily"s to like on her? Why did she trust Emily in ~ one point and not the others? Why go she not tell Emily previously that the kisses between them to be real?

The possible explanation for this inconsistency in the creating is the Emily and also Alison--known to your fans as simply Emison---were no planned to it is in a pair from the beginning. That"s why at first Alison treated Emily for this reason hot and cold. Because it was just meant to it is in Alison using and teasing her. Then, as the present went on, Emison ended up being a real possibility to the writers and so they included things favor Alison trusting Emily over the others and telling Emily the the kisses between them were real.

19 "The Jenna Thing"

This is a major event in season 1 the Pretty little Liars. Because that those who don"t know or don"t remember, Alison convinces her friends to gain revenge on Toby Cavanaugh for spying on lock by setup off what she states is a stink bomb in the garage. She sets the off v a lighter borrowed from Spencer and also it transforms out to be a firecracker. The garage catches fire and Jenna, that is inside the garage at the time, gets blinded by the explosion. Alison blackmails Toby into taking the blame.

The question below is did Alison see Jenna or not? If she did watch her, why was she therefore ok with hurting her? Is Alison truly that damaged? If she didn"t check out her, why job-related so difficult to keep her involvement a secret if it to be a basic accident? It"s possible that Alison important is the damaged and also was ready to hurt Jenna since she experienced her together a rival. It"s also feasible that Alison didn"t check out her and wanted to save it a an enig for factors of her own that we may never know. Despite the former is more likely discovering what Alison was like at the time.

for someone v an intense feeling of self-preservation, this seems a little bit out the character. Is this proof that she without doubt cared for she friends? Or was she simply trying to discover out more about "A" through them? The writers can have originally kept Alison"s coming earlier ambiguous. Some of the scenes could have been desires or hallucinations.

However, that transforms a bit in season 4 when all of the Liars view Alison at the same time. That scene doesn"t seem favor a dream or a hallucination. Most likely the writers were not certain if they were going to bring Alison ago for great until roughly season 4, i beg your pardon is why the scenes to be so ambiguous before then.

17 she rivalry v Paige

Alison yes, really didn"t like Paige, who she called "Pigskin." No one really knew why. Why walk Alison dislike Paige for this reason much? and also why would certainly she threaten to the end Paige to her father? One feasible explanation because that this is that she knew Paige chosen Emily in a romantic way and thus Alison experienced her together a threat.

She want to it is in the facility of she friend"s lives, particularly Emily"s. Despite their connection does have plenty of inconsistencies, one point that go make feeling is that Alison constantly needs to be the center of attention. She may have seen Paige liking Emily together a battle for Emily"s attention, a fight she was no going come lose. Alison never ever did like losing.

how did this happen? just how did no one notification she wasn"t gone? If the psychic lady native Ravenswood, Mrs. Grunwald, hadn"t concerned save her, she might"ve in reality died. A possible explanation for this is that the writers may have initially imagined Alison together actually gone and also then later adjusted their minds.

This can likewise be watched in her appearances to her friends at very first appearing like dreams or hallucinations and then getting more real as time goes on. Perhaps the writers were not originally sure if they to be bringing Alison back, for this reason her passing being feasible at one allude in the show. Despite it ultimately turned the end that she wasn"t gone. Luckily for her and her friends. And the audience too, really. Alison is fairly an exciting character.

15 her rivalry through Toby

Why go she dislike him so much? Why convince her friends to acquire "revenge" on him for "spying on them" and then have actually The Jenna point happen and also force him to take it the blame? go she hate him due to the fact that he garbage her? Why walk she once, in a flashback, call his mother lazy when she was plainly unwell? Someone as intelligent and perceptive as Alison should"ve to be able to tell the difference.

Did she just say it to hurt Toby? If so, why? these are inquiries that likely haunt many fans minds. One feasible explanation is the the writers initially wanted the audience to check out Alison together a supervisor icy and mean character. Therefore in order for that to happen, the writers had actually her have a rivalry v Toby, who is as whole a quite guy.

What room the odds the Alison and Aria have the exact same taste in guys? that course, friends have actually things in common but this is ridiculous. Also, what"s wrong with Ezra? does he have a thing for underage girls? True, he didn"t understand Alison to be underage in ~ the time yet he"s tho a tiny stupid for believing she lies. This provides it seem favor Alison is more intelligent than Ezra and also frankly, that"s a bit insulting come Ezra. Sure, Alison"s an evil genius. However to be much more intelligent than someone older than her is a little bit much.

Especially someone that grows as much as be a teacher. Climate again, therefore does Alison. An ext on that later. Possibly that"s why she was able to outsmart Ezra. A sort of "it take away one to recognize one" thing. Does that median Ezra"s additionally an angry genius? Maybe. Or possibly not. A feasible explanation for this one is that Alison is supposed to seem more mature 보다 the various other Pretty small Liars characters so the her being the leader that the team makes sense.

13 her knowledge

Alison is yes, really smart, sure. That"s easy enough to believe. However she"s smarter than several adults? She"s capable of outsmarting also the mysterious pressure behind "A" who constantly seems to it is in one step ahead? That"s less believable. As stated before, she"s an angry genius. And also that doesn"t make much sense if you really think around it.

She"s much too intelligent and also perceptive for a teenager. Not that adolescents aren"t intelligent and also perceptive, however they"re generally not as much as Alison is. A feasible explanation because that this one is the Alison is intended to be viewed as wise beyond her year so that her being the leader that the friend team makes sense. After ~ all, people would quite follow an smart leader over a non-intelligent one, right?

of course, she did go missing. However it still doesn"t do sense. Why didn"t the police carry out a DNA test or something? Why was the body found assumed to it is in Alison? Sure, it was uncovered near her old residence yet that"s not proof the it"s her. Room the police in Rosewood really the stupid? many likely, no.

But the writers had actually to make the audience think they space while they determined what to do with Alison. Together is stated before, the writers may have actually initially no been certain if they to be bringing Alison back to the civilization of the living in Pretty small Liars, which is why she was assumed gone. As time walk on, the authors made the a opportunity for her to come back, if still keeping their alternatives open. Until around season 4, Alison"s story seemed prefer it can have unable to do either way.

11 She bribed Cyrus

wherein did she gain the money for the airplane ticket? did she ask she parents or friends because that it? Unlikely. Does she have actually a stash the money hidden somewhere? Possibly. Knowing Alison"s talent because that hiding things and her self-preservation instincts it"s definitely possible.

However, that still doesn"t make lot sense. Aircraft tickets are expensive for this reason Alison would"ve required to have actually a many money stashed far in order to bribe Cyrus. Is that really possible? that does seem somewhat unlikely that Alison can be that lot ahead the everyone, outsmarting also the police for a little while. However Alison is an evil genius in Pretty small Liars, and is wise beyond her years. So perhaps it"s not so strange after all. The writers most most likely did not desire fans reasoning too much around this but it"s still worth questioning.

Alison is not an adult, despite her maturity and intelligence. She is a teenager and in reality, she most likely would not have actually gone come jail but instead come a juvenile facility of part kind. Most likely the writers made this decision to increase the drama. ~ all, being in jail is more dramatic than just being in a juvenile facility. Luckily for Alison, this storyline doesn"t critical forever. As soon as her girlfriend are taken through "A", she is exit from prison. She works through Toby, Ezra, and Caleb to get the girls earlier from "A" and also succeeds.

This entirety storyline is a bit over the top. Very first of all, why would civilization suddenly believe that Alison didn"t end Mona? 2nd of all, why would certainly she acquire let out of prison without any proof of what she"s saying? Just since her friends to be taken? despite she does have actually a police guard as soon as released it still seems surprising the she"s exit in the first place. Then again, this is Pretty small Liars. Stranger things have actually happened.

9 Her relationship with Lorenzo

the doesn"t seem favor her form at all. Why date him? to be it to improve her image? Or did she really favor him? was she just using him for his police connections? The human being may never know. It"s difficult to recognize what the writers were reasoning with this one. Perhaps they were reasoning that they"d turn the usual good girl bad boy trope ~ above its head.

Or maybe they were reasoning that Alison just needed a love interest. Really, Pretty small Liars writers. World can simply be single, friend know? no everyone needs a connection at every times. Maybe that"s a many to intend from writers of a teen drama, though. After ~ all, partnership drama is your bread and also butter. They love it.

Again, why? He likewise doesn"t seem choose her type. And how might someone as perceptive and also intelligent as Alison is falling for his lies? Also, why would she autumn in love v her sister"s doctor? Why would she get engaged and get married come him? none of it renders sense. This appears to be one more case of the authors wanting come pair up Alison and cause drama.

Also, this certainly seems to it is in a instance of dumbing under Alison come fit what the authors wanted for the plot. After all, Alison is a downhearted person, understandably provided what she"s been through, and doesn"t to trust easily. Why would certainly she to trust this guy? Why wouldn"t she at the very least make sure he was that he seemed to be, given her past with "A" and everything? it doesn"t make sense.

7 coming to be a teacher

If everyone would come to be a teacher, it"d it is in Aria, no Alison. Teaching doesn"t seem to be Alison"s kind of thing. Climate again, what task would she do? "Master manipulator" isn"t exactly a job title. Neither is "professional blackmailer." probably if the authors really desire to make Alison watch good, she could"ve end up being a detective. ~ all, she"d been through in the past, she could not to trust the police but the argument might be made the if she was a detective herself she could readjust things indigenous the inside. She might use her investigative skills and her virtually superhuman knowledge and perception for great instead the evil. It"s surprising the the authors didn"t think that this one. ~ all, it makes an ext sense 보다 Alison teaching and also still could"ve maintained her in Rosewood if that"s what the writers wanted.

A possible reason why the authors did walk this route is to keep Alison in Rosewood high school, rather of the end of it. Despite it still doesn"t make much sense. A previous bully and also queen bee coming to be a teacher simply doesn"t sound right. Despite it"s better than making she a psychologist or something. Imagine. Don"t think she"d have the ideal personality for the profession.

Alison goes indigenous manipulative angry genius to...goody-goody? This provides no sense.  Although the authors most most likely meant for fans come think the Alison had grown a conscience, the still makes no feeling for countless fans. Steady character breakthrough would have actually been the way to go. No from manipulative ice cream queen to goody-goody with no buildup.

There"s also the worry that this variation of Alison is nowhere near as interesting as she previous personality. She becomes rather boring and this is definitely not the writer"s intention yet she does. This advance should have actually come gradually and also in a means that make sense, not merely thrown on the audience all at once. She additionally should have actually retained some of her edge, conscience or no conscience.

5 the suddenly desire for normalcy

Alison"s life has actually never really been normal. Which is why her sudden desire because that normalcy provides no sense. Possibly she"s just trying come fit in with her new goody-goody image? Or come fit in with "Elliot Rollins," she husband? no of these points truly make sense, therefore it"s more than likely a case of the authors needing she to desire to be normal for plot reasons.

This isn"t constantly the best way to construct characters, together is watched by exactly how negatively Alison"s revolution was regarded by part fans. True, there has actually been a bit of a time jump, and maybe Alison has actually grown to love her "normal" life. Yet the audience is left again wonder why this is happening.

Alison is not commonly one to let points go. Usually, she"d hold some sort of a grudge or be somewhat upset if points didn"t walk her way. That makes method more sense for she character than her simply silently agree the state the things. Yet that"s what wake up in season 6. Again, this is probably a case of the authors manipulating Alison"s character for plot reasons, and it"s not exactly subtle.

As is mentioned before, Alison likes to obtain her own means and would usually ensure that she does. Yet unexpectedly she doesn"t care about that? not buying it. The authors really should have actually thought before writing Alison"s character in this way, because it doesn"t really occupational for many fans.

3 the psychiatric hospital

True, she go think she to be seeing civilization in the afterlife. Yet she"s to be through more than the in the previous with "A." True, she probably wasn"t supplied to it anymore but Alison"s resilient. It"s unlikely the she"d autumn apart around such things. Even Emily, that takes she to the hospital, asks if Alison is sure she wants to recognize herself. Numerous fans probably want to ask the authors if they"re sure about this storyline. The factors for that seem to be plot factors again, which is not always the best for the characters.

The writers must have actually wanted to placed Alison in a psychiatric hospital for some reason, maybe for the entirety "Elliot Rollins"/Archer Dunhill storyline. Still, Alison, regulate freak Alison, would likely not desire to give others for this reason much control over she life.

Alison? Baby? Doesn"t it seems ~ to do sense. Particularly given that "A" is pretty much behind she pregnancy, given that she"s pregnant with Emily"s eggs that "A" stole. The idea that Alison would simply go together with anything "A" wanted her come do simply doesn"t make a most sense. This might be an additional case the the writers making Alison fit into the plot.

They want to provide Emily and Alison a happy ending so they make Alison pregnant with Emily"s babies in the only way that lock could. Back it"s type of sweet, it"s also gross that Alison quite much had actually no speak in her very own pregnancy. If she had made decision to acquire pregnant utilizing Emily"s eggs and also a donor, the would"ve to be a lot more sweet and a lot much less gross.

1 she sudden proposal to Emily

Again, Emison fans, hold your fire. Though the scene and the emotion is cute, that is sort of sudden. Especially due to the fact that Alison"s previous spouse turned out to no be who he appeared to be. Of course, Emily and also Alison have known each various other a lot longer and Emily has constantly been there for Alison, yet the proposal still appears sudden.

Most likely, the writers wanted to offer Emison a happy ending and this is exactly how they walk it. While plenty of fans most likely appreciate that, part fans could wonder if it"s too shortly or if Alison needed much more time before jumping right into marriage. She doesn"t exactly seem come me choose the marriage and also children and white picket fence type.

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Is there anything else the doesn"t make sense around Alison Dilaurentis from Pretty little Liars? let us know in the comments.