They’re a perfect method to add decoration, style, and also tone to your living room. They also add personality and often act as a focal point. Wall surface clocks can also be the primary feature of your living room. However most human being aren’t sure specifically where to ar it.

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Where have to you cave a wall surface clock in your living room?

Hang it around 54-60 inches indigenous the ground.Consider put it above a couch or focal distance chair.If the doesn’t work, ar it above a console table or shelf.If no of those space options, put it over a mantel.

We’ll review the different species of wall clocks, placement considerations, and walk girlfriend through exactly how to cave yours with ease.

Where to location Your living Room wall surface Clock

How High must You hang Your wall Clock?

Many interior designers recommend around 54-60 inches indigenous the ground.

This is just a touch lower than many people’s median eye-level. That said, over there isn’t a universally agreed-upon perfect elevation to location your wall clock. It counts on various components like the type, size, shape, and the remainder of her room.

You should also consider if your wall clock has any hanging parts, and also if so, you’ll want to ar it a little higher than the recommended height.

You should also ensure the your clock is over the tallest obstruction in her living room. That way, it is clearly shows from every angles. Placing her clock at the right elevation helps girlfriend balance her living room and also keeps the clock native overshadowing other décor pieces.

Common Placements because that Your wall surface Clock

If you room undecided on whereby to put a wall surface clock in life room, there are usual places you can pick from, relying on your room arrangement. Few of them include:

Above a CouchThis is among the most typical places that civilization place their wall clocks. The couch provides a quite symmetry, and also it’s straightforward to see the clock from any kind of position and direction the the room.

However, this is no advised if you have an oversized or hefty clock. The restricts you from leaning earlier on the wall, and in the rare occasion the clock falls, you’d rather it autumn where civilization typically aren’t.

Above a Console Table or ShelfIf you desire to increase your wall clock’s practicality and also visual appeal, you have the right to place it over a bookshelf or a console table. This is best if you have actually oversized or decorative wall clocks.

To help balance the wall clock, you can arrange a couple of decorative pieces favor plants around the clock, yet ensure they don’t block the clock.

Opposite a Doorway or WindowPlacing her clock opposite your home windows or door is far better than hanging it end the door or beside the window. The light will normally highlight the clock.

Above the MantelHaving a mantle in the life room is currently a visual focal point. You deserve to accentuate it by including a wall clock come it. However, you have actually to consider how the clock will certainly fit and look along with the layout of the fireplace.

You also have come ensure the it does not contend for intuitive appeal with the decorations you currently have on the mantel.

Types Of wall surface Clocks

You’ve probably currently picked the end your wall clock, yet in instance you haven’t – below are some good options.

There are different types of wall clocks girlfriend can select from, and also each of them include a different touch to your living room. They also come in various sizes and also shapes, and also you have to select the one that ideal matches the format of your room, furniture, and also other accent pieces.

Minimalistic wall Clocks


This is the wall surface clock for you if you’re in search of something basic to enhance your minimal living room. Go for a straightforward design, a thin frame, minimal numbers, and also floating hands. These clocks have actually little-to-no detail – castle won’t be big statement pieces in her living room.

Modern wall surface Clocks


Modern wall surface clocks have actually slightly more style and also detail top top them compared to minimal clocks. Come switch things up and create an ext of a explain piece, look for reduced out wall surface clocks that include a touch of creativity.

Vintage wall surface Clocks


If you desire to finish your vintage template with your wall clock, you can go because that one v a vintage map in the center that has actually roman number on it. Friend can additionally have it in vintage colors, shades that dark green or ethereal orange.

Wooden wall Clocks


If you’re searching for a finishing touch on your farmhouse living room, friend can carry it together with a wooden wall surface clock. Some function wooden hands and also bases, while others just use wood bases.

Digital wall Clocks


Digital wall surface clocks aren’t the most stylish pieces, but they work great for rooms through a brutalist design template – or because that the much more practical who haven’t committed to much of a life room layout at all.

How To hang A wall surface Clock

Once you’ve determined the type, size, style and placement of your wall surface clock, the next crucial thing is knowing exactly how to place it.

Some the the material you will require include:

A driver or strength drillStud finderPencilA couple of anchor screwsA level

A many the wall clocks come with some of the tools you will should install, however if some room missing, you can buy them at the nearest hardware store. Others also come through instructions, but here room some general, basic steps to save in mind:

Using a stud finder, situate the stud in your wall surface to help with the assistance of the clock. If you are not making use of the stud because that support, use anchor screws or nails, particularly for big and hefty clocks. Clocks below 20 lbs. Perform not need anchors.Hold your wall clock in the place you desire it, and have a partner make a marking on its topmost point.Make markings also at the points whereby you want to have actually your anchor screws or nails. To obtain the precise spot, measure the distance in between the optimal of her clock come the hanger ~ above its back.Measure the very same distance indigenous the previous marking on your wall, and mark that together the location of the screws.Using your strength drill or screwdriver, screw her anchors into the wall until they are flush. If you room not using anchors, ensure that 1/3 of your screw is visible. Use a spirit level to ensure the the nails, screws, or anchors are level through the wall for balance.Finally, cave up your wall surface clock ~ above the anchors or screws.

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And there you have it. A perfect placed and hung living room wall surface clock.