I started investigating the real-life setting of some key scenes in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The an excellent Gatsby after discovering an amazing brand-new online historical map of brand-new York City, a photographic mashup that permits you come see detailed images native 1924, 1951 and also the present time. When I witnessed that 1924 was stood for on this map, I immediately realized the it would certainly yield a rare possibility to see brand-new York City precisely as F. Scott Fitzgerald would have actually seen it throughout the duration that he stayed in the long Island city of great Neck (represented in Gatsby as West Egg) and traveled commonly to Manhattan. Therefore, because Gatsby was collection in Fitzgerald’s current time, the would allow us to see new York City specifically as Nick Carraway, Jay Gatsby, Daisy Buchanan, Tom Buchanan and also Myrtle Wilson would have seen it.

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According come the biography Some sort of epos Grandeur: The Life of F. Scott Fitzgerald by Matthew Bruccoli, one of Fitzgerald’s earliest inspirations for The great Gatsby to be the highlight vision of a vast, desolate “valley the ashes” — a giant trash burning procedure — on the road between an excellent Neck and Manhattan. The infernal vision seemed to administer an ironic counterpoint to the opulent social swirls of brand-new York City and great Neck, as if the passage revealed part deeper truth about the souls that traveled it. Fitzgerald described a tiny edge negotiation just east of the sink of ashes whereby a billboard v blazing eyes advertises the services of eye doctor T. J. Eckleburg, and also where Tom Buchanan’s mistress Myrtle Wilson’s husband George runs a decrepit auto garage.

About half way in between West Egg and brand-new York the motor road hastily joins the railroad and runs beside it because that a quarter of a mile, so regarding shrink far from a specific desolate area the land. This is a sink of ashes — a an excellent farm whereby ashes prosper like wheat into ridges and also hills and also grotesque gardens; where ashes take the creates of houses and also chimneys and also rising smoke and, finally, v a transcendent effort, of males who move dimly and already crumbling through the powdery air. Sometimes a heat of gray cars crawls along an invisible track, gives out a ghastly creak, and comes to rest, and immediately the ash-gray men swarm up through leaden spades and stir increase an impenetrable cloud, which screens their obscure operations from her sight. But above the gray land and also the spasms of bleak dust which drift endlessly end it, you perceive, after a moment, the eye of doctor T. J. Eckleburg. The eyes of doctor T. J. Eckleburg are blue and also gigantic—their irises are one garden high. They look out of no face, but, instead, from a pair of massive yellow spectacles which happen over a missing nose. Evidently part wild wag of one oculist set them there to fatten his practice in the borough the Queens, and also then sank under himself into eternal blindness, or forgot them and moved away. But his eyes, dimmed a small by many paintless days, under sun and also rain, brood on end the solemn dumping ground.

The sink of ashes is bounded ~ above one side by a tiny foul river, and, once the drawbridge is up to let barges through, the passengers on wait trains have the right to stare at the dismal scene because that as long as fifty percent an hour. There is always a halt there of at least a minute, and it was because of this that I very first met Tom Buchanan’s mistress.

It’s famed that Fitzgerald to be describing the vast trash-burning operation situated in north-central monarchs in the exact spot the is currently Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, residence of two civilizations Fairs and also two significant sports stadiums. Just a couple of photos the the trash-burning operation prior to the area was turned into a park have ever been seen, so naturally I was passionate to view the overhead see of the website on the 1924 photographic map. I found a stunning photo of the large area, and began zooming right into the picture looking for more precise details about the scenes defined in Gatsby. Here’s a large view of the whole area, including Flushing Bay in ~ the top and several bridges crossing “a little foul river” — Flushing Creek.


The good Gatsby personalities travel number of times between West Egg and Manhattan, periodically by railroad and sometimes by car, always passing v the sink of ashes in the middle of the trip. In 1924, prior to the lengthy Island Expressway or Grand central Parkway existed, northern Boulevard would have actually been the main route by automobile towards the Queensboro bridge for a driver from great Neck. Do the efforts to trace the path between good Neck and also Manhattan as explained in The great Gatsby, i sketched a line mirroring the north Boulevard path on the map in ~ the top of this page. Northern Boulevard skirts the height of the valley of ashes, therefore the travelers departing native Gatsby’s mansion would have actually taken the automobile bridge simply under the railroad bridge close to where the creek meets the just here.


I invested a many time looking at this component of the map, yet finally concluded the it might not match the description in the novel. First, the highway (above) go not join with the rail (below). Second, the ar of town just eastern of the valley of ashes right here is the key section the Flushing, a well-populated town that does not resemble the dusty outpost Fitzgerald describes. After traversing many possible solutions to this puzzle, I concerned a firm conclusion.

For reasons not totally clear, the Gatsby/Buchanan motorcade must have actually not taken north Boulevard all the method into Manhattan, but instead must have actually turned turn off the main road to take it a contempt slower path through less arisen streets, specifically as portrayed in the lower line attracted in the center of the picture at the optimal of this page. That is, lock didn’t take it the most direct route between great Neck and Manhattan, however instead detoured slightly south through Flushing, allowing them to drive directly through the many vivid ar of the trash-burning operation. The detour they must have taken is illustrated by the reduced diverging heat in this detail from the center of the aerial photo above:


This would have taken them on a smaller collection of roadways through the facility of the valley of ashes. Why would certainly they have turned off the main road? ns don’t know, however it’s not too far a stretch to imagine that Gatsby and the Buchanans would have done this specifically for the scenery, due to the fact that they wanted to show off the complete stark vision of brand-new York City’s sink of ashes to your visitor Nick Carraway. That hasn’t periodically taken the lengthy route top top a vehicle ride to impress a guest?

If Gatsby’s caravan take it this southerly route, the railroad and highway would certainly have merged exactly as defined in the novel. Here, then, is the leg they would have actually crossed. Ns can’t tell for certain that it’s a drawbridge, yet I’m willing to believe it must be one. The tiny negotiation to the right, then, is exactly the spot where Dr. Eckleburg’s billboard would have actually stood, and where George Wilson would have actually kept his auto garage.


This is because of this the spot where drunken Daisy Buchanan hit and also killed Myrtle Wilson in she speeding vehicle after a dizzy and also upsetting day at the Plaza Hotel.

Here’s a broader view the the bigger area around this bridge crossing. You can see the smokestacks close to the center.


Desolate enough? The vision of employees toiling amongst these large piles may have even reminded Fitzgerald the Dante, and also Fitzgerald’s real-life encounter v this point out must have actually played a component in the genesis of the entire novel. This component of brand-new York City remains striking and also dramatic today, despite for different reasons.

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The spot where Fitzgerald had actually a vision would soon become world famous, because the rubbish burning operation at Flushing grasslands was closed quickly after The good Gatsby was written. The creeks to be drained and also turned into synthetic lakes, and also the long Island Expressway, valve Wyck Expressway and Grand main Parkway to be all built to lug the massive auto traffic between new York City and Long Island that they still carry today. Beautiful Flushing meadows Park was developed on the big square of floor circumscribed through these 3 highways, encompassing the creek and also its valley. This park held the 1939 civilizations Fair and then the 1964-65 human beings Fair. Shea stadion was constructed to organize the brand-new York Mets ~ above the northern side, and also was then changed by CitiField top top the very same spot. Annually the US open Tennis tournament is hosted at the billy Jean King Tennis facility south of the baseball fields. Here’s what the very same spot looks like in one aerial picture from 2009. Shea stadion is top top the height left, the US open tennis court on the bottom left.


And what that the tiny edge settlement itself, the spot where Myrtle Wilson was killed under Dr. Eckleburg’s metaphorical eyes? now it’s still a vision of busy desolation, one unremarkable tiny and wedge-shaped industrial facility next come the van Wyck Expressway where, considerably enough, a large sign-making organization is in operation. Here’s a closer look at this intersection as it was standing today:


After spending countless hours examining the map and also carefully identify the exact coordinates represented in Fitzgerald’s novel, ns walked by the exact spots described in the i above. I observed a tiny auto repair shop. I observed a couple of overview coffee and fried-egg breakfast/lunch cafes, where the people who work-related in the adjacent factory take their breaks. The main manufacturing facility makes indications — big mounted billboards, specialty plastic displays. It looked like this company had been there a long time, and I now believe (though I have not yet verified this, and also am no sure exactly how to do so), the if F. Scott Fitzgerald had ever seen one actual sign for one eye medical professional at this spot, it could not have been due to the fact that the eye physician was located nearby. Rather, the sign-maker could have been creating the sign, or may have been displaying it to advertise his work. (UPDATE: I’ve now put up some photos of the locale.)

Thanks to everybody that posted a guess about this secret photo, and thanks come GalleyCat and also Jacket Copy for sending readers this way. This blog’s tagline is “Opinions, Observations and Research” and I hope v this practice I’ve fulfilled few of the “research” section of that promise. An additional betterworld2016.org mystery Spot will be revealed in this pages soon!