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Recently, i made the relocate from a windows 10 computer system to a MacBook agree running MacOS. What a transition it has been! while the move has been relatively easy, I had to discover quite a few new things here and there.

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One of the key recurrent keyboard shortcuts I used on windows was the F5 function-key come refresh a webpage in the browser. However, top top MacOS, over there is no together key. For me, i then just hit the refresh button manually in the web browser window. But, this bring away time and becomes annoying quite fast. What is the key-board shortcut ~ above Mac come refresh a Safari page? What is the identical F5 keyboard shortcut the I supplied to usage on Windows?

The price is luckily relatively simple, back on Mac you have to press a key mix instead that 1 single key.

Refresh Safari webpage on MacOS

Use the key combination Command and also the R crucial to refresh a Safari web page on MacOS.

The key combination Option+Command+R will execute a hard refresh of the browser, i m sorry erases cache and cookies for that webpage on Safari.

⌥ + ⌘ + R

Alternative way to execute a refresh

You may also perform a refreshing of a page by clicking the refresh switch next to the address/URL. Or, organize the Shift vital and click the refresh button to perform a hard refresh the a web page (i.e. Gets rid of cookies and cache).

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