Learn about the note pane in PowerPoint 365 for Windows. This area allows you save and also edit notes that can be watched within referents View.

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Author: Geetesh Bajaj

Product/Version: PowerPoint 365 because that Windows

OS: windows 10 and also higher

Date Created: august 30, 2019Last Updated: august 30, 2019

The notes Pane including NotesWorking v Notes

The notes Pane

PowerPoint 365 because that Windows"s tri-paned interface has actually three regions:the Slides Pane,the on slide Area, and the Notes Pane. The NotesPane is inserted right listed below the on slide Area, as shown highlighted in red in ~ Figure 1.The notes Pane provides room to include speaker"s notes that have the right to be so useful to the presenter when presenting. You can also include anytext here that contains any kind of sort that information around the presentation or separation, personal, instance slide.

By default, the notes pane might be totally empty. You may likewise see some boilerplate text such together "Click to include notes",as displayed in Figure 1.

Figure 1: notes Pane in PowerPoint 365 because that Windows

To add your note in this area, you typically just click your cursor ~ above the boilerplate text and start typing. We describe thisconcept in more detail in ~ the next section.

What"s important to establish is that each on slide in her presentation has its very own notes. Once you navigate to another slide, you willhave come add an ext notes appropriate to the active slide.

Where is the note Pane?

Is over there no Notes Pane visible, as shown in Figure 2, below? Well, you need not worry due to the fact that theNotes Pane quiet exists, yet is just collapsed.

Figure 2: broke down Notes Pane

To expose the notes Pane, click the note button, enhanced in red within Figure 2, above.


Adding Notes

The note Pane deserve to be seen in both Normaland Notes web page views. It also shows upin presenter View. Follow these steps to enter textin the notes Pane in common view:

Create a brand-new presentation, or open an present presentation, and also select the slide for which you desire to include some notes, as shownin Figure 3.
Figure 3: slide selectedNow, click within the note Pane to make it active. An alert that the "Click to include notes" boilerplate textdisappears (see Figure 4).
Figure 4: include text within notes PaneNow, form in part text. Figure 5 reflects text included to the notes Pane.
Figure 5: Notes added for the selected slide
Tip: If you already created note in another application, friend can additionally paste them in ~ the note Pane.

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Remember to save your presentation so that the note are saved within the presentation!Back

Working with Notes

Here space a couple of guidelines, tips, and also thoughts ~ above working v both the notes Pane and the yes, really notes:

You can choose to print just the notes because that the entire presentation by selecting the note pages option in thedefault Print dialog box.Back

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