There is no straight-up relocate tutor in this game. The closest you"ll get is the relocate reminder in Dendemille Town.

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There"s two males that teach moves, however one just teaches ultimate moves to the different starters and the other teaches a relocate to part dragons or something.

Closest thing is probably the relocate Reminder guy as Itwongo mentioned. You deserve to trade a heart range to discover a forget move, and also like in other gamings you can also learn few of their ultimate move that way as well. Good way to gain heart scale is to Wonder trade a bunch the times and also use pokemiles come buy some, or record a bunch the luvdisc and 50% of the moment theyll have actually a heart scale. You can also just usage thief ~ above them.


There"s in reality several relocate tutors v the game, however none that them space the same as most move tutors in ahead games. Among them will certainly teach any starter pokemon (from any type of gen) their "ultimate" move. One more will teach any starter Grass Pledge, Water Pledge, or Fire Pledge, move that are especially effective when offered in double and triple battles. One various other one will teach a Dragon pokemon Draco Meteor. Part moves that used to be tutor moves could possibly be offered to a pokemon together an Egg relocate now, since TM moves deserve to be pass down.To gain an Egg move onto a pokemon, discover a male pokemon that deserve to breed v the pokemon species you want in the finish that knows the move you desire (the move MUST it is in compatible with both species. Not all pokemon have the right to learn all moves etc etc) The pokemon you desire the relocate on need to be female in this case as well (if you don"t have a female, breed it with ditto until you do.) climate let the two gain frisky in the daycare till you have actually an egg. Flower it and the offspring has actually a possibility of understanding the move.

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Oh and one much more thing. If both parents understand a move, that will certainly be passed under as well. This is frequently the an approach used for gaining a legendary Catcher Gallade. Acquire a gardevoir v hypnosis (female) and also a Ghastly, Haunter, or Gengar the knows Hypnosis and also Mean look (male) and breed them till you obtain a male Ralts with mean Look and Hypnosis. Level that approximately 20 to get Kirlia, then provide it a Dawn Stone. Proceed leveling up the resultant Gallade till it to learn False Swipe by level increase (or use the TM because that it) and also now you have a pokemon that can prevent its victim from to run away, make them autumn asleep, then leave them v 1 HP, making lock as basic to catch as they ever will be.