Your 1884 Morgan silver dollar value is increasing because of today"s energetic collector demand and rising bullion prices. Currently it is worth $23.51.


Additionally, by judging her coin"s problem accurately and also discovering mintmarks, it often leads come increasing how much it"s worth. Let"s begin with mintmarks.

In 1884, silver dollars were produced at four different mints, figured out by "mintmarks" inserted on the reverse. One mint in particular, Carson City, never ever produced big quantities that coins. This scarce silver- dollars with the "CC" mintmark of Carson City are very popular with collectors and also are priced well over other 1884 dollars. Watch the image below to assist locate these mintmarks on your coin.

Next, the problem of your coin requirements close inspection. If the is well preserved, with most original information remaining, that is a valuable silver dollar. This nice problem pieces space tops ~ above collector want lists. An instance of one 1884 silver- dollar in "uncirculated" condition, v no wear to its surface, is pictured above.

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Accurate 1884 Morgan silver- dollar worth is the mix of judging condition and also determining the mint that struck your coin.


Look come the turning back of her old silver dollar to find important mintmarks. These little letters recognize the mint highlight the coin. Towards the reduced rim, between the "Dollar" and the ribbon stop the wreath is whereby either the san Francisco mint placed an "S" or new Orleans one "O". Carson City, the rarest that the marks, supplied the now famous "CC" mintmark. 1884 dollars there is no a mintmark were struck at the Philadelphia mint.

Condition Rarity Morgan Dollar

An 1884 Morgan silver- dollar produced at mountain Francisco has actually an unusual value structure. The is an extremely rare in uncirculated condition. However, worn, circulated examples are obtainable and only valued close to your silver content. Even those v slight wear have actually only a slim premium in value.

Auction records aid tell the rarity story that the 1884-S silver- dollar. David Lawrence rarely coin auction has actually sold just eight uncirculated examples because 2004. Compare this to over 200 of the 1884-O brand-new Orleans minted dollar.

These eight uncirculated coins space not enough to it is provided the need from collectors. As imagined, value of any 1884-S dollar in uncirculated problem is high. Pictured is a nice instance selling in 2010 because that $4657. Infrequent reflecting at auction results in difficult pricing data. Certainly any kind of uncirculated 1884 san Francisco dollar is precious in the thousands, that is important a condition rarity.


Judge problem to Accurately worth Your 1884 disagreement

Judging the problem of your coin is one the subtle ways 1884 Morgan silver- dollar value changes. Dates and mintmarks are prominent and certain. Grading calls for determining the quantity of wear, if any, has actually taken place. Compare your dollar come the images and descriptions. With a little time these small changes in appearance become apparent.


Uncirculated: A silver- dollar in "uncirculated" condition has never circulated v commerce, for this reason no stay has developed to the surfaces. Your coin should exhibit a "like new" luster. Undertake dulls this luster and also affects the high clues of Liberty"s check, temple and hair. ~ above the reverse the breast feathers and also head the the eagle room subject come initial wear. If the luster is complete on both political parties it assures the coin is uncirculated.


Extremely Fine: Wear has started to diminish little details the the hair just behind Liberty"s ear and forehead. More behind the ear the folds of the cap space now just slightly flattened. Top top the revere, small amounts the wear space visible on the tops of the wings, and also obvious on the neck and breast feathers. Light as whole wear defines an 1884 Morgan silver dollar in extremely fine condition.

Fine: Circulation has actually now reduced most finer design detail to the suggest of merging. Plainly visible, center wear explains silver dollars in "fine" condition. Liberty"s hair both above and below the ear is remarkable worn with broad flat spots currently replacing the original fine lines. Turning to the reverse, the pipeline in the wreath are now an extremely flat, most feathers in the eagle"s neck have linked and the really tip that the wings lack any detail.

Good: Showing considerable wear and reducing the style to simply a couple of elements, these silver- dollars are defined as "good" condition. Return the in salt is visible, both it and the lettering room flattened to virtually level v the fields. The bulk of Liberty is there is no detail. But the eagle on the reverse does display a few remaining feathers close come the legs. In this condition your 1884 Morgan silver- dollar worth is tied mostly to bullion silver- price.





























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