"iCarly" was among Nickelodeon"s premier children"s series in the late 2000s and also early 2010s (per IMDb), and viewers have wondered since it finished what the cast of "iCarly" is act now. 2021 reply that concern in spades, as most of the actors returned for Paramount+"s "iCarly" reboot, i beg your pardon boasts an older actors with both returning and new actors alike. It additionally boasts much more mature content and also themes, i beg your pardon is why the actors has stated the "iCarly" reboot isn"t for kids. One thing hasn"t changed, though: the home in which the Shays live — and also ran their famous web series over a te ago.

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The Miranda Cosgrove-led collection is collection in Seattle, Washington, v her character, Carly Shay, and also her uncle, Spencer Shay, living in Bushwell Plaza in the Kennedy Square ar of Seattle. However, follow to Answers come All, the collection was filmed in Hollywood, no Seattle, therefore the Shays" apartment and also its creating shots space movie magic come to life. The same deserve to be said for the 2021 reboot the "iCarly," as it"s filmed in a Hollywood studio, too, no Seattle.

One point Seattle and Hollywood have actually in usual is your high costs of living, i beg your pardon begs the question of just exactly how much the Shays" apartment expense them.

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Per "iCarly" episode, Miranda Cosgrove makes a how amazing amount the money, and one may nearly need to it is in an actor to bought a Seattle, Washington, apartment as huge as Carly and Spencer Shay"s. According to MVOrganizing, the "iCarly" apartment"s exterior is likely taken indigenous Los Angeles" eastern Columbia Building. However in the show"s canon, Spencer purchase the apartment to end his tiresome, high-quality renting at some time after the initial "iCarly" ended and also its reboot began. Yet how much would this cost?

The Shay apartment has a big living room, a full kitchen, a huge studio, bedrooms, and potentially an ext space the viewers don"t see. For the sake of comparison, let"s to speak the Shay apartment is a three-bedroom apartment. According to Apartment List, the average three-bedroom apartment rent in Seattle in 2021 is $4,024.

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In total, 43% that Seattle apartments fall in the $2,000-3,000 range, if 23% cost an ext than $3,000. The Shays" apartment is so big that that likely falls into this upper range, though us can"t understand for certain. The bigger question is just how the Shays afforded this apartment in the original "iCarly" series. Spencer is one artist, but viewers never saw that selling much of his art. In any case, they can afford the apartment, i beg your pardon likely expense thousands the dollars per month.