The blower engine resistor ensures her blower motor fan is not going at full speed all the time. Here"s how to tell your blower engine resistor is bad


The blower engine resistor is component of the HVAC system and is an electric component. It controls the blower motor pan speed. As soon as you change the fan speed on the instrument swarm in her vehicle, the resistor is responsible for adjusting the rate that the blower motor operation at.

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Because the fan rate is on regular basis adjusted, the resistor endures a the majority of wear. The continuous stress can cause it come fail at any kind of time.

Heater Blower motor Resistor Location

The heater blower engine resistor is often discovered beneath the dashboard. That is located in the heater and also air air conditioning compartment. It’s associated to the air conditioning system, wherein it can change the rate of the blower motor fan. That can also be uncovered behind the gloves box of some vehicles. One of two people way, friend will uncover it close come the blower motor.

When the resistor fails, it i do not care more challenging or impossible to change the airflow speed. To diagnose it, the electric circuits should be evaluated. There are plenty of parts that could cause the exact same problems, yet they space all located relatively close to one an additional for easier diagnosis.

Heater Blower engine Resistor instead of Cost

The heater blower engine resistor replacement expense could be in between $10 and $60, relying on what kind of automobile you drive. In the system of air conditioning and also heater parts, this is among the least expensive come replace.

The heater blower engine resistor can regularly go bad because the a negative heater fan, and also therefore you regularly have to change both the heater blower resistor and also the fan.

It’s likewise not a complicated part come replace. It can take you much more time come diagnose the difficulty versus replacing the resistor. If you no comfortable instead of the resistor on her own, friend will require to have a professional mechanic tackle the job.

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The median labor prices to replace a blower motor resistor vary based on where you live and the type of auto you drive. It’s wise to shop roughly because you might get a range of quotes, through some being nearly twin another provider. In general, you have the right to expect to pay between $50 and also $200 for the labor associated with blower engine resistor replacement, providing you a grand total of in between $60 and also $260 for parts and labor.