KarinaOMG, the vivacious Canadian social-media star and gamer, is best known because that her 2 individual ‘YouTube’ channels and also her cooperation channel called ‘SIS vs BRO,’ which she co-owns v her brother, Ronald. She uploads videos pertained to gaming, challenges, product reviews, take trip vlogs, and also slime crafts. She is also popular on other social-media platforms, such as ‘Facebook’ and ‘Twitter.’

Early Life

KarinaOMG was born Karina Calor, on in march 23, 2007, in Canada. After spending her beforehand years in Canada, Karina change to Spain, with her family, in 2016. The factor behind the move was the Karina was allergic to cold weather.

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She is also known through her virtual pseudonyms, “GamerGirl” and “KarinaOMG,” and as Karina Kurzawa.

Reportedly, in 2017, Karina was examining at Spain’s ‘Sotogrande international School.’



Social-Media Fame: from Karina come “KarinaOMG”

Karina began her social-media job on November 1, 2015, with the toy-review channel ‘FUNwithKARINA.’ the is believed that her parents had motivated Karina and also her brother to begin their careers on ‘YouTube.’ Karina was simply 7 years old as soon as she produced her first ‘YouTube’ video. Karina was also the first member of her family members to upload a ‘YouTube’ video.

Soon, however, Karina shifted her emphasis from toy reviews to video games. She hence launched the ‘YouTube’ channel titled ‘GamerGirl,’ on April 23, 2016. The channel at this time has 3.87 million subscribers and over a exchange rate views. The channel mainly hosts content associated to games such as ‘Roblox,’ ‘The Sims4,’ and ‘Minecraft.’

She play ‘Roblox’ minigames v “YouTuber” ‘EthanGamerTV’ for among her videos. Some of her videos, such together ‘Going to prison in one OBBY! to escape the prison + rob The bank OBBY,’ have actually earned more than 20 million views.

Her early toy testimonial channel (created in 2015) now has a new name, ‘Karina Kurzawa.’ Karina apparently renamed that in July 2018. The channel currently showcases content concerned makeup, fashion, travel, and product reviews. End the years, it has actually earned over 1.06 million subscribers and has controlled to garner more than 39 million views.

Along through her brother, Ronald, Karina manages one more ‘YouTube’ channel, title ‘SIS vs BRO.’ The channel was introduced on in march 3, 2016. That is generally a competitive-challenge channel featuring Karina and her younger brother, Ronald, competing against each other for various challenges.

Their series of videos titled ‘Gummy vs Real’ were some of their most-watched videos in 2017. The video titled ‘NIGHTTIME ROUTINE!! school DAY vs WEEKEND’ managed to garner 90 million views. Another video that became quite popular was ‘Blindfolded Slime Prank challenge Gone Wrong.’ They additionally posted a few vlogs from your vacation to Thailand. The collaborative channel now has actually 4 billion see and much more than 11 million subscribers. Ronald likewise has an separation, personal, instance gaming channel called ‘RonaldOMG’ and also a different self-titled channel.

Karina has additionally managed to earn approximately 395 thousand followers on ‘Instagram’ and 1,402 followers on ‘Twitter.’ She is followed by an ext than 7 thousand world on ‘Facebook.’

Family through a “YouTuber” Dad

Karina’s parents space of polish descent. Karina’s father, Freddy Kurzawa, is a famous “YouTuber” himself. That is ideal known by his virtual pseudonym, “FreddyGoesBoom.” He joined ‘YouTube’ on may 15, 2016 and has currently garnered an ext than 265 million see and more than a million subscribers. Freddy posts videos of himself playing video games. He largely uploads videos concerned ‘Minecraft’ and also ‘Fortnite.’



Karina’s mother’s identity, however, remains unknown. Owing to the reality that her mommy remains absent from her (and her brother’s) videos, her fans when started come speculate that her mother had actually probably passed away earlier.

She has actually a younger sister named Aria. Her younger brother, Ronald, is a renowned social-media star and collaborates through her.

Her social-media job is managed by she parents.

Karina together a Person

Karina loves adventures and also is fond of sporting activities such together basketball and badminton. She likewise participates in gymnastics after ~ school. She is likewise fond the canoe paddling and likes golf.

Karina loves pizzas more than burgers and likes eat pizzas at the restaurant called ‘Busan-Toro.’ Karina additionally loves avocados. Both Karina and her brother space allergic to nuts, except hazelnuts. She adores milk chocolate, and chocolate is also her favourite flavor. Her favorite snack is ‘Sour job Kids.’ She loves ‘Candy Cane.’

Thailand and also Philippines space Karina’s right travel destinations. Her favourite season is the one in between summer and fall. Her favorite holiday is Christmas.

Karina started learning come play the piano in 2017. In 2018, Karina proclaimed that she had joined she school’s absent band as a guitarist and also was gearing increase to do at her first show ~ above November 9 the year. Karina started learning Spanish in 2018. She no swimming lessons at school.

She loves city hall the science-fiction teenage web collection ‘Stranger Things.’ She adores the video game ‘Stardew Valley.’ She loves to hear to monitor by Anne-Marie and Rita Ora. Her favorite track is ‘2002’ through Anne-Marie, which was released in 2018. Her favorite application is ‘Instagram.’ among her favorite movies is the 2017 drama ‘A Dog’s Purpose.’ In 2018, Karina and also Ronald had actually seven computer systems at home.

She loves dresses much more than skirts. She is fond of wearing T-shirts, too. Karina has endorsed brands such together ‘Hollister Co.’ and also ‘Gucci’ v her social-media posts. She is exceptionally fond that shopping, and also her favorite stores space ‘Aritzia,’ ‘Bershka,’ ‘H&M,’ and ‘Zara.’ Karina needs to pierce her ear regularly, as the feet close up quickly. Karina and Ronald have an official website, sisvsbro.com, whereby they sell merchandise such together T-shirts. She loves the shade pink.

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Karina likes unicorns more than mermaids. She is fond the crunchy slime. She is close come a friend called Olivia, whom she considers her best friend. Karina is fond the cats and also birds. She owns two cats and has called them Chibi and also George.