Do girlfriend remember Ricky van Shelton? The nation music star scored large hits with "I"ll leave This human being Loving You," "Keep it between the Lines," "Hole in my Pocket," "I meant Every Word he Said," "Wild Man," "Statue of a Fool" and his Dolly Parton duet, "Rockin" Years." over the food of his 20-year career, Shelton had 10 No. 1 hits and also was amongst the ranks of timeless country singers choose Conway Twitty, George Strait, Randy Travisand Garth Brooks.

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Shelton released his debut album Wild-Eyed Dream in 1987. The album, i m sorry spawned the access time "Crime of Passion," "Life turn Her the Way," "Somebody Lied" and more, fight No. 1 ~ above the U.S. Billboard Top country Albums chart. He followed up the album"s success v his sophomore release, love Proof, i beg your pardon featured "From a Jack come a King," "Don"t we All have the Right" and also the Hank Cochran-penned "He acquired You," which was initially recorded through Patsy Cline together "She"s acquired You."

Shelton would go top top to relax RVS III in 1990, Backroads in 1991, gospel album Don"t overlook Salvation in 1992 and also Making plan in 1998.

In might 2006, Shelton announced that he was retiring from country music to invest time through his family and his wife Bettye. The "I am a basic Man" singer had actually made enough money and decided to lastly kick turn off his boots. Born in Danville, Virginia, and also raised in Grit, Virginia, Shelton didn"t must be in the limelight quiet to it is in happy.

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And Shelton wasn"t just a nation singer. As soon as he wasn"t crooning nation songs, he composed a hit series of children"s books. Tales From a Duck called Quacker and also Quacker Meets Mrs. Moo to be both effective in their own right.

But Shelton had actually had enough. The was an ext interested in backroads than red carpets. The "Life"s small Ups and Downs" singer is life proof the fame and fortune aren"t what make people happy. He exit his critical album, Fried environment-friendly Tomatoes, in 2000. After ~ doing some touring, he determined to leaving the industry behind.

These days, according to his website, "Ricky spends time paris his airplane, functioning on his 150-acre farm, gardening, repairing his collection of classic cars and antiquing."

From his debut album every the method to his last performance, Ricky offered us whatever he had and also he left behind years of country standards for united state to enjoy.

Ricky van Shelton: 16 Biggest Hits

This short article was originally published in September 2019.

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