You recognize all those cute guinea pigs and also hamsters in ~ your local pet store? This is where they come from.

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While many human being are familiar with the horrors that puppy mills, few know the other animals purchased massive by pet stores, such together rabbits and also guinea pigs, endure the exact same awful conditions.

Warning: Disturbing contents below.

A three-month undercover investigation carried out by PETA provides an inside look into Holmes Farm, a huge Pennsylvania breeder that supplies animals to Petco, PetSmart, Pet supplies Plus and also other big pet store chains. And it"s no pretty.

Investigators uncovered that thousands of pets were gift stored in plastic storage bins, stacked in shelving units and rarely confirm on. The facility reeked of feces, PETA said. One floor to be splattered in blood after cat were permitted to jump in and also out that the crates and also attack animals.

A young rabbit through a significant eye infection. The investigator called her Leela and also removed her from the facility. | PETA
Sadly, scenes prefer this room the rule, no the exception for pets sold in pet stores. Even if it is it"s a dog or a hamster, animals bred for retail are often kept in filthy conditions, exposed come abuse and illness, and deprived of water, veterinarian care and other necessities.

If you"re considering including an animal to her family, take into consideration adoption. Even little pets favor guinea pigs and hamster have the right to be uncovered at shelters and also rescue groups. To get started, visit

You have the right to watch video clip footage from the investigation below. Needless to say, it consists of some psychic content.


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