The Culver"s butterburger has actually a name that confuses some world — is the burger chin cooked in butter, or is butter somehow mixed right into the soil beef? possibly the burgess is topped v a slab the butter rather of cheese? The truth is, nobody of these space true. 

According to Culver"s, the surname "butterburger" describes the fact that each burger comes on a buttered bun, i m sorry was just how the Culver"s co-founder"s mom used to perform it. Culver"s, it should be noted, originated in Wisconsin, aka the dairy products State, and every one of the butter supplied on your buns originates from a small, family-owned Wisconsin dairy.

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Culver"s says that is burgers space made from three cuts of beef: sirloin, chuck, and plate. Your beef is also fresh, never frozen, and also each burgess is grilled to order. In fact, every one is all set by a Culver"s "grill master" who has spent number of months training to master the action of make a much better butterburger. Their an approach involves pushing the beef come lock in its juices and searing that to provide it that "great steak flavor," as well as seasoning the patty just right with a salt and pepper blend.

Although admittedly this process takes a bit longer than having pre-cooked patties the are ready to it is in grabbed and also handed out, the butterburgers really space worth it — they"re among our top picks for ideal fast-food burgers, ~ all. Also, Culver"s will bring the butterburgers out to your table when they"re cooked, so that way you don"t need to wait awkwardly in ~ the counter.

The Culver"s menu has actually nine various varieties the butterburgers. Sport include solitary or dual patty versions, 3 different species of cheese — American, cheddar, and Swiss (all from Wisconsin dairies) — bacon, mushrooms, and several variants the swap out the bun for either grilled rye or toasted sourdough bread. Friend can additionally get a gluten-free bun top top request, and also Culver"s even has a Registered Dietician on the team that advises as to how food can best be prepped to avoid triggering guests" food allergies.

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While Culver"s menu does have a non-vegan Veggie burger (it includes milk and egg as well as soy and wheat), over there is, as yet, no impossible butterburger. In order come make that work, though, they"d more than likely need to below in a plant-based butter substitute, and doing so simply wouldn"t it is in true to those dairy state roots.