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Selena Gomez was recognized for her starring role on the 2007–12 Disney television collection Wizards that Waverly Place and as the singer that such pop hit songs as “Come & gain It” and also “Same Old Love.”

Selena Gomez, who thrived up in a suburb the Dallas, began her acting career in 2002 as a son on the PBS children’s TV series Barney & Friends. She started her music job on Disney projects, including singing the theme tune for Wizards that Waverly Place, in i m sorry she likewise starred.

Her parents divorced once she was a small child, and also she was raised by her mother. Selena Gomez had actually romantic relationships with Justin Bieber and, more briefly, v The Weeknd.

Selena Gomez, in complete Selena Marie Gomez, (born July 22, 1992, grand Prairie, Texas, U.S.), American actress and singer that won soldier of young fans together the winsome star that the Disney television series Wizards of Waverly Place (2007–12) and also as a pop vocalist.

Gomez, who was called after the well-known Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla-Perez, was raised in suburban Dallas. Inspired by her mother, an amateur actress, Gomez tried out for a function on the PBS children’s television collection Barney & Friends and, as a result, appeared regularly top top the program in 2002–04. After making she big-screen debut in the family movie Spy kids 3-D: video game Over (2003), she auditioned because that the Disney Channel, which at some point led come a guest spot on the TV collection The Suite Life that Zack and also Cody. In 2007 Gomez was actors as Alex Russo, a mischievous tomboy with magical powers, top top a new Disney sitcom, Wizards of Waverly Place. The show, for which she likewise sang the template song, came to be an instant hit amongst the preteen set, and also she earned favourable comparisons come the channel’s leading ingenue, Miley Cyrus.

While continuing to star in Wizards that Waverly Place, Gomez acted in assorted tween-oriented videos and TV movie and listed a voice because that the animated attribute Horton Hears a Who! (2008). She then landed lead functions in the theatrical movie Ramona and Beezus (2010), i beg your pardon was based upon a children’s novel by Beverly Cleary, and also the romantic comedy Monte Carlo (2011). Gomez departed from her family-friendly picture with a role as a college student seeking adventure in Florida in the lurid Spring Breakers (2012). She then portrayed the girlfriend of a university student that is eliminated in a shooting on campus in the drama Rudderless (2014) and also a sorority sister in Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (2016). Gomez likewise voiced a personality in the animated Hotel Transylvania (2012) and also its sequels (2015, 2018) and Dolittle (2020). In 2019 she showed up in Jim Jarmusch’s zombie movie The Dead don’t Die and in Woody Allen’s A merganser Day in brand-new York. She went back to TV for Only murders in the Building (2021– ), in which she costarred v Steve Martin and Martin quick as an i can not qualify crime-solving trio.

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Gomez ventured right into music as the front mrs of Selena Gomez & the Scene, one electronic-influenced pop band that developed several run hits. The group released the albums Kiss & Tell (2009), A Year there is no Rain (2010), and also When the sun Goes Down (2011) before announcing that separation in 2012. Gomez then forged a solo career through Stars Dance (2013), i m sorry featured the seductive single “Come & get It.” subsequent solo albums had Revival (2015) and also Rare (2020), the latter of which succumbed the struggle ballad “Lose You to Love Me.”

As Gomez transitioned into adulthood, she fame was undoubtedly enhanced by a romantic connection with pop singer Justin Bieber. She was additionally known for she philanthropic work, lot of it achieved through UNICEF, i beg your pardon in 2009 appointed she a goodwill ambassador. In 2015 Gomez revealed the she had been diagnosed with lupus. Together a an outcome of complications from the disease, she had actually a kidney transplant in 2017.