The good Gatsby strongly implies that Jay Gatsby got his money indigenous bootlegging. Tom does research study on Gatsby and also finds out he has been in business v Meyer Wolfsheim offering grain alcohol over the counter in drug stores. Wolfsheim uses him as a frontman in his company ventures ~ above account that Gatsby"s great looks and refined manners. Due to the fact that not much background is given, that is feasible Gatsby acquired added wealth from other illegal business.

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In Fitzgerald"s classic novel The great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby acquires his wealth through the secret bootlegging industry. Unlike Tom and also Daisy Buchanan , who space born into wealth and considered old money, Jay Gatsby has humble roots, and also his meteoric increase to the top echelon of culture is largely...

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In Fitzgerald"s standard novel The an excellent Gatsby, Jay Gatsby repurchase his wealth with the underground bootlegging industry. Unlike Tom and Daisy Buchanan, who are born into wealth and also considered old money, Jay Gatsby has actually humble roots, and also his meteoric rise to the upper echelon of culture is largely because of his success in the criminal underworld. Following WWI, Gatsby returned from overseas and was established to success Daisy"s heart. Gatsby also understood the there was no way he might marry Daisy without gift a member the the top class and also was willing to do anything to obtain wealth.

Gatsby befriended the shady Meyer Wolfsheim, who introduced him come the criminal human being of bootlegging. Meyer Wolfsheim well-known that he could use Gatsby"s charm and also appearance to his advantage and became business partners with him. According to Tom Buchanan"s personal investigator, Meyer and also Gatsby purchased many pharmacies throughout Chicago, wherein they sell illegal serial alcohol end the counter. In addition to bootlegging, Tom likewise mentions the Gatsby is involved in illegal gambling operations and other unknown criminal activities.

Once Daisy discovers that Gatsby"s wide range is not secure, she decides to continue to be with Tom and also loses her attraction to Gatsby. Following Gatsby"s death, Nick Carraway access time Meyer Wolfsheim, who brags about being responsible because that Gatsby"s success. Meyer tells Nick,

I raised him up out of nothing, ideal out the the gutter.

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In summary, Gatsby obtained his wealth v the illegal bootlegging industry and used the money to acquisition a magnificent mansion in the West Egg.