If you’re searching for a tune that defines good cheer and also positive vibes, “Walking ~ above Sunshine” is a element candidate. The ecstatic song was the greatest hit because that Katrina and also the Waves, a band that had their best success in that faraway era of the 1980s. The group flourished out that a cover band referred to as Mama’s Cookin’ i m sorry featured Katrina Leskanich on keyboards and vocals, Vince de la Cruz top top guitar, Bob Jakins top top bass, and also Alex Cooper top top drums. They had actually been playing gigs across the UK, acquiring a hard reputation as a live band. Songwriter-guitarist Kimberley Rew, a former member of the neo-psychedelic tape The Soft Boys, later on joined the group, and they re-christened us The Waves, which to be the name of a band Rew and also Cooper had been component of in the 1970s. Rew originally alternated top top vocal duties with Leskanich, despite she later came to be the group’s command singer. Jakins at some point left the band, and de la Cruz took over on bass. This came to be the classic lineup the Katrina and also the Waves, together the tape finally came to be known.

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After issuing a few singles and an EP, the four-piece outfit tape-recorded an album’s worth of initial material, hoping to sell the resulting disc at their live shows. The album, Walking top top Sunshine, was at first released on a Canadian label, Attic Records, together was the group’s follow-up record, Katrina and the waves 2. The tape toured extensively in the UK, building up a loyal fan base. Among their songs, the Rew-penned “Going down To Liverpool” achieved some visibility and success via a cover version recorded by The Bangles. Capitol records took an alert and signed the team in 1985, and the tape re-recorded few of their earlier material for your self-titled us debut. Most of the songs on the album, in reality the band’s third LP, including “Walking ~ above Sunshine,” were considerably re-worked indigenous their original versions. When “Walking top top Sunshine” was released together a single, the tape struck gold.

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The song was a quit hit, rising all the means to number 9 on the us charts. You might hardly turn on a radio or tune into MTV at the time without hearing Leskanich belt out the radiant tune. A second single native the album, “Do You want Crying,” managed to with number 37. Waves, the band’s 1986 follow-up, didn’t fairly hit the heights of their stateside debut, however their 1989 LP Break that Hearts, managed to crack the optimal 20 through the track “That’s The Way,” co-written by Leskanich and also Rew. Capitol later dropped the team from your label, though they ongoing to document throughout the 1990s. The band had a quick resurgence of popularity in 1997. They won the Eurovision song dispute while representing the UK with the tune “Love bright A Light,” which ended up being a sizable hit across the pond, reaching number 3 on the brother charts. Despite the success of the single, friction in ~ the tape culminated in Katrina Leskanich exiting the group in 1998. The tape soldiered on for a bit, but they officially dissolved not lengthy after her exit.

“Walking top top Sunshine” continues to bright on, and has end up being a pop/rock playlist mainstay. The song has been denote in films, TV shows, and commercials, consisting of The secret of my Success, Futurama, and The huge Bang Theory. The track was additionally used for the location of a 2014 brother film that featured covering versions the 1980s pop hits. Katrina undertook a solo career, and Kimberley Rew has continued to write, record and produce new music. In the pantheon of “feel good” songs, “Walking ~ above Sunshine” mirrors no signs of fading into the distance.

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-John Visconti

Photo: Katrina Leskanich, 1986 (Wikimedia Commons)


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