Balisong History

Where perform we start? anyone that has actually read or done any type of kind that Balisong history research knows that this is a controversial subject. I will go over what I have read in books, videos, and online forums. I additionally take indigenous discussions I`ve had actually with civilization that researched Balisong background at a much deeper level than I. The balisong background has been debated by knife enthusiast all over the globe and still remains a mystery. There are an ext than a few theories concerning the birth of the Balisong. We will certainly stick through the two most usual theories, the Philippines and also Europe.

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Balisong – those in a Name?

The balisong is additionally known together a balisung, fan knife, Butterfly knife, folding knife and click click knife. Not just is the background of the Balisong controversial,the definition behind words “Balisong” is just as mysterious. It has actually been said that “Balisong” is simply a word with no meaning. There room others that state it obviously comes from the city (Barrio) in the Philippines called Balisong. The barrio Balisong is famous for making knives.Therefore, the butterfly velvet coming out of Balisong just finished up moving the name v it.This city is still making this knives today. In the most typical language of that area “Tagalog” balisong simply way a knife v two handles the rotate around a tang.

Balisong background opinions from various authors

There room several publications written about the balisong. In these books the authors offer their an interpretation of the word Balisong. In “The Manipulation hand-operated for the Balisong Knife” the authors (Tom Wei Ding and Tom Wei Toi) claim the word way “Sharp Knife”. Climate we have “The balisong manual” writer by Jeff Imada. He says that Bali way “break” and sung means “horn”.Balisong handles were made that caribou horns along with other animals. Which method they were originally called “Balisung” knives. In the book “Balisong Knife” author Tai Jo says basically the exact same thing.That the translates into “Broken Horn”.

It seems undisputed that the surname “balisong” comes from the Philippines.The indigenous Bali-song v the dash has actually been brand by the Benchmade corp. So, it appears that the hatchet balisong is just a share word because that what Americans contact a butterfly knife. Just my humble opinion but if there is a city named “balisong”,they are well-known for do knives and also even have actually a semi-pro basketball team named “The Batangas Blades”. I think its safe to assume the name originated there?

Balisong theory 1 (Philippines)

According to dental lore the Filipino butterfly knife is one of the old weapons of Kali. This to be a Malaya-Polynesian fighting mechanism that was considered the deadliest in the world. Kali to be rooted in the Maylay archipelago however its affect reached the Orient, Africa, Pacific Islands, central and southern America. Again, according to dental lore this Balisong dated ago to the T`ang dynasty about 800 A.D. Over there is an ancient Filipino legend the tells the story of a warrior trained in the art of Kali. The apparently killed 29 that his adversaries with a urgently knife. The Knife is taken into consideration the forerunner that today’s Balisong. The is referred to by indigenous Filipinos together the “Veintinueve”. This converts to the number 29 in storage of the feat.

The early balisongs made in the Philippines were periodically made of railroad tracks and car sheet springs. When researching balisong background I became aware that some filipino societies thought that the balisong as more than just an additional knife. It represented the past craftmanship handed under to the next generation. Over there was also some symbolism attached to the balisong. A fully closed balisong represented “3 in 1 for peace”. Partially opened up it symbolized the 3 geographical areas of anceint forefathers.Fully opened it signifies “3 in 1 for combat”.

Now right here is what some researchers, scholars and also other knife enthusiast have a problem with. Most of what is known around the balisong originating in the Philippines is from dental lore. This gift passed under from one generation to the next.There is no “Hard” evidence to prove that the birthplace of the Balisong is in the Philippines. Over there is no documentation, no artefacts have been uncovered, nothing the you can hold and say this is the proof! some Authors have claimed Perfecto De Leon would have actually Fathered the an initial Balisong yet that would have actually been after ~ 1905.


Balisong Symbolism

Balisong theory 2 (Europe)

This would certainly be thought about blasphemy to many in the Philippines. Part say the Balisong background began in Europe between the 1500s and also late 1700s. The key reason because that this is the discovery of the earliest recognized balisong ” Pied-du-Royi”. Translation “the queens foot” (a unit that measurement) and also is dated previously than 1791. It is currently on display at the Musee de la Coutellarie. The faster known publication “Le Perret” indigenous 1710 has actually pages displaying sketches of the Balisong, was published in France.

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One theory accounts the use of the Balisong spread out through France and also into England. This is whereby a patent was used for and given come Bontgen and Sabin in 1880. Bontgen and Sabin to be a German Cutlery Firm. It climate spread throughout Spain come which it is believed Spanish seafarers would have lugged the knife come the Philippines. Throughout this time the Philippines was a Spanish colony.The native martial artists quickly embraced it into their fighting styles. That is recorded that Philippine martial artists have done this with numerous weapons from several cultures. Some believe the Balisong made its means to the Philippines via a national hero. A male by the name of Jose Rizal can have returned with that from Spain.