In the 1975 TV animated special by lining Jones dubbed "Rikki Tikki Tavi," based on the short story in "The jungle Book" created in 1894 by Rudyard Kipling, the title character is a young mongoose that does fight with a pair of cob in a family"s garden in India.

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Chicago"s Goodman Theatre has actually been difficult at work for the past year preparing because that the unveiling that this much anticipated production.

As Chicago actor Larry Yando pointed out in the cover story interview I created for critical Friday"s editions, he"s cast as the large cat bad guy, Shere Kahn, the tiger, who rules the trails of the jungles the India in the tales created by author Rudyard Kipling.

On June 21, the previews began for "The tropical Book," certification Yando and a cast of assorted talents consisting of a 31-member company, including a 12-member band. The display was simply granted a second extension with Aug. 11.

Tony Award winner Mary Zimmerman was offered the mission come reimagine the tale, i beg your pardon she"s based both ~ above Walt Disney"s 1967 man hit, with the favorite songs, and also heavily drawn from Kipling"s 1894 repertoire of stories set in the Indian jungle. The production attributes original Indian-inspired music and dance, and likewise showcases beautiful Indian costumes.

Much is riding ~ above this time for experimentation the brand-new stage telling of the tale prior to audiences, to help decide what come next.

If you noticed the language I consisted of in my Friday story, Disney is gift cautiously optimistic, v the following wording: ""The jungle Book" is developed by special arrangement with Disney Theatrical Productions, i beg your pardon proudly support Zimmerman"s advance of this title, providing financial support, an innovative consultation and accessibility to song material, and is additionally produced in association with Huntington Theatre Company, where it will play Sept. 7 come Oct. 6, 2013."

To date, Disney stage productions such as "Beauty and also the Beast" (1994) and also "The Lion King" (1997) have been large hits, when "The Hunchback the Notre Dame" (1999), "Tarzan" (2006) and "The little Mermaid" (2008) didn"t fare as well.

As ns reminded Yando throughout our interview, this isn"t the first time Walt Disney"s "The tropical Book" has actually been licensed because that the stage. As soon as I was in 6th grade in feather 1982, our institution play to be a full production that "Walt Disney"s The tropical Book," including all of the songs from the movie. (While I want the typical tiger function now gift played by Yando, i was actors instead as Kaa the Snake, which was played in puppet-form.)

My other "Jungle Book" storage from mine youth is the Kipling tale "Rikki Tikki Tavi," around a brave mongoose protecting a family against snakes and also set in India.

I especially delighted in the man TV one-of-a-kind that aired in might 1975 excellent by Bugs Bunny animator Chuck Jones and narrated by Orson Welles. No as famous as "The jungle Book," "Rikki Tikki Tavi" is much darker. The mongoose does fight with a pair of cobras Nag and also Nagaina, v the latter worried around laying she eggs in the melon spot of the garden therefore they space not destroyed, learning that this mongoose has already killed their cousin Karait, a little fast brown "dust snake" the lived follow me the garden path.

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