At share Reeves Honda Superstore Cerritos, us know how much friend love your Accord. Whether you and your brand-new model are all set to do memories or you have traveled numerous miles in her Honda, one point is certain. You’ll want to keep it in tip-top condition, therefore you can hit the roads of lengthy Beach, Downey, and Los Angeles, California, well into the future.

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How carry out you carry out this? girlfriend can accomplish this through routine, preventative maintenance performed by certified and also highly trained professionals. Come ensure girlfriend don’t miss out on a visit, we current you through this Honda Accord maintain schedule. Monitor it to a “T,” and you deserve to expect your beloved sedan to remain healthy and also running smoothly for years come come.

Why Is Honda Accord maintain Important?


Like every vehicle, her Honda Accord demands some extra TLC indigenous time to time. As soon as you store up through your maintenance schedule, you deserve to rest easy, learning that the most an important parts under the hood room working as they should and helping your Accord to carry out its best.

What happens once you miss out on a maintain appointment? over time, the devices that functions so difficult to make your Accord run won’t perform as it should. This have the right to lead come a negative performance, reduced fuel economy, and even mechanism failures.

That’s why it’s an essential to understand your Honda Accord maintain schedule and make appointments as soon as recommended. Luckily, the Accord makes it straightforward with the handy maintain Minder tool.

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Honda Accord maintain Minder

Honda maintenance Minder is a attribute in her Accord that continually keeps an eye on her vehicle’s performance and also how you drive. Depending upon where and also how girlfriend drive and the condition of her model, it will let you recognize when it’s time for your next maintenance appointment.

A maintenance Minder password will show up on your dashboard to show what business your Accord requires. As soon as you see any type of of the adhering to codes, make sure to schedule an appointment with the experts in our business center.

Main item Codes:

Replace engine oilB: replace engine oil and oil filter and also inspect the following:Front and rear brakesTie-rod ends, steering gearbox, and also gearbox bootsSuspension componentsDriveshaft bootsBrake hoses and linesAll fluid levels (and the condition of fluids)Exhaust systemFuel lines and connections

General Accord maintenance Schedule

While maintain Minder codes often tend to appear around every 6,000 miles, it’s still essential to know when her Honda Accord calls for maintenance.

With this generalized maintenance schedule, girlfriend can setup for the future and keep your Honda Accord ~ above the road where the belongs.

Every 5,000 to 7,500 Miles: at this visit, your Accord will obtain fresh oil and a new oil filter. Various other fluids, like your transmission, strength steering, windshield wiper, and coolant will likewise be inspected. A quick examine of her tires will be performed together well.Every 15,000 to 30,000 Miles: your model’s wait filter have to be adjusted every 15,000 miles, while in ~ the 20,000-mile milestone, you deserve to expect a new fuel filter. With 30,000 miles? climate it’s time to replace the power steering fluid. Her HVAC system, brake pads, and also radiator hoses will be inspected too.Every 35,000 come 50,000 Miles: at the 35,000-mile mark, it’s clever to change your battery. When you with 40,000 miles, spark plugs and their wiring will be replaced, when the ignition system and suspension will certainly be assessed. These checks are recommended again when you reach 45,000 to 50,000 miles.

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Every 60,000 Miles: as soon as you watch 60,000 miles on her odometer, it’s time to readjust your infection fluid. A thorough inspection of your engine and other an essential systems will additionally be performed during this visit.