I’ve to be volunteering in ~ a Colombian school since August and over the months I’ve compiled number of notes on the differences in between my institution in Chicago and also the school here in Colombia. The following are a couple of of mine observations.

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It should be detailed that whatever in this list might not be usual of every college in Colombia. Simply as my college in the U.S. Varies significantly from bordering school districts. However hopefully, that will provide you an idea on some practices. This details school is located in a rural area in the coffee an ar of the country.

The institution System:

Primary grades: Kinder – 5thSecondary grades: sixth – 11th

Class schedules:

Students in the primary qualities attend indigenous 7 a.m. Until 12:30 p.m. An additional students attend from 7 a.m. Until 1:30 pm. Each class is one hour long.At 10:00 students have actually a “recreo” or recess in which students eat a snack. Many bring chips and a drink or acquisition at the college anything native a hot dog, arepa con cheese, salchipapa (cut up warm dog with french fries), suckers, ice cream treats, potato chips, or candy.Here is the schedule because that the 10th grade class: Schedule for 5th Grade Schedule because that 11th great

You deserve to use this schedules to compare and also contrasts schools in the US and ask students questions such as ¿Cuántos días estudian inglés? ¿Cuál clase tienen el jueves en la tercera hora? ¿Cuándo tiene la clase de tecnología?Most students live close come the college in this little town and also walk come school. However, some come indigenous the fincas (farms), a bit further away. There room of course no school buses, however students execute take public transportation in the form of a jeep. At part points, friend will watch over 20 human being on a jeep, sit on the top or hanging top top the back.The jeeps are specifically full ~ above the weekends when civilization come come the town center to shop the markets. You will certainly then see large bags tied to the side and also boxes, bags, eggs, and also other purchases save on computer on the hood.

Class sizes are in between 20-40 students. Occasionally more. The students continue to be in the classroom and also the teachers pertained to the classroom. This way that students space with the very same classmates every day long. In this specific school, there were 2 (or 3, in two cases) classes every grade level. Below is a video tour of a classroom. As you deserve to see the students have their backpacks v them, as they execute not have actually lockers.

You have the right to see a 5th grade class here. What perform your students notification about the room? exactly how is it different from their classrooms?

As with most of Latin American, students wear a college uniform. This is generally blue pants and also a white polo.

You will not listen a student speak to a college student by “Señor” or “Señora” plus your last name. Instead, they generally just contact the teacher “profe”, short for profesor(a). Although students will certainly actually use the teachers very first name as well. “Jaime, cómo se hace número tres?” however for the major or coordinators (deans) lock will use the official “don” o “doña” and also the an initial name, for example don Jorge, or doña Gloria. Teachers can pass each various other in the hallway and also greet each other by speak “Hola, profe”.

The school year starts in late January and runs with the end of November or beforehand December. Students that passing their classes space dismissed a week before those who room failing, that attend remediation class an extra week to try and pass the year (ganar el año). Students that fail one class will perder el año and also be held ago and need to repeat the year. Thus you will discover a big age group of college student in the same grade, including 14 and also 15 year olds tho in 5th grade.

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If you want to listen Colombian Students introducing themselves, check out the videos top top youtube and also accompanying script.