Bruce Redd McConkie was a member the the Quorum that the Twelve apostle of The Church that Jesus Christ the Latter-day Saints (LDS Church).McConkie served in the an initial Council that the Seventy the the LDS Church from 1946 till his calling come the Quorum that the Twelve apostle in 1972, wherein he served until his death in 1985.During his organization as a basic authority, he published several teach books and also articles and also wrote the chapter headings of the LDS typical works.McConkie obtained a Bachelor the Arts and also Juris medical professional from the university of Utah. He spent his childhood in between Monticello, Utah; Salt Lake City; and Ann Arbor, Michigan. The married Amelia smith (1916 - 2005), daughter that Joseph Fielding Smith.

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Mormon doctrine
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The Promised Messiah: The first Coming that Christ
The Mortal Messiah: from Bethlehem come Calvary, book 1
“The most important solitary thing that any Latter-day Saint ever before does in this human being is to marry the best person, in the appropriate place, through the ideal authority.” ― Bruce R. McConkie
“We do our very own choices, and also then we existing the issue to the Lord and also get his approving, ratifying seal.” ― Bruce R. McConkie

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“Now, the atonement that Christ is the most an easy and an essential doctrine that the gospel, and also it is the least taken of every our revealed truths.Many the us have a superficial knowledge and also rely top top the Lord and also his goodness to watch us with the trials and also perils the life.But if we room to have confidence like Enoch and also Elijah we must think what lock believed, recognize what they knew, and live together they lived.May ns invite girlfriend to sign up with with me in acquiring a sound and also sure understanding of the Atonement.We must actors aside the approaches of men and the wisdom the the wise and also hearken to that heart which is offered to us to overview us into all truth.We need to search the scriptures, accepting them as the mind and also will and voice of the Lord and the an extremely power the God unto salvation.As us read, ponder, and pray, there will come into our psychic a see of the three gardens of God—the Garden of Eden, the Garden that Gethsemane, and also the Garden that the north Tomb wherein Jesus showed up to mary Magdalene.” ― Bruce R. McConkie