When a male says the thinks about you, he method that something or someone reminded him of you and also that you’ve been on his mind.

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You’ve to be voluntarily or involuntarily occupying his thoughts and reminded him the he misses your presence.

And since he misses you, we deserve to safely assume the your lack of presence linked with his yearnings stirred an emotional solution in the that resulted in him come express himself in one open, indirect, confusing manner.

If you’re still through me, please save in mind the a male thinking about you and lacking you doesn’t necessarily indicate that that loves you and wants a relationship with you.

Human beings are far more facility than that and also oftentimes tell your friends, partners, and even exes that they think around them, miss them, or love them.

They perform this out of vulnerability and also the desire because that connection and also attention.

For example, when men feel dissatisfied with assorted events, decisions, and life in general, they have tendency to job their sentiments top top others with the intention come elicit some kind of feedback.

This feedback empowers them with the reassurance that helps them feel much better about themselves.

And when they obtain what lock need and feel stronger as a result, they have tendency to pull away and also leave your conversationalist confused.

This is why you need to know that not all males confess their feelings in a selfless manner. Occasionally they have different intentions that may be more self-centered.

And that’s what we’re going to talk around today.

If you’re wondering, “What walk it mean when a guy says the thinks around you,” this short article will give you some insight. That will provide you v a couple of possible answers and also explanations, for this reason please try to uncover the one that finest fits your case.


He provides it together an ice-breaker for staying out of contact

Oftentimes, a male who’s quit talking come a girl because that a while doesn’t know exactly how to casually begin a conversation with her again. He’s too afraid the she’s lost all respect for him and also that she’s walking to refuse him if the tries to success her over.

But since he feel a strong urge to speak to her and also wants to know where she stands through him, the musters increase the courage and also decides to use reverse psychology on the girl.

He tells she he’s to be thinking around her a lot and also that he’s been an interpretation to contact her—but the he couldn’t due to the fact that he’s been liven with assorted responsibilities, together as school or work.

Upon piquing the girl’s interest and also receiving her attention, the male then proceeds by apologizing and also reassuring her the it won’t occur again.

He walk this come portray himself in a light so bright the it melts the girl’s heart and also gets him another chance with her.

Something bad happened to him

You likely currently know the unhappiness is people’s greatest motivator. The forces civilization to make healthy and balanced adjustments and guides them towards happiness. All they need to be happy is an incentive to be happy (the desperation).

This is why a male who says he thinks around you, misses you, loves you, or cares around you might not be very honest with you. He could be make the efforts to do it seem together if it’s all about you and also your happiness, when it’s actually all about his.

He could be top top a mission to boost his happiness and also well-being, so salary close fist to the engine behind his actions.

It’s feasible that he recently gained dumped, hurt, bored, bankrupt, or lonely. Something/anything influenced his emotionally state because every activity demands a reaction.

It calls for some kind of feedback that encourages, stimulates, reassures, repairs, or boosts a person’s well-being.

So think about that for a minute and discern whether this guy’s actions are selfish or selfless. If they’re selfish, he demands you a lot much more than you require him together he lacks the an individual strength and capability to be content in life.

You’re his ticket to success.

He desires sex

Let’s face it. Over there are males on this earth who sugar-coat whatever they say to ladies simply to show up nice and also friendly. Such guys, of course merely show up that way.

They don’t intend to continue to be in girls’ resides for very long due to the fact that there’s naught convincing them to stay. Castle don’t have actually their priorities straight and lack the ethical values come tell best from wrong.

All together wicked men are ~ are fast sexual gratifications that can potentially an increase their ego and also improve their short-term well-being.

So if girlfriend come throughout guys who barely know you, compliment you because that no noticeable reason, and also come flying into your life choose a speeding bullet, advanced a red flag.

Be wary of your intentions because of this guys have tendency to ricochet out of girls’ lives the minute they obtain what they want.

They don’t care around girls’ feelings at all. Their actions room all around them.

He feeling guilty for hurting you

Dumpees (people who obtain dumped by your partner) regularly receive breadcrumbs from their ex-partner.

They get messages together as, “I miss you, i hope you don’t hate me, i will constantly love you…” but such message aren’t constantly as transparent together they appear. They tend to have a deeper, much more cryptic meaning.

Although it’s feasible that dumpers (those who execute the dumping) genuinely miss out on their exes, it’s highly likely that they remorse their poor actions even more.

They hate how they behaved ~ the breakup, for this reason they reach the end in order come evoke some sort of reaction from your ex.

If they get a heartbroken, forgiving reaction, they increase their karma and feel much better about your image. They’re may be to move on in peace.

And if they obtain a nasty reaction, they tend to obtain negatively empowered, frustrated, or enraged—and no much longer regret your actions. Your dumpee help them remove guilt.

There are also some dumpees who intentionally shot to make their dumper ex feel guilty. They perform this through begging and also pleading, professing their feelings, apologizing, and also accusing.

But guilt, unfortunately, isn’t dumpees’ ally as it doesn’t occupational the way dumpees think it does. It works counterintuitively as it tends to defeat dumpers that no longer care around their dumpees.

Conversely, it may sometimes occupational on dumpers that still possess part romantic feelings towards their exes. Yet such dumpers have tendency to leaving the moment they’ve dealt with guilt

Guilt, unfortunately, is a dreadful feeling—and those that care around their photo don’t favor to feel it. They want to eliminate it as conveniently as possible.

That’s why the male saying the thinks about you may be trying to eliminate guilt so that he can enjoy his life through a clean conscience.

He’s been thinking around the great times v you

If it’s been a while because you and the male in question spoke and he tells you the thinks about you, he likely feels nostalgic about you.

He more than likely remembers the top quality time he invested with you—and as a result, values and also respects you together a person.

That’s why a confession from a guy such as, “I’ve to be thinking about you a lot” usually means one thing. It means that the likes you together a person and also that he wants to proceed to get to recognize you.

It’s definitely a great sign.

However, if the male never quit talking come you and also he confesses come you all of a sudden, he’s most likely expressing his feelings come you and also wants to see just how you’ll react.

If you reciprocate his feelings, he’ll most likely use the possibility to take your relationship to the next stage.

He’ll plan more 1-on-1 tasks with you and also date you.

When a guy says he loves you but you’re not dating

Some insecure males spill your hearts the end to the girl they choose out of are afraid that the girl will certainly find and also date who else and abandon them.

What such males need to establish is that they’re gift needy. They’re trying come charge right into a relationship simply to secure their spot and also extort the girl’s love.

And that’s something girl don’t like. They desire to recognize they have romantic feelings for the human being prior come committing to him. They have actually respect because that themselves.

So if you’re not dating however a man tells you he loves you, my advice is to reassure him the there’s no need to rush. Tell him you’d prefer to get to understand him before you make any kind of rash decisions.

How come respond once a guy says he’s been thinking about you?

If you newly hung out v a guy and he says he’s to be thinking around you a lot, he most likely has actually a to like on you.

He’s indirectly telling you how he feels around you since wants to recognize if you feeling the same method about him.

If you do, permit him understand you’ve been thinking around him too and also that you gain his company.

And if girlfriend don’t, you may want to let him down gently and also tell him the you watch yourself being an excellent friends v him.

Basically, check out if he’ll resolve for friendship.

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Do friend now recognize what it way when a male says the thinks about you? did you find your answer? If you did, short article your realization below the post.