Forest Whitaker is a family man, married come Keisha Nash with 4 kids. Woodland Whitaker is recognized for his function in The Butler. To be you ever before in the middle of city hall a movie with woodland Whitaker play a duty and wanted to know what to be up with forest Whitaker eye? the suffers indigenous a hereditary problem known together Ptosis. Ptosis is a drooping the the upper eyelid. Ptosis is also known as lazy eye.


CausesPtosis have the right to be caused by a number of factors that influence the muscles, nerves, or skin the the eyelids. The levator muscle (the muscle that allows your eyelid to relocate up and also down) can end up being weaken because of injury or age. Horner syndrome can likewise contribute come ptosis.

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Dropping the one or both eyelidsIncreased tearingImpaired vision


Patients should be monitored every 3-12 months for indications of amblyopia as result of congenital ptosis.Patients can get blepharoplasty surgery to treat the drooping eye.

When asked around his eye, woodland doesn’t shy away from the topic in ~ all. “My eye? It’s a genetic thing. My dad had actually it and now I have actually it,” explains Forest. “You know, i just discovered out the it might be correctable a tiny bit, because it does impair my vision. As soon as I watch up, I shed sight in this eye. Ns think possibly for other people, it informs the way they view me. Yet I don’t yes, really think about this eye, other than the times civilization talk around it, or when human being take photographs that me periodically they could say stuff around it. Ns don’t think it renders me look poor or anything. It simply is. I still effort to affix with people.”

“It’s essential to me to attach with people, with feelings,” Whitaker continues. “That’s always been a goal in my work. In the beginning, that was the factor I was doing it, to discover some link with everyone, not as a movie star, but to uncover something in a character that would connect, the was component of the spirit that we’re all linked to. I don’t think around it in terms favor that anymore, but I know I’m still guided to those kinds of projects, and I’ll always be guided to them. I’m not attracted to anything the doesn’t have to do with genuine relationships. I prefer fantasy, I favor myth, and also to me myth is even an ext connected to our core.”

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