"There’s no other method for me to job-related than the method I do, since our entirety system requirements tremendous concentration. Because of this if you’re really concentrating, you display very small emotion at all. I think as shortly as a human breaks his concentration together an athlete he loses his effectiveness."

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Thomas go Landry. . .Noted for impassive, sideline demeanor. . . Perfected flex defense, many offense, revived shotgun (spread) offense. . .29-year tenure with one team tied NFL record. . .Career record: 270-178-6. . .270 wins third most ever. . .Had 20 directly winning seasons, five NFC titles, two Super bowl wins. . . Protective back, punter through Yankees (AAFC), Giants (NFL), 1949-1955. . .Born September 11, 1924, in Mission, Texas . . .Died February 12, 2000, at period of 75.


Tom Landry Dallas Cowboys

"There’s no other way for me to occupational than the way I do, because our totality system needs tremendous concentration. Therefore if you’re yes, really concentrating, you present very tiny emotion at all. Ns think as quickly as a human being breaks his concentration together an athlete he loser his effectiveness."

Tom Landry was selected together the head coach once the Dallas Cowboys started their very first National Football organization season in 1960. He stayed in that capacity for 29 seasons until new ownership choose for new field management after the 1988 campaign.

At the time of his retirement, just George Halas, that coached the Chicago Bears because that 40 years, gone beyond his 29-year tenure v one club. It take it Landry a couple of years to develop his young society into contender status but, as soon as he did, the Cowboys took pleasure in exceptional success for an ext than 2 decades.

The Cowboys under Landry had actually their first winning season and also their very first NFL eastern Conference championship in 1966. Lock didn"t fall listed below .500 again till 1986. During that period, Landry"s teams had actually 20 straight winning seasons, 13 divisional championship, 5 NFC titles and also victories in supervisor Bowls VI and XII. The Cowboys also played in at sight Bowls V, X and also XIII.

His consistent season career document is 250-162-6 and his document counting playoffs is 270-178-6. Only Halas and also Don Shula optimal his 270 career wins. Landry gained a reputation together a an excellent technical innovator, as well as an inspirational leader. He introduced the "flex defense" and also "multiple offense" in the 1960s. In the 1970s, the restructured the "shotgun" or "spread" offense and, in the 1980s, he embraced and helped develop the "situation substitution" concept of handling his player talent.

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Landry was an excellent player in the pros. He was a protective back, punter and kick returner v the 1949 brand-new York Yankees in the All-America football Conference and also with the brand-new York Giants in the NFL between 1950 and also 1955. He taped 32 job interceptions and also had a 40.9-yard punting average. He served the Giants together a player-coach in 1954 and 1955 before becoming a full-time protective coach native 1956 come 1959.