When it comes to technical creation in the background of videotaped music, specific names top any kind of serious list: cutting board Edison (invented the recorder and phonograph 1878 ); Leo Fender (electric etc ); Les Paul ( multi-track recording ); Ray Dolby (noise palliation ); Robert Moog (the synthesizer ). But as Beatles producer George Martin verified by recording and producing Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts society Band top top only four tracks, it is human creative thinking which drives technology, no the other method around. Simon and also Garfunkel are attributed to have an initial used Moog’s contraption in 1968 ~ above the song “Save the Life of mine Child” from Bookends, and the impact was truly startling, yet Moog’s synthesizer was massive, balky, and also could just generate one keep in mind at a time therefore it to be incapable of play a chord.

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Meanwhile about the same time, a young American in London named Gary Wright was the key-board player/ songwriter for the otherwise British band Spooky this ( which contained a pre-Foreigner Mick Jones), and also used Wright’s call there come play on Beatle George Harrison‘s landmark 1970 solo album All Things must Pass. After two attempts in ~ Spooky Tooth v very restricted success, Gary wright by 1975 went back to his native new Jersey through a grasp of songs and an idea come arrange them through only electronic keyboard, organ, and synthesizer because that his 3rd solo album, The Dream Weaver.

Wright determined a bold pioneering effort which had never to be attempted prior to then, through spectacular outcomes from the songs “Love Is Alive”,”Made come Love You”,”Blind Feeling”,”Much Higher”,”Power of Love” (the only song to include electrical guitar, courtesy the Ronnie Montrose), and also the million-selling struggle “Dream Weaver”.

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Sign up with Gary Wright here in a an extremely rare In the Studio classic rock interview to mark Dream Weaver‘s Summer 1975 release. –Redbeard