High institution Football rules Guidebook for Fans 

(Includes Wisconsin adaptations because that overtime)

Just 5 officials comprise most high school football games, quite than the seven in college and the NFL. That transforms in the postseason because that high school, when teams reach the semifinals and finals, as soon as the number moves up to seven. Public official include: referee, umpire, head linesman, line judge and also the ago judge.

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— In high school, the attack play clock is set at 25 seconds between plays. It is comparable to the college game and NFL, despite both additionally use the 40 2nd clock indigenous the finish of the previous play.

— on extra points and also two-point conversions in high school, if the defense intercepts a pass, blocks the kick and or recovers a fumble, the pat is dead. They deserve to not return the sphere for 2 points the other way, uneven college and also the NFL.

— The term ‘uncatchable’ as soon as it’s introduce to a happen thrown to a receiver, and pass interference is called, isn’t in reality a thing in high school. Over there is no such point as ‘uncatchable ball’ once there is illegal contact. It’s PI either method and a 15 garden penalty.

— All an individual foul penalties do not an outcome in an automatic first down in high school, unequal college and also the NFL. In high school, the 15 garden penalty in most cases results in a an initial down, however with an ext than 15 yards come go, the not always the case. The just penalties that instantly move the sticks to first down include: roughing the passer, roughing the kicker, roughing the snapper and also roughing the holder (basically don’t touch anyone associated in the kick).

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— Most recognize this one in high school, though some might not: whenever a kickoff or punt breaks the airplane of the goal line in high school, that a dead ball. Players deserve to not operation a kick out of the endzone.

— now here’s one you likely didn’t know. If a long ar goal attempt come up short and goes the end of bounds within the 10-yard line it’s treated as with a punt in high school, place the opposing team wherein it walk out, rather than wherein the kick was made. Granted, that would need to be some type of a shanked kick.

— because that a capture in the NFL, it’s 2 feet down. For high school and college, it’s simply one foot required to come down in bounds. There’s also no ‘force out’ ascendancy in high school.

— as soon as it comes to intentional ground connection in high school, over there is no such point as the ‘tackle box.’ If the quarterback desires to throw the round away, there need to be an default receiver in the general area. If the QB is out of the pocket and gets rid of the ball to empty space, passed the line of scrimmage, it does not typical intentional grounding isn’t warranted.

— for there to be a running clock in high school, a team have to be front by 35 point out or much more in the 2nd half. The clock will certainly run continuously other than during: a timeout, an injury, administering a penalty and after a score. If the allude total is then decreased to much less than 35 points, the clock will revert back to common timing.


Note: at the start of the fourth quarter, if the margin falls below 35 points, the running clock will certainly continue.


FOOTBALL 25-YARD heat OVERTIME PROCEDUREWIAA ADAPTATION that the NCAA football 25-YARD heat OVERTIME PROCEDURENote: In the message that follows the native “inning” is offered but alternating wording is provided in the square brackets “< >.”

OVERVIEWThe 25-yard line overtime procedure to settle tied games embraced by the Wisconsin Interscholastic strong Association because that the 2011 football season and beyond incorporates aspects of the NCAA tie breaker device modified come comply through football rules released by the nationwide Federation the State High school Associations.HIGHLIGHTSHighlights of the WIAA adaptation the the collegiate method to resolve gamings tied at the end of regulation play room as follows:● one inning is composed of two half-innings with each team putting the sphere in play together the offensive team.● each team is provided the possibility to score points.● The round is placed in play from the opponent’s 25-yard line, an initial down and 10 yards to go.● some penalties can relocate the sphere from the 25-yard line to begin play in one overtime period.● Penalties for fouls by the opponents of the scoring team on the critical timed down of the second half do not carry over to overtime play.● Penalties for fouls by either team ~ the regulation video game has ended can be implemented at the begin of overtime play.● throughout each fifty percent inning , the designations “Team A” and “Team B” space used, even for kicking situations.● over there is just one coin toss no matter how countless innings are played.● The defensive team (Tea B) have the right to score–the ball remains live if team possession changes during a down.● The video game clock is not used.● The 25-second timing rule for the snap go apply.● every team is allowed only one timeout per overtime inning .● start with the 3rd inning ; teams need to attempt two-point tries ~ scoring touchdowns. One-point (kick) tries deserve to be attempted however no points deserve to be scored.● If the defensive team (Team B) scores, the video game is over and also the shot is no attempted.● The offensive team (Team A) may not have the sphere for a new series (first and also 10) if the again possesses the football after ~ a change of team possession during the same half inning.● A team can attempt a ar goal on any play native scrimmage and scrimmage absent rules apply, other than that write-up scrimmage absent enforcement actions do not apply.● The try after a touchdown is not attempted if the winner the the game has been determined.● nationwide Federation football playing rules space used during overtime innings , although part exceptions apply.NCAA rules on overtime play (“innings”) <(“extra periods”)> space covered in NCAA rule 3-1-3.2DEFINITIONSThe native “inning” is offered for the set of extra duration overtime plays in which every team is given the possibility to score.Therefore, the team the is on offense an initial in the overtime collection does so at the “top the the inning” and also the team the is ~ above offense second puts the round in play in ~ the “bottom of the inning.”The word “inning” is supplied to minimization the variety of words supplied to explain the overtime periods, such as “the very first team on offense” and also “the offense’s collection of downs.” In addition, the native “series” and also “period” have actually distinct meanings when used in the paper definition of the regulation video game (see rule 1-1-2 and 3-1-3, respectively). There is historic criterion for the use of the word “inning.” The 1881 rules for the climate evolving video game of football called for two innings the fifteen minutes to be play to deal with tied games.

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RULES1. Break AFTER REGULATION PLAY.Immediately ~ the conclusion the the fourth period of the regulation game, officials will certainly instruct both teams to retire to their respective team areas. The officials will certainly assemble at the 50-yard line and review the tie breaker procedures.Officials will certainly escort respective team captains come the facility of the field for the coin toss.2. FOULS v PENALTIES THAT bring OVER come OVERTIME PLAY.Fouls committed by either team after the fourth duration of the regulation game has ended might be enforced at the prospering spot to begin an overtime inning .Fouls through the enemy of a team that scores a ar goal to tie the score or scores ~ above a try to tie the score throughout the critical timed under of the second fifty percent could bring over come overtime play.On downs that extend the fourth duration fouls through the foe of a team that scores a field goal to tie the score or scores top top a try to tie the score could lug over come overtime play.3. FOULS v PENALTIES THAT do NOT carry OVER to OVERTIME PLAY.Fouls by the opponents of the team the scores a touchdown on the last timed under of the second half do no carryover to overtime play.4. Win TEAM.The team scoring the greater number of points throughout the regulation game and also overtime innings is declared to it is in the winner. The try is not attempted complying with a touchdown the is scored when the win team is determined in the second half of an inning .5. BREAK in between SUBSEQUENT OVERTIME INNINGS .Overtime innings resume as soon as feasible after finish innings end. Captains’ alternatives are exercised instantly after the inning ends..6. TEAM TIME-OUTS.Each team is licensed has been granted to one time-out for each overtime full inning . Time-outs no used throughout regulation periods might not be brought over into overtime play. Unused overtime time-outs might not be carried over to other extra periods. Time-outs taken between overtime innings are charged come the doing well overtime inning.37. RADIO and also TELEVISION TIMEOUTS.Radio and television timeouts are allowed only in between full innings that overtime play.8. First COIN TOSS.Officials escort no much more than 4 captains from each team to the center of the ar for the coin toss. The referee tosses the coin after ~ instructing captains the their choices and determining which captain that the visiting team will speak to the autumn of the coin. The alternatives for the winner of toss space the following:● offense or defense, with the offense to start at the opponent’s 25-yard line because that the an initial half-inning .● designate which end of the field for the first full inning that play.The winner of the toss might not defer his choice. The loser of the toss then exercises the remaining choice for the an initial inning .9. TOSS an option OPTIONS FOR succeeding OVERTIME INNINGS.There is only one coin toss, no matter how countless overtime innings room played.The loser the the coin toss because that the first overtime inning has actually the first choice the the two options for subsequent also numbered innings . The winner that the coin toss for the an initial overtime inning has the an initial choice the the two alternatives for the strange numbered innings .10. OVERTIME INNINGS .Each team will placed the ball in pat by a scrimmage snap native its opponent’s 25-yard line throughout its fifty percent inning . The snap shall be from midway between the inbounds lines uneven a captain of the attack team, before the ready for pat signal, selects a different ball place for the very first play from scrimmage.To start a half-inning a team has the choice to relocate the ball between the inbounds lines after ~ a fee team timeout uneven a foul by Team A or a twin foul precedes the timeout.11. TEAM HALF-INNINGS .Each team maintain the ball throughout a half inning until:● the scores, or● It stops working to make a very first down, or● Team possession transforms during a down so the Team A is no in possession that the round at the end of the down.● Team possession transforms during a down so that even if Team A is in possession that the sphere at the finish of the under it has not scored.12. Continuing A collection OF DOWNS.The offensive team because that any fifty percent inning shall be awarded a new series that downs when any of the following events occurs:● The penalty for a roughing the passer foul is accepted.● The penalty for a roughing the snapper foul is accepted.● The penalty because that a roughing the kicker foul is accepted.● The penalty for a foul for roughing the holder of scrimmage absent is accepted.● The attack team recovers a ar goal attempt in between the score lines after ~ the kicked ball has actually been touched beyond the neutral zone by a protective team player.4The offensive team (Team A) might not have actually the sphere for a brand-new series (first and also 10) if that again possesses the football ~ a change of team possession throughout the same half inning. The is, ~ Team A loses possession that the ball throughout a half-inning, it may not again have actually the ball, very first and 10)13. INADVERTENT WHISTLE.When an inadvertent horn is sound after Team B gains possession, the under is ended and is not replayed unless a foul that was committed before the adjust of team possession calls for that the down be replayed through Team A snapping the ball.14. TIMING.The game clock is not used.However, the beat clock is used and Team A should snap the ball from scrimmage within 25 seconds after the ball has actually been declared ready for play.15. Write-up SCRIMMAGE kick ENFORCEMENT.Post scrimmage absent enforcement measures are no applicable in overtime innings . Fouls through the protective team top top scrimmage kicks (i.e., ar goal attempts) are implemented from the vault spot with Team A retaining the ball.16. RULES throughout PLAY.National Federation rules used throughout regulation play use during overtime innings ,except:● The 25-yard overtime procedure is used.● post scrimmage absent enforcement procedures do not apply.● rule 10-4-2c Exc. And 10-5-1j execute not apply17. FOULS before A readjust OF TEAM POSSESSION during A half INNING.Fouls committed by one of two people team or through both teams prior to team possession has adjusted during a down are applied as per nationwide Federation rules. Fouls through both teams prior to team possession has changed are “double fouls.”18. FOULS after A change OF TEAM POSSESSION during A fifty percent INNING.Fouls that take place after Team B benefit possession room penalized as follows:● after a change of team possession during a half inning distance penalties for fouls by either team are decreased by rule.● Dead sphere fouls, live sphere fouls penalized together dead ball fouls, and also flagrant fouls are applied from the doing well spot.● A score is canceled by a team that commits a foul throughout the down.● The down is not replayed if twin fouls occur, no matter whether one or both fouls occur after Team B gains possession.19. SCORING.The offensive team can score a touchdown, convert a try, score a ar goal and score via a safety.The protective team can score via a touchdown or safety.5Beginning with the 3rd inning teams need to attempt two-point tries after scoring touchdowns–one-point (kick) tries have the right to be attempted however no points deserve to be scored.Beginning v the fifth extra period, a team possession collection will be one play because that a two-point try from the threeyard line, uneven relocated by penalty.Overtime pat SituationsDuring the optimal of the inning, Team A’s field goal attempt is blocked and also does not cross the neutral zone. Team A recovers the ball and also runs for a touchdown. RULING: 6 points for Team A. Team B begins its half inning ~ the try.Team A’s ar goal attempt is blocked and also does no cross the neutral zone. A1 recovers the ball and also is tackled beyond the heat to gain. RULING: Team A retains the round to proceed its half inning. First and 10.On first, second or 3rd down, Team A’s ar goal attempt is blocked and does no cross the neutral zone. A1 recovers the ball and is tackled short of the line to gain. RULING: Team A’s ball, following down.During the optimal of the inning, Team B benefit possession and then loses possession to Team A, i m sorry (a) scores a touchdown;(b) does not score a touchdown. RULING: (a) The score counts and Team A will certainly attempt the try. In (b), Team A’s fifty percent inning ends and also Team B begins its fifty percent inning. NOTE: previously it was stated that in (a) Team A would not have actually the chance toattempt a try which has been updated.During the peak of the inning, Team A fumbles right into Team B’s end zone. Team B recovers and also downs the ball in its end zone.RULING: Team A’s half inning is ended. Team B starts its half inning.During the top of the inning, B1 intercepts a forward happen on his six-yard line and also downs the ball in his finish zone. RULING:Safety: 2 points for Team A. Team A’s half inning is over. Team B will put the round in play, an initial and 10 ~ above the 25-yard line at the same end of the field.Team A’s field goal attempt is untouched past the neutral zone till B1 muffs it at the five-yard line. A2 recovers in ~ thethree-yard line. RULING: Team A’s fifty percent inning continues; an initial down for Team A at the three-yard line.In the an initial half inning, Team A scores a touchdown. ~ above the try, Team B intercepts a pass or recovers a Team A fumble.RULING: The round is declared dead as soon as Team B profit possession on a try. Team B starts its half inning at the 25-yard line.After the finish of the an initial half inning by Team A, Team B commits a dead-ball foul. RULING: Team B beginning its fifty percent inning on the 40-yard line, first and 10.During the height of the inning, A1 throws a forward pass and Team A is flagged for an illegal shift. B2 intercepts the pass, and B3 clips prior to B2 crosses Team A’s goal line. RULING: Score not allowed. The fouls offset and the down is not repeated.Team A’s half inning is ended, and Team B starts its half inning at the 25-yard line. The penalty is not carried over.During the peak of the inning, B1 intercepts a pass and also carries the ball throughout Team A’s score line. Throughout the run, B2 clips in ~ midfield. RULING: No touchdown. Team A’s fifty percent inning is ended, and also Team B starts its half inning in ~ the 25-yard line. Thepenalty is not brought over.During the very first half inning A1 has a clear ar to the score line once he renders an venomous gesture towards the nearest opponent. RULING: The score counts but A1 need to be flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct. If Team B choose to have actually the penalty enforced on the try, Team A will certainly snap indigenous the 18-yard line. If Team B chooses to have actually the penalty imposed at the start of its half inning, Team B starts its half inning on the 12 1/2-yard line, an initial and 10.Play: On fourth down in the “top that the very first inning” of overtime, K has actually the ball on the 20-yard line and also lines up because that a ar goal attempt. K1 is referred to as for holding in ~ the 25 yardline. The absent is (a) successful, or (b) unsuccessful. Ruling: In (a), R will acceptthe penalty, which is applied from the clues of the foul.

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