Talk about ridiculousness! MTV hold Rob Dyrdek has been in the entertainment market for a long time, beginning off together a experienced skateboarder together a teenager. Over time, he ended up being a fact TV mogul, launching Rob & Big in 2006, Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory in 2009 and also Ridiculousness in 2011.

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Rob & Big aired i was 32 years old,” the Ohio native, 47, said during the Monday, July 19, episode of to ~ Media’s “Trading Secrets” podcast. “I to be looking in ~ it as a platform. Ns then witnessed what I obtained from the platform. I knew how poor they wanted me to execute a show. Ns was probably getting $35K an episode of Rob & Big, and they offered me $125K an illustration to carry out a 4th season that Rob & Big or do another show.”

When Dyrdek offered Fantasy Factory to MTV, he focused on do it around his businesses.


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“I would just do the present if ns owned the integration. There was a little pushback beginning to happen, for this reason they provided me mine integration. Now, I marketed deals to Chevy, Microsoft. I offered all my own deals that I wrote episodes roughly for the television show,” the athlete said. “I did all of that through owning that platform. Back then, ns was do $125K an episode — which to be pretty unmatched from a talent fee perspective — however I to be making millions due to the fact that I own the platform.”

Fantasy Factory aired native 2009 to 2015. However, two years right into his 2nd show, the pitched Ridiculousness, which currently airs virtually around the clock ~ above MTV and also MTV2.

“That’s when I originally sold them Ridiculousness — during the third season that Rob & Big,” the said, after ~ reading around how much money America’s Funniest house Videos was making. “I was like, ‘I’m gonna do the faster, cooler version of that.’ and that’s all us did. When we walk the first pitch, we simply took America’s Funniest home Videos, took out all the fat, and then i stood in there with the pitch through an Xbox controller.”

The network purchase the display on the point out — and also then it came time because that negotiations.



“They would just pay me $35,000 an illustration to execute Ridiculousness, and then they available me the $125,000. And also then as soon as I acquired the integration rights, climate I’m like, ‘I’m just gonna perform this due to the fact that I deserve to just make millions doing this,"” the producer said. “A couple year later, they to be like, ‘Can we carry out this one again?’ and also then I was able to get means more money based on the success the what had actually happened through Fantasy Factory and now this would certainly be my third show v them.”

He additionally went on to explain what integration rights are, detailing commodities that were strategically put in the show.

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“In the past, it would be a Coca-Cola cup top top the American Idol judges counter. It ended up being inauthentic. Really, what ns did the was unprecedented, since I composed every episode and completely produced and also controlled the show, I might now write whole story lines roughly businesses and also products and also companies i’m creating and partnerships the I would certainly do,” Dyrdek said. “Basically every illustration was an integrated story roughly a company I own or a firm I did a partnership for to be in the show.”

So, just how does he spend his money? Well, the Wild Grinders creator own a $15,000 meditation pod the he sit in for 20 minute every single morning at 5 a.m. And visualizes his future. He also tracks his time down to the hour with qualitative and quantitative data and also “gamified” that to make it an ext fun.

“I’ve constructed all these systems to allow my whole life to it is in this whole machine. … ns shoot 250 episodes of television a year. I track every day every one of my time. Every hour that a job is tracked and has a tag and it pumps into a dashboard that how precisely I’ve invested my time,” the extraterrestrial Workshop owner continued. “I live a perfectly well balanced life, wherein I invest 32 percent of mine time sleeping, 32 percent of the time working and about 30 percent with my family and wife and also friends. totally balanced by architecture life. Those 250 episodes, a year in television is 4 percent the my full time that the year.”

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