When penny feels down on she luck, Sheldon introduces her to online gaming. ~ Penny finds herself addicted come the virtual world, Sheldon regrets the monster he"s created.

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Guest Stars: Mark Hames together Tom, Tyler J. Olson together Blaine

Writers: Nikki Lorre (Story), Steven Molaro (Teleplay), Eric Kaplan (Teleplay)

Director: Mark Cendrowski


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Sheldon: fellow warriors, this is Sheldor the Conqueror. Us are around to get in Atzel"s fortress. Now, this is a lengthy run, for this reason let"s do an additional bladder check. Every right, Barry, we"ll wait because that you again, however you really must see a doctor.

Raj: What"s through him?Leonard: penny is keeping him up in ~ night.Howard: Me too. However probably in a various way.

Sheldon gets distracted indigenous playing period of Conan as soon as he nears noises coming from the hallway. He goes the end to discover Penny struggling to gain into her apartment after she accidentally used her automobile keys to open up the door. Penny describes her frustrations to Sheldon, who invites her right into his apartment to wait until the locksmith arrives. As soon as Sheldon return to his game, penny is interested to check out what he"s doing and also has him explain the video game to her.

Penny is shortly obsessed v the game and also starts troubling Sheldon for advice, even going right into his bedroom at night for assistance. When Sheldon access time his boss to mediate a problem with Leslie Winkle, Penny"s call for assist proves inopportune because that Sheldon. Sheldon asks Leonard for help to get Penny off his back, for this reason Leonard goes end to watch Penny. An unkempt coin dismisses Leonard"s arguments, therefore he ventures to the online human being to try talk come Penny. Tho unwilling come hear Leonard"s arguments, Queen Penelope chops off online Leonard"s head.

Leslie Winkle viewpoints the men in the cafeteria and also upon hearing about Penny"s gaming addiction, suggests she"s probably compensating because that her lack of a sex life. Sheldon accepts Leslie"s hypothesis and also sets out to discover Penny a mate, asking the male at the next table because that his call number. Sheldon access time Penny and tricks her right into answering questions so the can collection up an online dating profile because that her.

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Leonard return to the apartment to find an additional guy, Tom, there. Sheldon defines he was established as a good match because that Penny by a date site. However, when a scruffy coin arrives in ~ the apartment, Tom isn"t interested together she look at nothing favor her picture. Later, Howard"s character, sir Howard that Wolowitz, invites coin on a quest. As soon as Penny realizes she"s simply agreed to invest virtual time through Howard, she ultimately understands she needs help.