As a convex lens develops different species of images relying on the position of object, an in similar way a concave lens additionally forms different types of images when the object is inserted at

1. At infinity 2. In between infinity and optical centre

1. Formation of image by a concave lens when the thing is placed at infinity

When an item is put at infinity, the 2 rays AO and BD running parallel to the principal axis get refracted at allude O and D respectively and also get diverged follow me the directions OX and also DY respectively. These diverged rays i.e. OX and also DY shows up to crossing each various other at the principal emphasis of the concave lens ~ extending ago by dotted lines. Therefore, in instance of concave lens once the object is placed at infinity the photo is formed at the major focus, highly reduced (point sized), virtual and erect.

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Why concave lens is referred to as diverging lens?

A concave lens is dubbed diverging lens since of its capability to diverge a parallel beam that light.


2. When the thing is placed in between infinity and also optical centre

When an object abdominal is placed between infinity and also optical center of a concave lens, a ray of irradiate AO i beg your pardon is parallel to the primary axis diverges along the direction OX after ~ refraction and appears to come from the principal focus F along the direction OF. When the other ray of irradiate AC goes directly through the optical centre C the the concave lens without any deviation along the direction CY. Together it is clear from the figure (given below) that both the refracted rays i.e. OX and also CY space diverging in nature, so this rays show up to crossing each other at suggest A’ ~ above the left next of the lens on developing back. Hence, the photo A’B’ developed in this instance is a virtual image which is created at the exact same side of the lens, between the optical centre and also focus. Additionally the image formed is diminished and also erect.


Table of summary of Image created by a Concave Lens

S No.Position that ObjectPosition the ImageSize of ImageNature that Image
1.At infinityAt the focusHighly diminished, suggest sizedVirtual and erect
2.Between the infinity and also optical centreBetween focus and also optical centreDiminishedVirtual and also erect

Differences between a Convex Lens and also a Concave Lens

S No.Convex lensConcave lens
1.A convex lens is special in the middle and thin at the edges.A concave lens is slim in the middle and also thick in ~ the edges.
2.It is converging in nature.It is diverging in nature.
3.A convex lens has a actual focus.A concave lens has actually a online image.
4.It is used for convey of hypermetropia and presbyopia.

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It is supplied for correction of myopia.