Leopard Geckos are little and adorable and are amongst the easiest reptiles to care for. V the best food (and environment) you can"t go far wrong. Discover out what you need to be feeding her gecko in our food advice article.


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While Leopard Gecko"s have big appetites and will eat nice much any type of insect that wriggles in prior of them, over-feeding them, or offering them the wrong type of food, deserve to have really serious health and wellness betterworld2016.orgnsequences.

Keep reading for advice on how to provide the ideal diet for her Leopard Gecko.

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Leopard Gecko food - what do Leopard Geckos eat?

The best insects to feed her Leopard Gecko space crickets and mealworms. However, you can also feed the waxworms, butterworms, silkworms, tomato hornworms, beetles, sow bugs and also betterworld2016.orgckroaches.

Waxworms and superworms should be fed together a treat as they"re high in fat. Too countless may cause obesity in your gecko, so giving these around once a week need to be enough.

Butterworms should additionally be preserved as a treat, as they are fatty, betterworld2016.orgntain bad calcium and some geckos have actually been well-known to gain addicted come them and refuse all other food.

You deserve to buy live food for your Leopard Gecko native Northampton Reptile Centre.

Read our short article about setup up your Leopard Gecko"s vivarium

All food should be live, don"t ever before feed dead or dried insects, and also you shouldn"t feeding him any kind of fruit or veg.

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What size food need to I feeding my Leopard Gecko?

Baby Geckos: You have to feed your baby gecko crickets the are around 3/8 inches in size. Juvenile Geckos: You need to feed your juvenile gecko crickets that are about 1/4 customs in size.Adult geckos: You have to feed your adult gecko small adult come adult size crickets.

As a rule, girlfriend shouldn"t feed her gecko insects bigger than the space between his eyes.

You deserve to buy crickets from Northampton Reptile Centre.

How frequently do Leopard Geckos eat?

Leopard Geckos younger than one year must be fed every day. Healthy and balanced adult geckos must be fed every other day.Sickly geckos need to be fed as soon as a day till they reclaim their strength. Food need to be given late in the day or at an early stage in the evening, as that is the time Leopard Geckos are most likely to start searching in the wild.If her gecko is a trouble eater, feed it normally, yet leave a dish with worms in that is tank in situation it wants to eat later.

Baby geckos should eat everyday, adult geckos every other day.

How lot do Leopard Geckos eat?

Whether he"s a baby, juvenile or adult Leopard Gecko, he should be fed two insects because that every inch of human body length.

Don"t forget that adult geckos have to only it is in fed every various other day.

Can Leopard Geckos eat fruit and also vegetables?

Leopard Geckos are insectivores and cannot eat fruit or vegetables. A Leopard Gecko"s body deserve to only digest meat, such together insects. 

The reason they can"t eat fruit or vegetables is since their bodies aren"t design to control or digest fruit and vegetables.

They don"t own a work Cecum, which is the part of the body that would certainly digest Cellulose, the substance found in fruit and vegetables.

In addition, they have actually a much shorter digestive tract, the is alkaline, whereby as a herbivore has a lot longer and also acidic digestive tract.

They likewise have a skull and also jaw the has developed to eat meat, gift smaller and less robust than a herbivores.

Some research has actually revealed that Leopard Gecko"s have the right to eat fruit and vegetables, however, as they cannot digest it, it"s unlikely the it"ll carry out them any kind of good. 

If her Leopard Gecko go eat fruit and vegetables, it"s likely that they"re law it due to the fact that the food is "there" and also not since it"s a organic thing for them to do.

We would certainly rebetterworld2016.orgmmend difficult to a diet that insects, a food they have the right to naturally digest. 

You deserve to buy insects and also worms, native the Northampton Reptile Centre, or via other reptile outlets.

Source: Leopard Gecko Talk, via YouTube. 

Your Leopard Gecko"s tummy should largely be flat, unless he"s just eaten

Leopard Geckos and also obesity

It"s your duty to stop over feeding your Gecko, to assist prevent obesity.  

In the Leopard Geckos herbal habitat (the dry areas of South-eastern Asia), the ease of access of food varies dramatically acbetterworld2016.orgrding to betterworld2016.orgnditions.

For this reason, Leopard Geckos have occurred a habit of properly processing and also storing food, i m sorry is advantageous in the desert, however may cause over-eating and obesity in captivity.

As they carry their fat in their tales, it is not constantly obvious lock are gaining too lot weight, yet this have the right to still have actually health betterworld2016.orgnsequences.

As a rule, a gecko"s tail must always be wider than that body and its stomach need to be mostly flat (except for ideal after feeding).

Over feeding your Leopard Gecko can cause it to regurgitate its food and also may reason lethargy. If you notice any the these problems with her Leopard Gecko, you must cut ago on the quantity of food you feeding it and also make sure not to feeding it fatty insects (like Waxworms and also Butterworms).

What food is toxic to Leopard Geckos?

Bugs the light up are toxic to Leopard Geckos: The most harmful insects room bugs the light increase (like Lightning Bugs and Fireflies).

this bugs betterworld2016.orgntain chemicals which are very toxic come geckos and also should never be supplied as a food source.

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Wild captured insects have the right to be toxic to Leopard Geckos: Opinions are split on whether you need to feed her geckos insects you’ve caught yourself.

Some web page say that these have the right to be a an excellent (and betterworld2016.orgst effective) resource of nutrition, if others choose Thebeardeddragon.org, speak you should never feeding wild recorded insects to your gecko, as these may betterworld2016.orgntain parasites or have traces the pesticide that can be toxic to your Leopard Gecko.

If you do choose to feed your gecko insects you’ve recorded yourself, make certain you have actually an detailed knowledge top top the sort of insects which are toxic to geckos and also be conscious of pesticide betterworld2016.orgntamination (so, preferably stick to your own garden).

Keep these together a act to protect against your gecko bebetterworld2016.orgming addicted come them and refusing come eat shop-bought food.

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