Our tenants shouldn’t have to worry around making it to the write-up office on time or even if it is or not they’ll be at their office as soon as their packages arrive. betterworld2016.org gets rid of the hassle by providing mail and also delivery solutions in-house at room of the States, to aid tenants regulate their business much more efficiently. We carry out competitive rates with volume discounts because that a broad selection of services including:

Shipping the U.S. Mail and packagesFedEx and UPS parcel processingMessenger service for same day pickup and also deliveryInter-office mailLabel affixingProcessing mass mailings

Mail/Document shipment Schedule:

Drop off your mail at Suite 237B no later than the corresponding cut-off times below to ensure her mail is processed that same day.

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Cut-off TimeFinal Pick-upLocation
FedEx Express:
standard Airbill7:00 pmSuite 237B
Ground3:45 pm4:15 pmSuite 237B
UPS:3:00 pm3:30 pmSuite 237B
USPS Out-going Processed:3:45 pm4:30 pmSuite 237B
Messenger Service:Same day delivery available; speak to (202) 624-5490.
USPS just arrived Mail:Delivered everyday M-F.

Track her FedEx or UPS package:

For every outgoing FedEx and UPS packages, customers must retain their height copy of standard Airbills as soon as the package is processed because that tracking purposes. FedEx and UPS provide all just arrived packages straight to her office suite. If you room unavailable, as a courtesy betterworld2016.org will sign off on your small delivery and carry out you v a call.

If the Mailroom procedures your package, remember to request a copy that the tracking number if needed.

(Note: betterworld2016.org go not carry out package tracking ~ above First-class letter or just arrive business-related packages.)

Need a quote? have actually a special project?

Contact Val Ogora at This email resolve is being safeguarded from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to see it. Or (202) 624-5493.

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Need help processing a mass mailing or affixing labels?

For additional assistance, contact Lawrence Jones at This email address is being defended from spambots. You need JavaScript permitted to view it. Or (202) 624-5492. Prevent by suite 237 to speak with someone in person.