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COVID-19 has compelled every state come balance public safety with supporting local businesses. Florida, choose all states, has had a number of problems fighting the virus. It’s currently the state through the 4th highest variety of cases. So how have alcohol sales in Florida been affected by every one of this? check out on to uncover out just how on-premise alcohol sales took a fight while off-premise sales continued to increase.

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The overall numbersfor alcohol sales in Florida

Like every one of the united States, consisting of alcohol sales in Texas, Ohio, Indiana, and also North Carolina, alcohol sales in Florida have actually been influenced by the pandemic and also lockdown. According to the NIH, alcohol sales in Florida were up as much as 35.7% throughout the height months that the pandemic compared to prior averages because that those months. Also with on-premise sales closeup of the door down, as whole spirits sales were up. This was not the instance for wine and also beer sales i m sorry decreased considerably for a two-month duration during the pandemic. However, through September the 2020, spirits, wine, and also beer were every up considerably. 

Pandemic policy regarding alcohol sales in Florida

During a height of Florida COVID-19 situations in June the 2020, Florida suspended on-premise alcohol intake in bars. This specifically targeted any kind of vendors whose alcohol revenue totaled more than fifty percent of their total gross. However, those merchants were permitted to offer beverages in sealed containers for off-premise drinking while restaurants, on the various other hand, to be still enabled on-premises consumption. This suspension lasted for around a week and also by the an initial week the July, the order to be amended to permit any establishment licensed to offer food to sell alcohol. Those without a license to sell food to be still minimal to sealed off-premise sales.

Now the Florida has gotten in Phase 3 of your re-opening plan, which go into effect in September of 2020, every restaurants, bars and also nightclubs are allowed to operate at full capacity with limited social distancing protocols. However, keep in mind the local governments still have actually their own needs that might be stricter 보다 the state regulations.

Hours, locations and also taxes

As you can imagine, alcohol sales in Florida are impacted by a number of restrictions.

Generally speaking, alcohol is not enabled to be marketed in Florida between midnight and also 7 A.M. Of course, like a number of laws regarding alcohol, this can vary depending upon the county and municipality. Because that example, Miami-Dade county permits alcohol sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Generally, alcohol sales are allowed on Sundays, but, again, this can vary depending on local laws.

Beer and also wine are easily accessible from a variety of locations: supermarkets, gas stations, sleeve stores, etc. Spirits, however, space only obtainable from package stores.

Of course, there space taxes. Basic sales taxation in Florida is 6%. On peak of that, a variety of additional taxes come right into play for alcohol. Yes a taxation of $6.50 every gallon the spirits, $9.53 added for spirits end 55.78% alcohol, $.48 included to beer and $2.25 come wine ($3 if over 17.259% alcohol, $3.50 if sparkling). On peak of every one of that, hotels and motels can charge an additional 2%.

There’s an exciting legal loophole when it concerns what size of beer have the right to be offered in Florida. If beer can be offered in a 32-ounce container (or smaller) or 128 ounces or larger, it can not be offered in the range in between. This way 40 oz bottles or growlers of 64 ounces no legal. But purchasing much more than that amount (for example, 2 32 ounce growlers) is fine.

As for proceeding to offer alcohol to go in Florida, the going to be amazing to check out what the future holds for alcohol sales in Florida. Florida is among thirteen states that’s do the efforts to do drinks-to-go permanent. Client have end up being accustomed come ordering drink to go through their takeout, for this reason restricting this capacity post-pandemic could prove problematic.

Some changes will be essential to help bars and also restaurants survive, if alcohol providers must likewise learn to adapt to the brand-new normal. That method adopting some brand-new strategies to enhance your sales process and having actually a plan in place to overcome any kind of future difficulties is key.


Is Florida selling alcohol on-premise?

Currently yes. While it had actually been mainly suspended indigenous March to June the 2020, bars room able to market on-premise again.

Can girlfriend order alcohol to-go in Florida?

Yes. In fact, there’s currently legislation in progression to make to-go cocktails legit beyond any type of COVID-related programs.

When deserve to alcohol be marketed in Florida?

While the overall rule is the alcohol can’t be sold in between midnight and 7 A.M., each county and also municipality has its very own exceptions, consisting of being offered 24/7 in Miami-Dade.

Why walk Florida not sell 40z?

Due come an odd legit restriction on selling beer in sizes between 32 and also 128 ounces, sellers in Florida cannot sell 40oz alcohol containers. Anything over or listed below that variety is fine.

Is over there a sales tax on alcohol in Florida?

Yes. The basic sales tax is 6%, to add a taxation of $6.50 per gallon that spirits, $9.53 included for spirits end 55.78% alcohol, $.48 included to beer, and $2.25 to wine ($3 if end 17.259% alcohol, $3.50 if sparkling).

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How has actually COVID-19 impacted alcohol sales in Florida?

During the peak of the pandemic, alcohol sales to be up overall, particularly in the spirits category. Wine and beer sales skilled a blip in sales because that a quick two-month period.