This tune suddenly obtained stuck in my head and I can"t mental what it"s called. It"s an 80s/early 90s song that start off with "na na, na na na, nanananananana", and then it"s repetitive in the chorus (I think). I believe it"s a brand-new wave song, and at first I believed it can be by Kajagoogoo or Howard Jones however I don"t think it"s by any type of of them.

IT"S no Centerfold or The Look.

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Help please?

It"s no Tears because that Fears, Kiss that Goodbye or Eiffel 65.

Yes it"s an optimistic song, one of those that gain overplayed top top 80s radio stations.

I think it could be a mrs singing the nana"s in the beginning, like a capella and also then the beat starts after.

It"s no a current song so it"s definitely not P!nk or MCR. I"m optimistic it"s one 80s new wave song, however if I"m mistaken, it can maybe it is in a 90s song, maybe one of those hip-hop ones with samples from various other songs. It"s really driving me insane.

Hmmm you have me wonder now..... As soon as I very first saw that I assumed of a Song dubbed "So What" by P!nk. Since she starts through na na, na na na na na, nanananana. Also did it have actually the native "I want to begin a fight" in it? If therefore then that is it but it is no 80s track I don"t think?? examine it out and let me understand if I"m right. If not save updating me and also hopefully we"ll find it!

Rich girl by Gwen Stefani. As in "a na, na na na, nanananananana, If ns was a wealthy girl, nanananana, watch I"d have actually all the money in the world, if ns was a wealthy girl."

Could it it is in Na Na Hey Hey Kiss the Goodbye? words go, "NaNaNaNa NaNaNaNa Hey Hey Goodbye." first released in 1969 through a group called vapor and climate Bananarams extended it in the 1980"s

3rd ADD: friend can uncover the peak 100 songs from each year (radio play) in ~

This will best help you comb-through in recognize what you"re browsing for.


2nd ADD: assist us out that UPbeat? Is it melancholic? was it ~ above the radio a lot?

Is it maybe among those "known deep-tracks"?

ADD: Ok, I"ll save on it and return hopefully soon.

Fwiw...I"m fairly adept in ~ the genre every Howard Jones, Thompson twins etc. Earlier when ns can.

Bananarama go a remake of something like "Na Na, Kiss that Goodbye"


there"s "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" native Eiffel 65.

Either that them?

I keep focusing on stuff from that I think have to be too easy/obvious, like

Duran Duran, missing Persons, The Fixx, A flock Of Seagulls, Berlin, the Eurythmics, George Michael, etc...


Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin" by journey perhaps.

Believe the or not, Sheryl Crow has one indigenous her an initial album titled, "The Na Na Song"...maybe that one?

Sounds like a track Rowan Atkinson exit in 2000 dubbed "Life is a Rollercoaster". That starts off the track by singing "na na na na naaa".

You may be reasoning of "Land the 1,000 Dances". Initially done by kris Kenner (1963), that didn"t do too well till Cannibal and The Headhunters extended it in 1965 and also had a kind hit through it. Wilson Pickett also did well through it in 1966. The J.Geils Band additionally covered it, as well as a lesser well-known band, electric Indian.

"Na na na" by mine chemical romance possibly? the only song I understand that is choose that but I"m probably wrong cuz lock were created in 2001 yet oh well XD

it might likewise be P!nk"s "so what" but that was likewise quite recent

are you perhaps referring come Steam"s "Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Goodby"?

Head over Heels through Tears because that Fears.

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Jasmine Brennan says:
October 10, 2021 in ~ 03:47

Is that this?

Brandon Slattery says:
November 11, 2021 at 22:07

Is it roughly the world by ATC?


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