There are two songs the Katniss Everdeen sings for united state in Mockingjay. The first, ‘The Hanging Tree,’ is new to us however is the heart and focus of the collection finale. If you wondered why Finnick, then Katniss, and finally Peeta spent a an excellent part of the publication tying nooses with remnant pieces of rope, the prize is in the haunting contact of the hanged male that they space heeding.

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I wrote about ‘The Hanging Tree’ in ~ some length yesterday and I expect you will check out that short article before this one ~ above the various other song in Mockingjay. That song isn’t named however we have actually heard that in every of the series’ three publications and always at a crucial juncture. For lack of a suitable name, I’ll speak to it ‘The grassland Song.’ Let’s evaluation its appearances in every Hunger Games novel prior to attempting to define why the is the layout of the series and exactly how it relates come Mockingjays’ ‘Hanging Tree.’


We first hear the tune at Rue’s fatality scene (Games, chapter 18, pp. 234-235). She asks Katniss come sing, and, in obedience come this deathbed request, miss Everdeen does her best:

Sing. My throat is tight through tears, hoarse native smoke and fatigue. But if this is Prim’s, I median Rue’s critical request, I have to at the very least try. The song that comes to me is a simple lullaby, one we sing fretful, hungry babies come sleep with. It’s old, an extremely old ns think. Comprised long earlier in our hills. What my music teacher call a hill air. However the words are easy and soothing, promising tomorrow will certainly be an ext hopeful than this awful piece of time we speak to today.

I offer a tiny cough, swallow hard and begin.

Deep in the meadow, under the willowA bed that grass, a soft environment-friendly pillowLay down your head, and close her sleepy eyesAnd when again castle open, the sunlight will rise.Here it’s safe, below it’s warmHere the daisies guard girlfriend from every harmHere your desires are sweet and tomorrow bring them true

Here is the location where ns love you.

Rue’s eyes have actually fluttered shut. Her chest moves yet only slightly. My throat releases the tears and they slide down my cheeks. Yet I have actually to complete the track for her.

Deep in the meadow, hidden much awayA coat of leaves, a moonbeam rayForget her woes and let your troubles layAnd once again it’s morning, they’ll wash away.

Here it’s safe, right here it’s warm

Here the daisies guard friend from every harm

The last lines space barely audible.

Here your dreams are sweet and also tomorrow brings them trueHere is the place where i love you.

Everything’s still and also quiet. Then, practically eerily, the mockingjays take it up mine song.

After bedecking she in wild flowers when she understands what Peeta told she on the roof, Katniss steps back “and take a long look at Rue. She could really be asleep in the meadow after ~ all” (Games, thing 18, p. 237).

The following time we visit the meadow is in Catching Fire‘s arena. Katniss and Finnick are recovering from the Jabberjay segment of the Gamesmaker’s sadistic clock. Peeta has actually talked Katniss out of the panic and also the worst that the shock consequent come hearing Prim’s tortured screams and also pleas because that help. The two have actually taken the very first watch by the lake and, as their other Victor-tributes loss to sleep, Peeta gives Katniss the yellow locket-disk and also makes his instance that she have to be the one that lives.

She realizes “only one person will it is in damaged past repair if Peeta dies. Me.” she response, consequent come this realization is come kiss Peeta, and, this time, she is revolutionized by love “to the tips of she being” (Fire, thing 24, p. 362-363):

The sensation within me grows warmer and spreads out from mine chest, down v my body, out along my arms and legs, to the tips of mine being. Instead of to solve me, the kisses have actually the opposite effect, of do my require greater. I assumed I was something that an experienced on hunger, but this is an entirely new kind.

Finnick relieves Katniss from she watch duties once the lightning tree is struck at midnight and also Katniss goes come sleep (pp.364-5).

As i drift off, I shot to imagine the world, what in the future, v no Games, no Capitol. A ar like the meadow in the track I sang to Rue as she died. Wherein Peeta’s child can be safe.

When i wake, I have a brief, delicious emotion of pleasure that is somehow connected with Peeta.

To Katniss and every various other citizen of district 12, “the Meadow” is a details place and the Eden that lullabies. She explains it in the very first chapter that Games (chapter 1, p. 4):

Our residence is virtually at the edge of the Seam. I only have to pass a few gates to reach the scruffy field referred to as the Meadow. Separating the Meadow indigenous the woods, in fact enclosing every one of District 12, is a high chain-link fence topped v barbed wire loops.

This Meadow, always capitalized in the books, is whereby Katniss prefers to crawl under the fence since its bushes sell some concealment. The few other ar 12 adventurers that get in the woods come harvest to apologize in the autumn never leave vision of the meadow (p. 6).

It is miscellaneous of a safe-place or touchstone for Katniss, too. We find out in Mockingjay that she “had exactly one hiding clues — in the grassland under a honeysuckle bush” (chapter 9, p.125). This is where she runs and also where her father find her when she to be frightened by her normally placid mother having actually “snatched the rope necklaces away and also was yelling in ~ my father.” Katniss had actually been singing ‘The Hanging Tree’ to Prim and “making us necklaces the end of scraps that old rope choose it said in the song, not learning the real definition of the words” (p. 124).

We come full circle back to the meadow in the last chapter the the last book. Katniss has actually been sent back to ar 12 in something like “internal exile” after ~ her supporters in court efficiently made an insanity defense for her execution of president Coin. Once she rises from she stupor and also heads come the Meadow through a assumed of searching in the woods, she meets people with death carts gathering the stays of those who died during the fire bombing. The grassland is no longer a “scruffy field” with “honeysuckle bushes.”

I nod and keep moving, mindful not come look in the earlier of the cart. All through the town and the Seam, it’s the same. The reaping of the dead. Together I close to the ruins of my old house, the road becomes thick with carts. The Meadow’s gone, or at least significantly altered. A deep pit has been dug, and also they’re lining it with bones, a massive grave for my people. I skirt approximately the hole and also enter the woods in my usual place.

She is so worn down when she returns that “Thom has actually to provide me a ride residence in the dead people’s cart” (p.385). Time passes and also eventually district 12 comes ago to life (pp. 387-388).

We’re no alone. A couple of hundred others return because, every little thing has happened, this is our home. Through the mines closed, lock plow the ashes right into the earth and also plant food. Devices from the Capitol rest ground for a new factory where we will certainly make medicines. Return no one seed it, the meadow turns environment-friendly again.

And Peeta is there too (ibid).

Peeta and I grow ago together. There space still moments as soon as he clutches the earlier of a chair and hangs on until the flashbacks room over. Ns wake screaming from nightmares that mutts and lost children. However his arms space there to comfort me. And eventually his lips. On the night ns feel that thing again, the hunger the overtook me ~ above the beach, I understand this would have happened anyway. The what I have to survive is not Gale’s fire, kindled through rage and hatred. I have actually plenty the fire myself. What I require is the dandelion in the spring. The bright yellow that means rebirth rather of destruction. The promise that life deserve to go on, no issue how negative our losses. The it can be great again. And only Peeta can give me that.

Katniss tells united state in the Mockingjay epilogue about the children she has actually with Peeta, the ones she hope in Fire “would it is in safe” playing in the grassland of Rue’s lullaby, the meadow Song. Your boy and also girl “play in the Meadow” and also “take the words of the song for granted,” the Meadow song which Katniss sings again. She notes, though, the her youngsters “don’t understand they pat on a graveyard” (pp. 389-390).

The definition of the grassland Song

I argued in ‘The Pearl Plot’ the the structure of whatever in Hunger Games is to be found in the Meadow and also a large part the that dispute is the place the tune sung at Rue’s fatality in the story.

Rue’s death and Katniss’ bedecking she corpse through flowers are scenes that echo throughout the remainder of Hunger Games and Catching Fire — think of the district 11 salute she receive on the win tour, Peeta’s confronting the games Makers with Rue’s icon, and also its prequel echo in Haymitch’s farewell to Maysilee Donner in his Quell — yet this song, a lullaby that infants trust as truth, is, due to the fact that of its age and meaning, the primordial facet of life transcending Panem that Katniss taps into as her core strength and surety. Together we’ve just read above, she returns to this forget meadow sky in her Quell ~ above the beach as soon as she commits it s her to serving Peeta even at the expense of her life.

This happiness associated with Peeta and also the meadow whereby his baby lives, i think, is the unconditional, selfless, and also sacrificial love Katniss has just competent in his kiss, a love the extends come the “tips of being” (Fire, chapter 24, page 352). Peeta’s Christ-like love is this absolute and also transcendent point that is the center or beginning of the Hunger Games trilogy circle.

Her real-world meadow close to the Seam serves this duty because that is her location of retreat as a child, her only hiding place, a golden bush and also place of light the darkness cannot enter. It ultimately becomes her means of escaping or transcending the nightmare of district 12 existence in gift her suggest of shift to the forest, freedom, food, and fellowship.

But this Meadow at the surface of points is just a “scruffy field” and nothing prefer the sky of the song, in which

Here it’s safe, here it’s warmHere the daisies guard girlfriend from every harmHere your dreams are sweet and also tomorrow bring them true

Here is the place where i love you.

That Meadow, the Eden the Everdeen-Mellark kids “take because that granted,” grows green though no one seed it because it is so well fertilized by the bodies and also bones the the thousands who died in the fire-bombing. A higher life, even paradise, grows out of death. Which brings us back to ‘The Hanging Tree.’

As I explained yesterday, ‘The Hanging Tree’ is the Tree of Life and the overcome of Calvary, the hanged male is Christ, and also his contact is for us to “flee” the world and also join that in the fatality to me that assures eternal life and also love. Katniss together a boy hears this song, has the indigenous “branded right into her mind” and also makes “rope necklaces” (nooses) for her and also her baby sister “just together the song said.” In Mockingjay, Finnick, Katniss, and also Peeta all work-related through their worries with this ropes i beg your pardon nooses become, in irradiate of the an interpretation of ‘Hanging Tree,’ something favor prayer ropes or rosaries.

Katniss, the Mockingjay and ‘Girl top top Fire,’ becomes a “fire-mutt” in the explosion the kills Prim and burns Peeta badly together well. The summary of her suffer is informing (Mockingjay, chapter 25, p. 348):

Real or not real? ns am on fire. The balls that flame the erupted indigenous the parachutes shot end the barricades, with the snowy air, and also landed in the crowd. I was just turning away when one caught me, ran the tongue increase the ago of mine body, and also transformed me right into something new. A creature together unquenchable together the sun.

In one word, Katniss at critical becomes a phoenix, the resurrection bird. That is no a quite or painless process, yet agony she survives to execute chairman Snow, who President Coin has assured she “I’ve conserved him for you.” she father appears in she hallucinations and “sings all 4 stanzas that ‘The Hanging Tree’ and reminds me the my mother — who sleeps in a chair in between shifts — isn’t come know about it” (p. 360).

Having killed Coin instead of Snow v her arrow after discovering that it was the ar 13 President that ordered the death of the children and rescue workers, Katniss is confined to her former Training session room whereby she enters the close to catatonic state her mommy did ~ the death of she husband in the mine explosion. She accepts, also embraces fatality — and also in this death to self, she is acquitted of her crime, take away up into the sky, and returned come the Meadow, soon to expose itself as the grassland of the song, and to Peeta, her beloved, and, in preventing her acquisition the nightlock tablet in the Mansion, her savior.

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To go back to the Meadow, then, an various other worldly paradise, Mockingjay speak us, needs a psychological purification through fire akin come Purgatory and also a renunciation that the world’s principalities and also powers and of ego self and also individual persona amounting to sacrificial death. Katniss does this metaphorically in slaying the mrs who has actually ascended come the top of political power and who is named for money and also by she leaving to God the revenge she craved in gift able to kill Snow.

The 2 songs in Mockingjay, ‘The Hanging Tree’ and ‘The meadow Song,’ work in associate to create a photo of the means to transcend the world. In brief, we should be ready to hear and also heed the speak to of the male hanging from the tree and flee the world. Our death to selves in love for him will lug us come the Eden Meadow, the field containing the Pearl of an excellent Price, where “here is the ar that i love you.”