Seinfeld: all of George Costanza's Jobs, Ranked Seinfeld"s George Costanza had actually several jobs throughout 9 seasons. From functioning for the Yankees to creating for NBC, here"s his tasks ranked.

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focusing on the minutiae of everyday life, Seinfeld take it on various elements of mundane person existence. The tackled friendship, dating, marriage, parents – but arguably, over all, being a show about four single thirtysomethings living in new York, that strongest emphasis was on the characters’ occupational lives.

While Jerry maintained his standup job for all nine seasons and also Kramer’s source of earnings remained a mystery, George and Elaine jumped from project to project every pair of seasons. Elaine was better at holding down a job and also keeping up through office politics than George, for this reason he had more jobs 보다 her. So, here are all of George Costanza’s Jobs, Ranked.

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“These pretzels space making me thirsty!!” The man who parked car on Jerry and also Kramer’s street go on vacation, and also since George was out of work, he determined to take the guy’s organization while he was gone.

However, he uncovered it to be much too stressful, basically shedding his mind together he spent his days surrounding by honking traffic. The was also worse for George than the regular guy, due to the fact that George took the job as a brand-new Woody Allen movie started shooting just a block over, so the website traffic got also worse and also the street was also busier than usual.

This one wasn’t also a real job. The interviewer left in the center of the interview, for this reason George just showed increase on Monday and also said he to be the new guy. They offered him his own office and also “the Penske file,” but due to the fact that he had no idea what his job would it is in or that Penske was, he did nothing because that a complete week prior to the guy who interviewed him came back, puzzled that he to be there.

All he’d done in a entirety week was carry the Penske record into one accordion-style folder and also attend a fellow employee’s date of birth party (he also gave a decided at the latter).

as soon as George was very first hired in ~ Play Now, a playground tools manufacturer, he was walking ~ above a limp with a cane. The interviewer gave him the job because he thought he was disabled, and also he finished up getting special treatment – they provided him his own office, he obtained a mobility scooter, and he to be literally carried approximately the office. As soon as they found out he to be lying, castle tried come fire him.

However, due to the fact that he had a one-year contract v the company, they couldn’t. So, he came right into the office every day and also did nothing together the employees all tried and failed to gain him to willingly quit.

7 computer salesman for Frank

as soon as Frank Costanza watched the movie The Net, he obtained the idea to open up a organization called “Costanza and also Son.” that bought a bunch of computer systems that the planned to market over the phone out of his garage. He rental George (the “son” in Costanza and Son) and also Lloyd Braun (the male that George’s mom often compared him come – “Why can’t you be an ext like Lloyd Braun?”) to it is in his salesmen.

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Lloyd repetitively outsold George till it was revealed that he’d been comprising his sales and Frank was forced to shut down the business prior to it had taken off.

The ninth and also final season the Seinfeld is much from adored through fans, but one the the silver- linings the the show’s farewell rate is Mr. Kruger, George’s negligent boss at Kruger industrial Smoothing.

He was insanely incompetent – he’d take it the remainder of the day off if he locked himself out of his office, he gave a ton of the company’s money come a made-up charity fabricated by George, and it to be a mystery how his company managed to continue to be afloat because that so long. Mr. Kruger to be the man who assigned George the nickname “Bobo” when he to be trying to acquire “T-Bone.”

5 genuine estate agent

In the first pair of periods of Seinfeld, prior to George became known for bouncing from job to job and also being unable to host down a regular resource of income, he had actually quite an affluent career as a genuine estate agent. He had actually a spicy eye because that the marketplace and also was up-to-date and also how the market was doing.

This job was also used for storylines, choose in the episode “The Robbery,” in which he supplies a an excellent new ar to Jerry and Elaine really hopes to take it his apartment once he moves the end to acquire away from she annoying roommate. Once he quit, he tried to go ago in the adhering to Monday like it never happened.

once George was out of work, Elaine regulated to obtain him an interview in ~ Pendant Publishing, the publishing residence where she supplied to work. Prefer Elaine, George’s task at the firm involved reading manuscripts. The somehow regulated to gain the job, despite never reading a publication in his life beyond the ones the was required to read in high school.

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The just reading that done together an adult to be the sports section of the newspaper. Still, the aced the interview and also got the job. However, as quickly as he’d to be hired, he acquired himself fired for resting with the cleaning mrs on his desk when he was functioning overtime.

3 Sitcom writer because that NBC

The fourth season of Seinfeld obtained meta once NBC executives approached Jerry after ~ a show and also asked that if he’d be interested in emerging a sitcom because that them. The teamed up through George to create a pilot for “a show about nothing.”

Despite having actually no idea and also no experience, they regulated to acquire the pilot picked up by the network. George happen on the offer in an attempt to negotiate because that a greater salary, however he barely managed to scrape the deal back with a many groveling and also a lower salary. Unfortunately, the pilot no picked as much as series, yet for a while, George had actually a project he was proud of.

In the season 5 episode “The blown Shirt,” George was forced by unemployment and a absence of funds to move back in v his parental in Queens. Through no job prospects, he ran into a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity when a talent scout spotted his hands and promised to gain him work-related as a hand model.

In Kramer’s own words, George’s hands space “smooth, creamy, delicate, however masculine,” and also it seemed as though his prayers had actually been answered and he was on his way to the top. Then, he made fun of the puffy shirt and also the designer driven his hands onto a burn iron.

1 Assistant to the travel Secretary for the brand-new York Yankees

“Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mantle...Costanza?” In the season 5 finale “The Opposite,” George chose to go through the opposite of every one of his instincts. It landed him a date with a mrs whose uncle worked for the new York Yankees and could collection him up because that a job interview.

He to be up because that the role of Assistant come the traveling Secretary, working under then-team owner George Steinbrenner. By complying with the the contrary of his instincts, he regulated to land the job – his dream job, functioning for his favorite baseball team – and also kept it because that a couple of seasons, longer than he’s had any type of other job.

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