Sometimes it's ideal on the box of rice mix—the high altitude version of food preparation instructions. Commonly this way that your rice will have to chef a little bit much longer if you room in Denver or in ~ the optimal of mount Everest. Of food that's just a joke. Nobody cooks rice in ~ the optimal of Everest. Yet why space the instructions even different? Why walk it issue where you cook? The answer has to do v boiling water.

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Go ask some world on the street about the cook temperature the water. Some could say 212°F or even far better 100°C—but that's not constantly true. Together you boost your altitude over sea level, the boiling allude of water decreases by about 1°F because that every 500 feet increase. That method your water in Denver is walking to be 203°F and also this will have an affect on your cooking.

But why?

There are countless awesome things around water—one interesting "factoid" is that on the surface of the planet you can discover water in all three phases: solid (we contact this ice), liquid water, and also as a gas. We speak to the gas phase of water "water vapor."

You can think that you must boil fluid water to develop water vapor—but girlfriend don't. You just need some liquid water in ~ room temperature (or any temperature). Snapshot a glass of water. If you can zoom in v super vision (not in reality possible), girlfriend would watch that this water is made of a bunch of molecules—water molecules. Although these molecules are themselves made of three atoms (two hydrogens and one oxygen), let's just think the them as tiny balls.

These small water balls room moving about in the water but stay fairly close come their sphere neighbors. This activity isn't because of currents in the water, instead this is thermal motion. Imagine these small balls jiggling around in a giant collection of balls. The hotter the water, the greater the activity of these water balls. But wait! The speeds of the water corpuscle aren't all the same. Although over there is an mean ball speed, some are going faster and some space going slower. It's similar to the height of a team of adult humans. There is an average height, but everyone is no the same. Some people are very tall, but that's simply a small portion of the full group.

If you have actually a glass of water sitting the end on a table, the water balls don't simply stay as a liquid. Several of these balls have sufficient thermal energy to break away and become free. Totally free from the liquid stage method the water round is now a gas—water vapor. Boiling is not required to gain this water vapor. However wait! It works the other means too. Few of the water balls in the gas phase can interact with the fluid water and join the liquid water balls.

Water in a closed container (like a water bottle) will eventually reach one equilibrium state in between water vapor and also liquid water. At this equilibrium state the rate that water balls space freed from the liquid state are the same as the rate of water balls beginning the liquid state. The press of this water gas in equilibrium is referred to as the vapor press (assuming it's all water gas and also no waiting in the container).

You deserve to see evidence of this water vapor in a closeup of the door container through looking at the water that condenses on the walls. Right here is a picture.


As you boost the temperature the the water, there are more and much more water corpuscle that have enough power to leaving the water phase and also become water vapor. For this reason the water vapor press will boost with the temperature the the water (this is important).

Now because that boiling water. Right here is what water watch like once you acquire it to 100°C (in sluggish motion). Yes, I understand you have actually seen this before. Yet it's quiet cool.


Look at the bubbles and also answer the complying with question (this one is a classic):

What space the balloon in the cook water do of?

Ask your friends. Ask your enemies. Questioning yourself.

Are the bubbles made of air? What about some hydrogen and some oxygen? No. The bubbles space water vapor—they are tiny pockets that water in the gas phase. I mean, they couldn't be air. Wherein would this air come from? The only option is the the bubbles room made that water vapor.

So, what is happening to do these boiling bubbles of water vapor? It's all about temperature and vapor pressure. Together the temperature that the water increases, the median speed the the water particles also increases. At some point, water molecules have enough power to push ago other water molecule in the liquid phase to type a bubble. However you need to have the water hot enough so that the particles room moving fast enough.

But wait! It's also around the vapor pressure. In order to keep the bubble from collapsing, the press inside the bubble should be same to the pressure exterior the bubble. Inside the balloon is the vapor pressure and outside is the water pressure. This means that for water come boil, the temperature must boost until the vapor push is equal to the exterior pressure and also a bubble can form.

What about that external pressure? That depends on 2 things. First, the water itself. In order because that the water to not collapse, the depth water must have actually a higher pressure. So, the water pressure depends top top the depth, the thickness of water and also the gravitational ar (since it's due to the weight of the water). Because that a typical glass of water, the press at 2 centimeters listed below the surface ar is only a 0.2 percent boost over the atmospheric pressure. And also that is the 2nd thing the contributes come the full pressure—the atmosphere. The atmosphere also pushes down on the surface ar of the liquid to increase the pressure in the liquid.

Now for the funny part. What if I decreased the atmospheric pressure pushing on part liquid water? This would alleviate the push in the liquid also. If I mitigate this press enough, i can lug it down to the same level together the vapor pressure. Boom. Now the water particles have actually enough energy to form their tiny small boiling bubbles—without the need to increase the temperature.

I can also get water to cook at room temperature. Yes, you need a vacuum pump and a solid container to gain this to work—but you have the right to do it.


Notice that I hold onto the cook water flask simply to prove the it's not hot. To trust me. Oh wait. Girlfriend don't have to trust me. You can do this on her own. You just need one of these large plastic syringes. Get the syringe and put some water in it v very tiny air. Now seal increase the end and heat increase the water just a tiny bit. Below you have the right to see mine version.


I used warm glue and also a rubber stopper (along through a LEGO piece) to seal the hole. The syringe to be then cook to around 42°C (a tiny over 100°F). Currently I deserve to pull the plunger the end to to decrease the press in the liquid and also induce boiling.


It's pretty difficult to traction the plunger earlier to decrease the pressure—but you have the right to do it. Oh, why warm the water up? Well, i can't gain a perfect vacuum by pulling the plunger, so I require a little boiling aid by starting the water in ~ a greater temperature.

This is exactly what's walk on when you cook your rice at high altitude. Well, not exactly the same—there's no a human pulling back on a giant plunger the holds the waiting on Earth. The Earth's gravitational field does the for you.

Rhett Allain is an associate professor of physics in ~ Southeastern Louisiana University. He enjoys teaching and talking about physics. Occasionally he takes things apart and can't placed them earlier together.

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