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A careful evaluation of politics cartoons can administer a glimpse into vital moments of U.S. Politics history. In this activity, student will carefully examine political cartoons around the rubber stamp Act; do inferences around the political, social, and also economic cases depicted therein; and also offer educated speculations worrying each creator’s point of view.

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Students will be able to:

analyze political cartoons. Determine the means in which point of view have the right to be detect in politics cartoons.

Time Required

Two 50-minute course periods

Lesson Preparation


A present political cartoon about a familiar topic. Alternatives for display: print out one copy of the cartoon for each student Prepare an overhead transparency of the cartoon display screen the cartoon utilizing a computer and also LCD projector Whiteboard, chalkboard, overhead or chart record

The complying with materials are used throughout extension activities:


Before leading students with the expedition process, teachers need to make themselves acquainted with the complying with Library of congress resources:

Additional Resources

Lesson Procedure

Activity One (One class Period)

start class v a discussion around political cartoons, based approximately the complying with questions and feasible responses: What is a political cartoon? A political cartoon is a cartoon that renders a point about a political issue or event. What topics perform political cartoons address? Could include economics, politics, social issues/events, influential individuals. How have the right to you phone call what the blog post of the political cartoon is? By observing and evaluating the images and text. What is a thesis? A key idea put forward for discussion, such as in a paragraph, one essay, or a cartoon. What is suggest of view? A person’s id or referee on an issue. exactly how might suggest of view impact a politics cartoonist? A cartoonist will certainly be guided through his or her suggest of view. Cartoonists can only express your own beliefs on an issue, or they can take the point of watch of others into consideration. have students produce a political cartoon the communicates a different allude of check out than the one betterworld2016.orgk analyzed.

Activity 2 (One course Period)

discuss the two handouts once students complete them, or after collecting them, analyzing them, and also returning them to students.

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Using one of the following Library of congress collections and exhibitions, have students situate a politics cartoon that deals with an facet of history that they are acquainted with and analyze it using the Primary source Analysis Tool (PDF, 79 KB)

Lesson Evaluation

evaluate student-drawn politics cartoons for evidence of student understanding of the ways in which point of view can affect how a politics cartoon is created. Evaluate the primary resource analysis tool for evidence of student expertise of how to analyze political cartoons. Teacher observation of an essential thinking.


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