Male and female Trumpeter Swans provide the characteristics deep, trumpeting “oh-OH” call, with the 2nd syllable emphasized. The call is softer and more nasal-sounding as soon as made v the mouth closed. Trumpeter Swans contact to keep the pair or family members together, to protect territories, or to sound one alarm. Both sexes also use a flat-toned, single-syllable “hoo” call to situate each other. Younger swans do a higher-pitched call, and also develop their adult ton by the time they’re 6-8 months old.

Other Sounds

Trumpeter Swans slap the water aggressively v their large webbed feet as soon as approaching one intruder. Their wings and also feet additionally slap the water’s surface throughout takeoff.

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Tundra Swan Adult (Whistling) is similar to Trumpeter SwanTundra Swan
Tundra Swan juvenile (Whistling) is similar to Trumpeter SwanTundra Swan
Mute Swan Adult is comparable to Trumpeter SwanMute Swan
Mute Swan Immature is similar to Trumpeter SwanMute Swan

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Snow Goose Adult white morph is comparable to Trumpeter SwanSnow Goose

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