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O.J. Simpson is just one of the many polarizing professional athletes the human being has ever before seen. The previous Heisman Trophy winner and NFL hall of Famer was among the most successful to run backs and media personalities of every time, especially considering his viable acting career.

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He to be maybe an ext famous for acquisition the nation by storm for fleeing police in his white Ford Bronco ~ above the highways that Los Angeles or because that the commonly publicized “Trial that the Century” for the murders of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and also Ronald Goldman outside of Nicole’s Brentwood condo, both that which the was discovered not guilty of.

“The Juice” was imprisoned in 2007 because that nine years complying with an equipped robbery in ras Vegas, Nevada, yet was exit in 2017 and also has because made headlines for some very odd social media use. That told his almost one million pendant he’s “got a small gettin’ even to do” and also talks about, of every things, fantasy football while sitting in his golf cart.

Simpson quiet owes an ext than $70 million come the households of Brown Simpson and Goldman, which begs a couple of questions currently that he’s the end of jail: how does he do his money? how much money does he still have?

And, lastly, what is O.J. Simpson’s network worth?

NFL, play Contracts and Endorsements

6⃣8⃣ days until USC football special
TheRealOJ32 and his 1968 Heisman Trophy, the second of 7 in institution history. Pic.twitter.com/iuvb7RVdVX

— Barstool SC (
BarstoolSC) June 24, 2019

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Orenthal James Simpson was born in san Francisco, whereby he invested his early on life play football because that Galileo High School. Simpson ended up being a junior college All-American play for the City college of san Francisco in 1965 before transferring come the college of southerly California.

Simpson emerged as a bona fide superstar because that the USC Trojans. He led the nation in rushing v 1,543 yards and finished second in the Heisman Trophy voting in 1967. A year later, the took house the award in a landslide ~ amassing 1,880 yards and also 23 touchdowns his senior season.


The Buffalo receipt selected the Juice very first overall in the 1969 AFL-NFL typical Draft. Simpson, who threatened to forego one NFL career for the acting business, request the largest contract in expert sports history at the time, and also he gained it: $650,000 over five years.

Simpson rushed for much more than 11,000 yards over his 11-year NFL career, consisting of a dominant stretch from 1972-76 in which he rushed for 7,699 yards. The NFL star spent his last two year in the NFL through the mountain Francisco 49ers.

Simpson’s surname is tho high on countless of the NFL’s rushing document leaderboards and still holds one: the most gamings with 200 or an ext rushing yards (6). The 1973 MVP made 6 Pro Bowls and five first-team All-Pro teams.

His iconic No. 32 may have been shelved for practically four decades, but the Juice is tho remembered as a dominant ball carrier in his prime.


Thanksgiving Memories: 1976

The Lions loss the Buffalo receipt 27-14, however the game is memorable due to OJ Simpson setup the solitary game rushing record of 273 yards. The record would be damaged the complying with season through Walter Payton pic.twitter.com/1YGyEOvKPh

— C. Michael Raymond (
1984WSchamps) November 25, 2020

Simpson’s face and name was anywhere you looked throughout his heyday. The general public loved the American football player and also couldn’t get sufficient of him, which is why so plenty of businesses want to work with the Juice.


The football player had company relationships with Chevrolet and also ABC early on in his NFL career. The appeared in commercials for the Hertz rental car company in 1975 and on. A spokesman for Pioneer Chicken (Simpson owned two franchises) one of which to be toppled in the 1992 Los Angeles riots. He maintained similar spokesperson faces HoneyBaked Ham, the pX Corporation and also Calistoga Water Company. That even showed up in comic publication ads.

In 1971, simply three years into his agree career, some estimated he was currently rich enough to retire.

Acting Career

Before he even retired native football, Simpson make the efforts his hand in ~ Hollywood and also sustained success there. Simpson began his very own film production company, Orenthal Productions, in 1979.

He appeared in movies choose “The naked Gun” trilogy (1988, 1991, 1994), “Back to the Beach” (1987), “The Klansman” (1974), “The Towering Inferno” (1974), “The Cassandra Crossing” (1976) and “Capricorn One” (1978), as well as appearing in the TV mini-series “Roots” (1977).

In one collection that was never aired top top NBC, “Frogmen,” Simpson play the leader the a group of previous United says Navy Seals. Great thing the wasn’t aired, since there’s a step from the of that holding a knife come a woman’s throat.

Later in 2006, he began his own hidden camera TV show, “Juiced,” i beg your pardon featured him pulling pranks top top strangers and rapping approximately topless women.


After Simpson winner the killing trial, the Nicole Brown Simpson family and Ronald Goldman household filed a civil suit versus the former football star and also won in a 1995 trial. The family members were awarded $33.5 million in the civil trial, and also The Cheat Sheet reported in 2019 that Simpson still fan $70 million consisting of interest.

It appears Simpson has actually no on purpose of payment that, however.

The Juice moved to Florida in 2000 to avoid paying that money owed from the civil lawsuit. The bought a location in Miami, whereby pensions and residences can’t it is in collected. Simply a few years prior, he defaulted top top the mortgage that his Los Angeles home and also it went into foreclosure. He payment $650,000 because that the mansion in 1977.

Despite his arrest and sentence for an equipped robbery of sporting activities memorabilia from a las Vegas hotel room in 2007, Simpson doesn’t it seems ~ to have money problem after gift released from Lovelock Correctional center as a free man.

How walk O.J. Simpson do Money Today?

Get your shot! pic.twitter.com/bVgQmlOSph

As Sports Illustrated reported, Simpson has actually a an individual pension from the NFL worth as much as $25,000 every month and another pension indigenous the display Actors Guild. He’s likewise reportedly collecting society security due to the fact that being released from prison.

None of his NFL pension money can be taken away and also awarded to the family members he owes money to.

“Pensions room bullet proof,” David Cook, an attorney who represents Ron Goldman’s dad Fred, called Fox News. “Absent divine intervention, lock are nearly impossible to topple. This is frustrating.”

One girlfriend of Simpson’s, Tom Scott, said USA Today he’ll have zero money probelms.

“He’ll it is in OK,” Scotto said. “He’s not going to be poor. He’ll survive.”

O.J. Simpson network Worth

Happy Halloween indigenous O.J. Mahomes!!! pic.twitter.com/JNuAQ9l1ld

Simpson was among the best running backs in NFL history, and also he placed together a legend football career en course to being enshrined in the agree Football hall of Fame.

He and Nicole Brown Simpson had two children together, Sydney Brooke Simpson and also Justin Simpson. He also fathered three kids from a previous marriage to Marguerite Whitley, Arnelle, Jason and Aaren, the last of i m sorry passed away prior to she turn 2. He’s in good standing v at the very least some that his kids, since Arnelle came to his support throughout a parole hearing in 2017.

Back in 1992, Simpson was reportedly worth $10.8 million. But following all the legal trouble and court proceedings, the number seems to it is in much lower now.

Simpson is worth an approximated $3 million, follow to Celebrity net Worth, Wealthy Gorilla and also GoBankingRates.com. The doesn’t almost make him the high-roller NFL player he when was, but it’s easily enough to retire on together he handle in the Sunshine State.

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This short article was initially published November 1, 2019, however has to be updated due to the fact that then.