Ed Sheerans music straddles between pop, folk-pop, and singer-songwriter. He likewise collaborates with artists from various genres, varying from grime come hip-hop.

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Ed Sheeran is an enormously famous musician, having actually sold over 150 million documents worldwide. That is most generally regarded together a popular music musician, and his 2016 Grammy award for best Pop Solo power lends assistance to this translate of his music. His music straddles several different genres, which we will define a little in this article.




Pop music together a genre should be thought about separate from well-known music. When the terms pop music and popular music are frequently used interchangeably, popular music can incorporate a range of genres and also styles.

Pop music, top top the other hand, is a separate genre that emerged in the 1950s.

Some that the means in which popular music distinguishes itself from various other genres incorporate the usage of recurring choruses and hooks, and rhythm and also tempos that are simple to dance to.

The genre also borrows many elements from various other genres and also styles, consisting of dance, Latin, country, and also urban.

While not all of Sheeran’s music falls under the pop category, the is overwhelmingly a pop musician.

His solitary ‘Thinking out Loud’ native his second studio album, x, winner him the Grammy compensation for finest Pop Solo performance in 2016. He additionally won the Grammy award for finest Pop Solo power for ‘Shape of You’ in 2018, and also the Grammy Award because that the ideal Pop Vocal Album for÷in the exact same year. Various other songs in this genre incorporate ‘Castle top top the Hill’ and ‘Shape that You.’


Folk-pop is a genre that straddles the line between modern-day folk and also pop music. It usually fits right into one of 2 categories: individual music that functions large, sweeping popular music arrangement, or pop music that features more intimate, acoustic-based individual arrangements.

A lot of Sheeran’s music incorporates folk sounds right into his popular music style.

This is an especially prominent in his 3rd album, ÷. Songs like‘Galway Girl’feature a combination of Sheeran’s pop layout while likewise incorporating folk facets through the usage of a fiddle and also backing vocals that have a chanting style. Other songs that incorporate people music to create a folk-pop sound room ‘Nancy Mulligan’ and ‘Dive’ (also indigenous the album÷), and also ‘The A Team,’ Sheeran’s debut solo single.


Sheeran is a prolific songwriter and has written every one of his own songs (aside native covers), and songs for other artists.

Sheeran’s composing credits include all four of his very own albums –+,x,÷, andNo. 6 Collaborations Project.

He has additionally written for various other artists, including One Direction (’18’, ‘Little Things’, ‘Moments’), James blunt (‘Time of our Lives’, ‘Make Me Better’), Alicia secrets (‘Underdog’), boy name Duff (‘Tattoo’), Justin Bieber (‘Love Yourself’), and Kenny Chesney (‘Tip of mine Tongue’). He has twice winner the Ivor Novello Award for Songwriter of the Year, winning in 2015 and also 2018.


Sheeran’s music drops under the pop, folk-pop, and singer-songwriter categories. However, Sheeran is additionally known because that his wide selection of collaborations with various other musicians throughout genres. This collaborations have actually resulted in music that drops under the grime and hip-hop genres.


Developed in London in the beforehand 2000s, grime is an electronic music genre that developed from the UK garage format of digital music. This genre is epitomized by the use of rapid, syncopated breakbeats, and also an aggressive or jagged electronic sound.

Grime is influenced by various other music styles, including jungle, dancehall, and also hip-hop.

In 2011, Sheeran releasedNo. 5 Collaborations Project, his 4th EP. Each songfeatured a collaborationwith a various grime artist, including Wiley, Devlin, and P Money. The resultant EP straddles the room between Sheeran’s properties pop and grime.


Developed in the Bronx in the 1970s, hip-hop is characterized by the usage of rhythmic music that is normally (though not always) add by rapping. Rap is regularly used interchangeably with hip-hop. However, rap is no a requirement of hip-hop.

Other facets of hip-hop culture are often incorporated into hip-hop music, consisting of DJs, turntables, beatboxing, and also the usage of crucial tracks.

Sheeran’s fourth studio album,No. 6 Collaborations Project, experienced him collaborate with various artists. Each track ~ above the album saw him collaborate through a different artist or artists. If the artists on this album ranged over various genres, Sheeran heavily collaborated v hip-hop artists on numerous tracks. These include collaborations with renowned hip-hop artists Eminem, Stormzy, opportunity the Rapper, and 50 Cent.

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Overall, Sheeran’s music drops into the pop, folk-pop, and also singer-songwriter genres. However, his constant collaborations with other artists average that he additionally has many of music the fits right into other genres like hip-hop and grime.

Featured photo of Ed Sheeran by Markus Hillgärtner, http://www.markushillgaertner.de / CC BY-SA